Master Bath Reno: Week 3

We’re back with another installment of the master bath makeover extravaganza! We made some big strides this week.

Quick recap of where we were just 6 days ago… (I actually had to just double check the last time I posted because it felt like way more than 6 days ago!)

And then this happened….

Hold on. Can I just preface any opinions you are forming right now with this: This tile looks WAY louder in pictures. It’s not busy or crazy looking in person… it’s pretty subtle actually, and honestly I am still quite breathtaken whenever I walk in the room. And you should know by now I am the most un-crazy-risky-loud decor person when it comes to this type of thing, so I speak the truth about this tile.

It makes the room. I’m in love with it.

And again in the shower…

My favorite lights in the whole world happened…

Some oil rubbed bronze faucet and plumbing happened…

Apparently Mercedes makes sinks now

This new *white* toilet happened:

Ignore the gross yellow lighting and SLR kit lens… ugh

It was not all good things happening, however.

I was about to make a Home Depot run for trim to frame in these mirrors, taking the mirror measurements, when I realized something…

Due to the nature of the way these mirrors are hung, they do not sit entirely flat against the wall at the top (they are hung on screws with brackets). So, if I simply glued some pieces of wood on top of the mirror… there would be an even larger gap where it does not sit flush against the wall. And that would look strange.

I did some research and determined we needed wood with a “rabbeted” edge, like so:

Unfortunately, we are not in possession of such tool to create these edges. Ugh. Fail.

I’m unsure if the hardware store would have some pre-rabbet edged wood pieces… anyone know? Guess I’ll cross my fingers and check next time I am there.

But until then, the mirrors will remain frameless. Not my favorite look, to be honest.

While we are on the subject of pesky first world problems, as you can tell my vanity is still black. Maybe if I write this smaller no one will read this and notice and this will all just go away. But seriously… I begged Brad to let me try and make it browner but he refused and wouldn’t budge and I decided it wasn’t worth causing a rift in our marriage. So I will learn to live with it… or just close my eyes everytime I walk in there.

You win some, you lose some.

Back to happy things.

I got some baskets.

Yes, that is a light underneath the vanity. LED rope lighting, or if you prefer,
a blue nightlight with a picture of a galaxy. Brad did it.

I was so excited to have a floating vanity so I could put one of my top favorite 5 things ever underneath them. And fill them with pretty white things, like towels and toilet paper. I also store my hairdryer and curling iron in one (it’s hidden towards the back). I’m so excited to organize this bathroom!

I was actually at Target a few hours ago picking out drawer organizers and baskets for the cabinets. As soon as I’m done with this post I’ll be transferring all of my junk back over to the new bathroom, and decluttering/reorganizing in
the process. Now that is my kind of Sunday night!

Oh… and before you stare at those silver vanity handles in disgust too long… no, they are not staying.

We quickly realized that silver and ORB do not mesh well.

But what were our options? ORB handles? Black on black… meh, no thanks. White handles? Possibly… but that might be a little too much black and white for me. So I’m getting creative.

Not giving it away entirely yet… but here is a hint if you can remember back to a few months ago:

I have no idea how this is going to turn out, but I’ll be sure to report back with results!

Here is another issue we are having…. we did this reno completely backwards. I’m not sure how the shower took the backburner, but it is now a huge eyesore in the room.

It’s the glowing yellow room of terror! It needs to be addressed. Originally we were thinking we’d just reglaze it, but then we were quoted $600 and maybe that’s not the best option afterall. However, we’re not exactly looking forward to ripping out that entire room (which means new drywall, having to repaint, possibly rip out the step that is so beautifully tiled now)… and also potentially revealing any hidden issues. Then, of course, there’s the cost of everything.

I’m going to get some estimates this week, and we’ll weigh our options and make our decision at that point. But either way, SOMEthing has to happen. I cannot live with almond tile any longer!

Lots of goodies coming in this week… the bathroom is far from over. Here’s what’s left on the list:

1. New vanity handles
2. Accessories (ORB towel and paper towel holders, robe hooks, wastebasket, soap dispensers/jars/visible storage)
3. Shelving above the toilet
4. Wall art(?)
5. Mirror frames (hopefully)
6. Recessed box shelving/storage
7. Recessed lighting in the shower room & closet
8. Figure out the entire shower!

We may or may not make my initial deadline of Thanksgiving… it all depends on if we decide to rip out that shower or not.

Stay tuned… who knows what this place will look like next week 🙂

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0 thoughts on “Master Bath Reno: Week 3

  1. Gorgeous! and I definately don't think the vanity looks black in any of the pics, I think it looks great, good job!

  2. Holy transformation!!! Your bathroom look AMAZING! I've seen that backsplash in person and have always loved it. Seriously, you guys did great. I love everything!

  3. Been following your blog for awhile now since I love your style 🙂 I actually love the bathroom the way it is! The frameless mirrors make the bathroom very modern!

  4. I love it! And even though you don't love the color of the vanity it goes well with the tile. Yay for bathrooms — as I always say, 2 in the house (or apartment) are essential in a marriage! Lol

  5. It looks awesome! I love the tile and I actually really like the frameless mirrors. Great work! Can't wait to see all the finishing touches come together:)

  6. Wow it looks totally different in only a weeks time! I can't believe the progress already but then again I'm used to slow DIY timelines. : ) I was going to chime in last time but I don't think the vanity look black…at least not in the pictures. I'm sure it will grow on you. I don't think the silver looks all that bad with the ORB either. A more patinaed pewter or antique nickel might be more fitting though. The frameless mirrors look good with the space if you're going for a modern feel.

    Yes I have to agree on the shower tile. It sticks out like a sore thumb now. If you had went with the beige color scheme it probably could have worked. But I love the gray mosaic and totally understand wanting to completely change the look of the room. Why did you have the shower curb and floor tiled if you weren't sure if the shower tile was staying? It's going to be a lot more difficult to put the waterproofing down now. Did you have a waterproof membrane put in the floor too? The slab top should be easy to salvage and reuse but the mosaic tile might not be. The shower curb height might have to change to meet code or if they want to use a prefab system which is cheaper.

  7. Thanks for pretending it's not black everyone, Haha!

    We've definitely considered reglazing ourselves, but after talking to several sources (my cousin is a professional bath reglazer) they all recommended we hire a pro because apparently the materials you use make a big difference, and the last thing we want to do is have to re-do our work a few years down the line. So… we'll find out soon enough what to do with that shower!

  8. Love it all too! I'd be disappointed if I'd wanted a brown vanity and it ended up being black, but really the black works well with everything too – the whole room looks great. I love the tile & the lights especially.

  9. GORGEOUS! I love all your choices; if I love it this much now I imagine I'd be gaga over it once it's totally finished.

    We have similar (maybe the same?) mosaic tile as an accent in our shower & we adore it. After seeing your fabulous wall though, I wish we had done an entire wall of it. It looks so fabulous w/ the lights, sink, mirrors, floor tiles, & vanity you chose. Dare I say, I actually really like the darker look of the vanity–it makes the tiles pop!