We’ve Moved!

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4 thoughts on “We’ve Moved!

  1. Does your new blog section on your new site not having all the posts from this one migrated yet? Is there no way just to scroll through posts in reverse chron order like we'd read this current one? And you've used the Disqus thing now? Bummer.

  2. The posts from this blog won't be transferred to the new one which is why I'm leaving this one up for archives—it's just picking up from where this is leaving off. The new blog displays the last 5 posts but to find a specific topic/project you'll need to either visit the house tour/sources or projects pages, or simply search for what you're looking for on the site. Disqus is the built-in commenting system which takes some getting used to and I'm liking it so far—but I am sorry if it bums you out! I wish I had more control over the features but it is different than Blogger and I'm at the mercy of what the platform offers.

  3. How will we know what to search for if it's new? Or how will we know what section to look in? We have to sort of keep checking every project type or room in the house to see what might be new (if we're a few days between visits – or more than 5 posts between visits)?

  4. Any project/room from this point on will be on the new blog, so if you're searching for a newer project, you'd look there, and if it's from an older post, you'll search here. Or look for it in the Projects page which will have everything on the new blog. Or simply comment and ask and I'll point you in the right direction 🙂

    The best way to make sure you're updated is to subscribe to new posts, whether that be via email, an RSS reader, bloglovin, etc. I'm a lot more active on instagram than the blog so if you're a member make sure to follow me and you won't miss anything! instagram.com/jennasuedesign.

    The only real difference/drawback with the new blog is that the lack of archives so following me will still be the same as before, but I do plan to change the Projects page layout so it's easier to navigate and start updating that more frequently as well.

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