Sunroom Update (& more!)

Guess what finally arrived….?

This thing:

We kind of love it.

Guess who loves it the most?

That is her excited face. She’s been joined at the hip to this rug since we rolled it out yesterday. I had to shoo her out of the room multiple times just to get the new sunroom shots.

To my surprise, the rug is actually a lot bluer than anticipated. If you look closely, the threads are a dark slate blue mix.

Luckily I have a blue theme going on so it fits, but this is just a fair warning to those of you who are interested in the rug.

Updated sunroom photo time…

I think that covers it!

Here’s another quick update: our landscaping.

I never really made an official “After” post after our yard landscaping blitz earlier this summer. There wasn’t much else to do, but last weekend Brad spruced up another tree bed so I snapped a few photos and figured I’d share.

How about some before’s first?

Here’s the left side of the house earlier this year:

And after our intial landscaping:


And here it is today:


The mailbox plants grew like crazy!

Next up are the two large trees in the main front yard area.


After intial landscaping:

And now:

Ahh… much better. Huge thanks to Brad who spends many sweaty hours every week making the yard look the way it does. <3

And finally… our master bathroom has been published!

Better Homes & Gardens contacted me way back after I had posted our master bathroom reveal and wanted to include me in their “Best Blogger Tips” spread. Of course, I happily obliged.

Pretty cool, right?!

That’s all I’ve got for now. But I have a nice freebie from yours truly coming in the next post… if you like being organized, you’ll want to check back next week!

47 thoughts on “Sunroom Update (& more!)

  1. Am I the only one going to say that the room is not improved by the addition of the rug? The geometric pattern is too like the pattern in the pillows but does not otherwise reference anythingin the room. The deep gray/ slate seems to come out of nowhere. The size seems wrong for the furniture grouping that sits upon it. Are you sure you love it? The room went from bright and fresh to busy and a little bit dull. By the way, I pretty much love all of ther other design choices in your home

  2. I think this is one of those times where it just makes more sense in person. Largely because the room is small—quite smaller than it looks due to the wide angle I am using (my 50mm won't fit it all in). I see your point about the size, but there is only around 1 ft to the armchair and less than 2 ft to the door, so I'm not sure that the next size up would have fit without overtaking the room (we love our tile and don't want to hide it!)

    Regarding the design itself, we do think it is a huge improvement over the tan rug which felt out of place with all of the cool colors in the room. I do wish the rug didn't have any blue in it which is my only complaint, but luckily from afar it does look just gray in most lighting conditions. The pattern ties into the side table, the mirror, and also the dining room stencil which is open to the sunroom, although I don't believe it is necessary for the rug to mimic the shape of everything in a room, but that's just my opinion 🙂

    I do appreciate another perspective though, thank you for giving your honest opinion!

  3. Your yard looks amazing! What a difference some mulch can make! We're in the process of redoing our yard. Can you tell me what kind of palms you planted on the side of the house?

  4. Love the room! We have had that rug for probably 8 months now, and our cat is still obsessed with it. Do you think the weave catnip into the threads? 🙂

  5. Congrats on the publication! Your bathroom turned out great, and was an affordable remodel. We only JUST purchased our home and started our blog ( and can't wait to redo our bathrooms!

    On a side note I went to purchase one of your graphics yesterday and the site wasn't working quite right. I'll check back soon to see if it's fixed. Keep up the great posts!!!

  6. Jenna-

    Your yard looks great and so does your sunroom. By the way, I decided to buy a rug from Rugs USA because of your purchase and I love it.


  7. Looks really nice. 🙂 It's just sad that your kitty has those things on her claws 🙁 doesn't that make her sad, as she can't scratch her cat tree. Do you clip her claws regularly? 🙁


  8. Oh, no please don't be sad for her… she is a happy kitty, I promise! She still scratches her tree and everything else around her, which is why we needed a way to protect our belongings somehow. We would never declaw (after researching how sad that is for kitties) so this is our solution so we don't have to replace our furniture every month ;)The claws only last a week or so from all of her scratching so we regularly trim her nails and replace the caps. She's very obedient through this process and gets treats at the end so it's just become part of our routine. I'm a good kitty mama, I swear 🙂

  9. Yeah, I'm with anonymous above ^^^ — the one who said the room is not improved by the rug. Don't get me wrong, I love the room and love the rug, just not together. It seems like you loved this rug and wanted it so badly that you're forcing it to work. Maybe it does look differently in person, and maybe it looks great! I am just not feeling it. 🙁 I too love everything else in your house.

  10. I simply love love love your sunroom. I wish I had one and I could decorate it somehow as yours. Anyway, I envy the new rug… I wonder why in Finland they don't sell these modern and geometrical patterns, sigh sigh!

  11. We have that exact rug, and I love it! I too was surprised at how blue it was. We had a neutral scheme already going on, so it ended up working well in our space anyway. If I didn't already have rugs in every other room, I'd probably order more of it!

  12. It has been a while since the last update on the sunroom. Those are really big windows. Do you have trouble cleaning them? It may be taxing if you think of it, so always be in a good mood for cleaning since the windows are the major factor that brightens up the room and lets the natural light through.

    Keven Sumrell

  13. Are you sure that’s her excited face? She looks a bit scary! I love the carpet, but what I love even more is the movable table with wheels. It makes rearranging a lot easier for you. And the landscaping made your home look a lot better! Congratulations! 🙂


  14. The windows indeed brightened up the whole place! It gives the room a very natural feel to it, and it’s almost a little breezy even though the windows are closed. It may help to do horizontal strokes on the inside and vertical strokes on the outside of the windows when cleaning, so that you will know which part has streaking, if ever there is.
    Marla Hinds

  15. Hi! Love your blog!!
    I am curious about your rug, I have searched and there are so many types and colors on rugs usa!! Is yours charcoal, and what is the name? Also how do you think it does with animal hair? Still loving it?

  16. It's this one:

    It's fine with animal hair because it's dark, I just use a vacuum to clean everything up every now and then. Susie claws on it and pulls the threads out but that's not really the rugs fault—I just clip the knots off with scissors. It's still durable and great for stains, my only complaint (which I've had from the beginning) is that it's not the same charcoal color as advertised on the site!

  17. Hello, I just linked to the photo of your sunroom from Pinterest. I see that you used captain beds for couches. I love that idea and have a couple of twin beds similar to yours, they just need to be repainted. May I ask what you use for cushioning? Is it a mattress?
    Thank you,

  18. I was wondering if those were day beds that you are using as a sofa and if you could tell me where you got them. Thank you.

  19. Oops, nevermind. I found the beds in question. We are building a house and I am so excited. I love your designs and am glad I stumbled upon your blog!

  20. love your sunroom. Can you tell me the name of the ceiling paint? Been looking to paint our porch ceiling and this would be the perfect color

  21. Gorgeous room! Where is the coffee table from? I'm dying to find one like that on wheels! Thanks so much for sharing your space!

  22. Hello. I love your tile. Can you tell me the name of it? I have a breezeway that I am going to turn into a sitting area and really like your tile. Thank you.

  23. Did you make the plank table or buy it somewhere? Also, did you make the small narrow shelf or buy it? If you bought it, where?!
    BTW your yard is amazing!

  24. I was wondering what paint you used for your ceiling? And if you think it would look good on the walls of an open living room with very low sunlight.

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