Six weeks in: A video tour + house update!

Six weeks ago today we signed the papers to close on our house. It seems like such a long time ago yet it has been flying by.

Last week I shot a video to document our progress and go over our renovation plans. I also took updated photos yesterday if videos aren’t your thing.

First, the photos.

Looking into the new studio from the foyer:

You may notice something new—we added lighting! We were originally hoping to use recessed lighting but the ceiling is sloped which makes attic access difficult. We’d have to hire an electrician which = more money, so we decided to go with track lighting for now. As old school as it is, I actually don’t mind it at all (it is a work space after all)

Next up, just to the left of the studio is the hallway. Not a whole lot going on here…

The single ceiling light just isn’t cutting it. I’d love to add wall sconces someday.

First door on the right, the guest room…

Keep in mind—all of these wide angle photos make the rooms look larger than they are. This is a pretty small room as you’ll see in the video.

The master bedroom at the end of the hallway:

The doors go to the bathroom (left) and closet (right).

Now for the fun stuff… the kitchen!

We finished cutting out all of the light and speaker holes, and now our ceiling looks like swiss cheese.

Shot where the future bar area will be:

See that rectangle of 1×4’s on the ground? That’s the approximate location/size of our future dining table. I had to lay it out so we could measure the holes for the pendant lights correctly.

Here’s a shot from where the fridge will be, looking back at the dining area:

Here’s the back corner of the kitchen, looking at the future pantry on the right:
And finally, up against the railing with the living room at my back:

Speaking of the living room… let’s head down.

You’ll notice the piece of MDF on the back of the railing—that is one of our projects for this weekend. We plan to fill in the wall and cover it with wood planks (on both sides—the opposite being my studio).

And the rest of the room…

Nothing has changed here since they removed the floors.

And now we’re downstairs… always a mess in this room:

But we do have some progress in the home theater room—new carpeting!

They installed it yesterday:

Excuse the horrible cell phone pic.

Brad had them install it in the equipment closet to cover the peel & stick linoleum:

That pretty much sums it up for now!

Take a look at the full house tour video here (I tried embedding it into this post but the quality was horrible so I have to link to the original video on youtube instead). Make sure to maximize the window and change the settings to HD for best results!

I tried to make it as quick as I could but it ended up at just over six minutes long. Because it was taped a week ago it doesn’t show the new carpeting or track lighting in the office, but it covers every area of the house so it should take care of any confusion you may have about the layout.

And now I need your help… Rugs USA is having a 70% off sale so I’m stocking up.

I already bought this one for our dining room:

It’s the Maui Chunky Loop in beige. I have it in ‘bleached’ in our living room and am completely obsessed. It’s my most favorite rug ever.

Next I need one for the studio and I kept coming back to the Maui Chunky Loop, but I also found this one:

I don’t like the style as much, but it’s still a woven jute rug. And it’s thinner which is more practical for the work space. But I’m worried about stains (I had a similar rug ruined from a water stain). Option #1 is only $14 more so that’s not a deciding factor, but I’ll already have two of them in rooms nearby and don’t want it to be overkill.

I’ve gone back and forth a million times and can’t decide… what would you guys do? Let me know in the comments!

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15 thoughts on “Six weeks in: A video tour + house update!

  1. Hi Jenna! In regards to the office rug I also think the first one looks nicer. It really sounds like you prefer it so maybe you could consider it in a different color so it doesn't look so similar?

    Good Luck!

  2. Go with the rug you love! Who cares that you have multiple?? I've loved following your house progress– I'm excited to see it come together!

  3. Everything is looking amazing! I would be so nervous having to decide where my dining table would be going with everything so undone like that! You are fearless! As far as the track lighting, could you take it down and spray paint it ORB or something to try to give it a modern day look?

  4. I'm definitely nervous about the lights not lining up but after we install the ceiling wood planks it will be too late to add more lights, so we just measured very carefully and have to cross our fingers!

    The track lighting actually came in black as well, but I opted for white so it blends in and is less noticeable. Since the ceiling is so high it's not in your face at all so I'm fine with it!

  5. Thanks for the update, Jenna! Wow, what a project.
    You choose, but I have a jute rug like your thin example that is irrevocably stained. Perhaps the other option is the better one.
    Just a thought–for the wall you'll be filling in to isolate your studio, I just wondered if lighting is an issue at all? Maybe the top part could be a translucent window or something? My poor eyes need all the light they can get, and we put a ton of windows in our house (in unexpected corners, etc) but we are located in the rainy Pacific NW, so that is also a factor.
    Keep up your great work! I love updates like this.

  6. Hey just curious, do you have any plans for the railing between the kitchen/dining room and the living room? I'm new to your blog and really love it!

  7. I have the beige chunky loop rug in my front room, love it! I'd say go for the beige chunky for your studio, it has so much character. I agree that the other one is thinner and maybe more practical for a workspace but it's also very plain and lifeless…imo. 🙂 I'm with Amy above, if you love it, get it! Loving your new house!!

  8. Welcome Susan! Yes, I absolutely plan to replace all of the railing. I'm thinking something simple and unobtrusive like thin black iron. I haven't priced it out yet so we'll see what happens!

  9. We have six super bright LED bulbs in the track lighting we installed, so lighting definitely won't be an issue even if there wasn't a window! They are actually obnoxiously bright so I'll only use them when I need them for work, and use dimmable wall sconces the rest of the time.

  10. I prefer the Maui Chunky Loop. Great progress on the house 🙂 I follow you on Pinterest and your pins have me drooling lately….LOL!

  11. Aren't you ever scare of buying a rug online and not loving it in person? I'm on the hunt for a rug for our master and want something soft and love many styles on Rugs USA but am hesitant to pull the trigger. Advice?!

  12. Yes! It's happened to me twice at Rugs USA—the colors weren't accurate to the photo online. I'd go with a rug that has a lot of positive reviews on the product page. Read each and every one and you should have a good idea of what to expect, they are super helpful! Also do a google search to see if any bloggers have it in their home. Waiting for their good sales (usually 70 or 75% off 4th of July and Black Friday) will make it easier if you don't end up loving it. Hope this helps!

  13. So I have spent almost every free minute I have over the last couple of days starting from the beginning of your Reno and going forward. Although I know what the end result looks like from you hooking me on s previous post I am loving this. It's all unfolding like a story lol. I'd love to see an updated video if you ever get a chance to make one.

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