Quick Kitchen update

First of all, you may notice I’ve made a few changes to the blog. I figured it was long overdue to switch things up… so I’ve made navigation a bit easier with a Search function, timeline of posts, and popular posts feature on the right. I’ve also included a list of some items I love that are in my own house which I’ll periodically add to.

Moving along with a quick update on the kitchen: The paint is dry and almost fully cured. Our carpenter is scheduled to come tomorrow and install the hinges. Our door handles are still in transit, so we’re hoping for everything to be 100% complete by next weekend. That should mean a full kitchen reveal in next week’s post assuming there are no hiccups… fingers crossed!

Here’s our kitchen now, awaiting cabinet doors:

My absolute favorite part of this entire project is my new open shelves (x10000). I’ve been having so much fun finding accessories to display. Next weekend can’t come soon enough. Stay tuned!

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