Official bathroom befores (+ current progress)

Master Bathroom demolition has begun!

First order of business was to take as many “Before” pictures as possible (there never seems to be enough of those after the fact). There had to be several shots taken since the room is so small and chopped up, and my lens is not wide angle {insert sad face here}.

So in an effort to make everyone understand the layout… here they are.

The room is comprised of 3 separate spaces: vanity, closet, and shower/toilet room.

Here’s the view from the master bedroom, looking in:

Here’s the view after scooting to the left, looking at the vanity:

Another of the vanity, for good measure.

Here’s the view of the vanity from the closet:

And this would be the view of the closet entrance…
Now for some messy closet shots. Starting from the door, going clockwise:
This closet SO desperately needs a makeover… must start saving.
Anyway, here is the shower/toilet room:
And one more of the vanity from the shower area:

I think that covers every square inch of the bathroom! As you can see it’s a fairly small area (although it feels ginormous compared to our one and only teeny tiny bathroom in our LA house). So I can’t complain.

This morning, Brad and neighbor Joe did a bit of demo to kick things off. It didn’t go exactly as planned at first… one of the water lines under the sink snapped and was gushing water for a good 5 minutes while Brad was running around trying to find the piece to shut the water off. The bathroom flooded but luckily it didn’t reach the wood in our bedroom (the carpet helped soak it up—I guess it’s good for one thing).

All is well now and ready for tile…

The tile guy starts tomorrow, can’t wait! We also finally purchased the vanity:

Grand total came to…. drumroll please…. $910 shipped! A big chunk of change, yes, but a seriously good deal for a large vanity with storage, a top, sinks, mirrors and shelves. It was originally listed for $1010 shipped, but I offered $100 less in exchange for leaving the faucets out since we plan to buy oil rubbed bronze ones. I purchased it here if anyone’s interested. I’ll be sure to give my review once it’s here!

There’s a lot left to do in the coming weeks, but now that I’ll be working from home after next week it should be much more manageable. Thanksgiving sounds like a reasonable goal to be 100% completed (that also marks one year of living in this house, woo!).

Stay tuned, this is going to be one good before & after.

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  1. I cannot wait to see your renovations! I am particularly interested in what you will do with that closet! I too have closets off of our master bath and I'm trying to figure out what I want to do…paint…wallpaper (modern)…both…?

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