Master Makeover: Paint & Pax Wardrobes

Now that we have a plan for the master bedroom, I didn’t want to waste any time so this weekend we got right to it.

Step #1: Paint.

Well, paint the two walls that won’t have any wood treatment, which left the window wall and the door wall.

There’s going to be a lot going on in this room, so I wanted to keep it simple and light with a barely-there gray (Valspar’s Montpelier Madison White—the same shade we used in the living room, studio, and hallway—pretty much the base color for this house).

Brad used the roller while I cut in the edges and corners with a short handled brush and we knocked it out in under 30 minutes… so much easier than using tape!

I didn’t bother to paint up to the back wall since that’s where our built in wardrobes would go. And we’re adding crown so we didn’t go up to the ceiling.

I also didn’t paint inside the window sill because we’ll be adding trim (just like we did in the kitchen & studio)

After that was done, we removed the trim to begin preparation for the wardrobes.

Then came the wardrobe assembly!

I purchased two Pax wardrobes that were just the right size for the room…

I had planned to purchase the Bergsbo style doors like the ones we used for our kitchen pantry

But sadly, they were out of stock. So I chose the plain flat doors. Don’t worry, I have a plan to pretty them up starting tonight—hopefully they’ll be done and ready to share with you guys in a few days!

I did have something fun in mind for the inside though—fabric covered backs. I considered wallpaper at first but fabric is so much more readily available and cheaper, so I picked up 6 yards at Joann’s for $20 along with some modge podge:

I love the feminine touch the damask brings without being too girly.

There’s no photos of the application process because we both had our hands full, but we found the most efficient way to do it was coat one small section at a time with the modge podge, then pull the fabric and smooth it out, working your way down the panel. It was a lot easier to have two people so one could keep the fabric pulled back while the other smoothed it down.

The fabric was 43″ wide and the panels were 40″ so it was perfect! I just had to cut the length off at the bottom. It didn’t matter if it hung over the sides since it would all be hidden.

After the back panels were covered, it was assembly time. Pretty straightforward, easy stuff.

Here’s our fabric panels, nailed right in to the back:

Once the first wardrobe was assembled we proceeded to stand it up and…. crash…. it hit the ceiling!

For whatever reason, the ceiling height in our bedroom is shorter than it is in our kitchen (95″ instead of 96″ like they’re supposed to be), so we had to disassemble the wardrobe and reassemble it while standing up. Bummer. Always check first!

Brad was not enthused about this part.

All was well in the end…

Ignore the bed, yesterday was laundry day.

Then came my favorite part, setting up the pieces inside!

I don’t need any more clothes storage so I decided mine would be a vanity area with all of my jewelry/accessories, so I picked up a couple shelves and some wire basket drawers.

Because the wardrobe is up against a wall, I had to be careful about
how far the door could open so this wouldn’t happen…

The door opens up just enough so the basket can slide out, but after I add my treatment to them tonight I’m afraid it will be cutting it too close. This means I’ll have to add some 1×8 boards between the wall and the wardrobe to push it out slightly (I’ll do the same with the other wardrobe as well).

Here’s the setup I decided on:

Brad’s side will be mostly used for clothing:

Looking forward to stocking these things up!

The wardrobes aren’t attached to anything right now—we still have to secure them to the wall, add crown molding, and then get those walls planked behind the bed for the finishing touch.

And that’s it for now, folks. I have a lot to do over the next few days but I don’t want to rush it (paint takes time to dry!) but I’ll try my best to have the doors done by Thursday.

See you back here at the end of the week!

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8 thoughts on “Master Makeover: Paint & Pax Wardrobes

  1. As always, I am uber-impressed with your vision!! (and your amazing ability to see it through) I LOVE your choice of fabric to use for the back of your wardrobes. I admittedly cruised back and forth between the before and after pictures too many times to count, and each time was just as fun as the prior! What a HUGE difference that made in the overall mood of the room! I am such a dork that I'd probably leave the doors open all the time, just because the backs of the wardrobes are so awesome!!

  2. It is amazing to me how much you and your hubby have accomplished in such a short time. We just moved into our new house and I feel so overwhelmed. I've put some paint swatches up on the wall and change ny mind about wether I like them or not every five minutes! You guys totally rock! Love watching you turn an outdated house into a stunning home!

  3. I think your hubby must be a saint. There is no way in hell I could get my husband to do as much as yours has in such a short time!

  4. Gosh Jenna- You never cease to amaze me. You keep it real, even if a project has some bumps along the way. I would be so frustrated and impatient. But you guys are persistent and just keep rockin' and rollin'! And despite a few setbacks, you manage to turn out one fabulous project after another. You are one of my favorite blogs. I like your style and your vision. Keep up the good work!!

  5. I just love watching what you do to make a house a home. It's incredible! And I also love that you don't pretty up your pictures by making the bed or moving the laundry– it's so encouraging for me as a blogger. My pictures always have random things hanging out in the background.

    I can't wait to see the finished product.


  6. I've been following your blog for a while and the thing that amazes me most is that you always seem so sure of the end result. Maybe that comes with experience, but it's like you have a vision and you just know how to get there, even if there are bumps along the way. I hope I can get to that point some day! Can't wait to see the finished bedroom 🙂

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