No-sew cloth napkins

I wanted to quickly share how I made these cloth napkins for my tablesetting:

These were a quick last minute addition that I thought of to bring a pop of color to the table. I figured it would be a fun experiment to choose my own fabric and DIY them. So I headed to Joann’s and came back with my fabric of choice, on sale at under $6/yard (I bought two yards)

I knew the napkins had to be double sided, so that would mean using two pieces back to back and stitching them together somehow. Enter Stitch Witchery…

This stuff is the bomb.
Once I had my fabric laid out, I split it into four equal pieces.

I figured to make this as aesthetically pleasing as possible, I would need to trim the top piece around .5″ shorter around the perimeter, fold the bottom piece over, and use the stitch witchery to “hem” them together. Like this…

After my pieces were cut, it was time to iron. I made sure the bottom piece was long enough to fold over and hide the witchery…

Once everything looked good, I folded the piece over, like so…

Then placed a damp cloth over the seam (per the instructions) and pressed the iron on for 10 seconds.
Simply repeat around the perimeter of the napkin, and voila!
A perfectly normal looking hem.
I honestly was surprised at how well these turned out. I was playing it by ear this whole time, as I have never touched a sewing machine in my life so I don’t know the proper protocol for hemming… but I have to say… I could totally see these for sale in a Target aisle.
After my creations were complete, I noticed they were the perfect size for a placemat as well.

And that’s the story of my $11 custom napkin-placemats.

Master bathroom reno to resume shortly… having fun picking out materials now. I’ll be back soon to share the plans!

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    I just want to tell you how inspiring your blog are:). You are awesome:)
    And I love the font you made, if only it had the letters Ææ, Øø, Åå, then i would be able to use it a lot more:))) We use those letters often in Norway:)

    Hugs from Karin 🙂

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