We moved!

It’s our fourth night here and I’m still pinching myself—this is our home now.

We spent Friday afternoon packing and moving most of the boxes, and had a friend come up Saturday morning to help with the heavy stuff.

It was cold and pouring rain the entire time, but we worked fast and got it all done in a matter of hours.

We waited until everything was out of the house before bringing Susie over. She walked around in circles for a solid minute before retreating to the closet where she hid for hours:
My poor baby. She’s doing much better now that she realizes we’re here to stay.
Dad & Brad having a celebratory drink after it was all over with:
While I got straight to my favorite part—organizing the kitchen…

Did you notice something new?

Our farmhouse sink is in! The faucet is shown in the box above it.

And check out our new countertops! We decided to skip the quartz and go for a more economical, rustic/unfinished look:

Just kidding. It’s the plywood underlayment. Our counters should be installed within a week.

But we did get the oven in!

We still need to build a shelf for the microwave to fill that gap.

We put our old dining table in here for now, but sadly once the new one is built, we’ll have no place for this and have to get rid of it.

This was one of my first furniture refinishes so I’m sad to see it go.

All of our dry/canned goods are sitting where the future pantry will be (counting down the days until the Ikea delivery!)

Now let’s look at the studio… the printer was wheeled in first, and then we started setting up the desks:

It looks pretty rough right now, I know. This is all temporary.

Well, the layout will be the same, but the two smaller desks will be replaced with narrower ones so I have a little more breathing room. It’s a little bit cramped right now.

But at least all my supplies fit nicely in the closet. Still working on the layout, it’s purely functional right now.

Hopefully within the next couple months I’ll have everything in place.

up we have the living room…

We basically just threw our furniture in there.

The lamp, ladder, chest and bench will all be gone soon, we just haven’t had a chance to relocate those yet.

I wanted to put the TV by the fireplace but realized that the  cable box is by the windows (there’s not even a place for a TV there… not sure why they did that), so the furniture is in this configuration.

But I do like the couch facing the window instead of the fireplace, so I’m not sure what we’ll end up doing. Thoughts?

Let’s head downstairs…

There’s a small room just on the left, which I originally thought would be used for storage, but it ended up being the perfect space for Brad’s office. The back area will be used for storage so it’s a dual purpose space.

Clearly it still needs tons of work.

The main downstairs room has our Ikea daybed parts spread out everywhere. We need to download the instructions and reassemble them (I’ve been putting it off).

Back upstairs, we’re currently using the guest room for unpacked boxes until we have time to sort through them.

And finally, the master bedroom…

It’s a big barren box with too much white at the moment.

That will all change in time.

I’m keeping an eye out for a nice antique wood dresser to replace this one from Ikea:

There is one good thing about the room—this closet.

Brad’s using the guest room for his clothes so it’s mine, alllll mine!

Just for fun, here’s our sad little bathroom:

It’s about the same size as the closet and in desperate need of a complete gut job and remodel. This will probably be on the agenda next year.

My favorite part so far? Spending my day in front of this window…

There was a storm passing through yesterday and it was just breathtaking. Reminded me of our trip to Costa Rica…

And the sunrises… oh man. Worth getting up at dawn every day just for this.

Alright, that’s enough for now. But before I go, a quick business announcement: I’m excited to announce that I’ve teamed up with TouchOfModern to offer posters of my top cities at 20% off!

It’s a 5-day flash sale ending this Sunday and limited quantities are available, so act fast! Here’s your personal invite.

And with that, I’m off to Pinterest-land (my nightly ritual) to daydream about future projects. Another kitchen update coming in the next post…

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9 thoughts on “We moved!

  1. Beautiful! Your home is so cozy-looking and pretty! I love that picture of Suzy hiding in the closet. I moved recently, from the 4th to the 20th floor within my condo building, and it was super-confusing for my poor little dog. So much that as I was using the freight elevator to move stuff, I just started bringing him with me every time I moved a load of boxes. Pets get so confused and scared! Glad you're all moved in and can't wait to see future projects. Your view is spectacular!

  2. What a beautiful view! I'd love to look at that all day long as I work. Excited to see how your new home come together, love what you have done so far!

  3. Is it sad that I'd rather be helping you unpack that sitting at my desk at work today? There is something so exciting about moving into a new house and setting up everything for the first time! I'm so jealous that you are at the stage where furniture can be moved back in… I'm still tiling our basement like I have been for about a month now 😛 Congratulations on the new space and that fantastic view!

  4. I can already see how awesome your house is going to look. The end result is going to be fantastic – as usual 🙂 And that office space! – a blogger/self-employed dream! Love the layout, grey walls, jute rug and of course all that natural light. Can't wait to see everything finished. Keep sharing the updates!

  5. Dear Jenna Sue, I am using your wonderful “Jenna Sue” Font and am now desperately looking for “ü”, “ä” and “ö” that we need in German Typesetting…is there a chance that you add these letters to your typeface? We all would be so grateful…. Thanks a lot! Verena (frensch@fsg3.de)

  6. Hi Jenna Sue – congrats on the house! I found your blog through your font. 🙂 I love the Jenna Sue font. Just downloaded it through paypal. I think I'm doing something wrong though as the bottom, loopy part of the g and y aren't showing up. Do you happen to know why that would be? or what I could do to correct it? It is a beautiful font!! thanks – Kristine

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