Where I Shop: A budget decorator’s guide

The most common question I’m asked when it comes to this blog is “Where did you get that?” so I’ve always made an effort to include my sources (during the remodel process, in the room reveal, and of course on my Home Tour/Sources page) to help my fellow budget shoppers achieve the same look.

After eight years of home renovation and three houses later, I have a system down for budgeting and shopping for every item, and using these sources I’ve been able to design my dream spaces on a very real budget while adding significant equity to our homes.

Deciding what to buy can be frustrating and even paralyzing for many, so I’ve created this budget shopping guide, showing exactly where I shop for everything in my home.

Free guide with all the best sources for beautiful budget decorating & remodeling!

I compiled my list and created a free 21-page PDF guide (broken down by category) with bonus tips and tricks I swear by to stretch your dollar even further. If you already subscribe to my newsletter, you’ll automatically get this guide in your next email at the end of the month. If not, make sure to sign up now and you’ll have it delivered right away so you can start planning your next renovation with confidence!

I’ve also provided the basic list below (minus my bonus tips and commentary). Here you’ll find links to my top sites (most recommended listed first) along with a few of my favorite items from each category—most of which I own and love. Happy Shopping!


The Container Store | IKEA | H&M Home | Pier 1 Imports | World Market | JoAnn | AmazonHome Goods | TJ Maxx | Target | Ross | Walmart | Overstock | Wayfair

Bin1 Bin2 3


IKEA | H&M Home | Home Goods | TJ Maxx | Target | Ross | Walmart | Overstock | Wayfair | Kohl’s | Etsy | Local flea markets

blanket1 blanket2 blanket3

IKEA: I normally stick to neutral/simple curtains and always opt for longer lengths to add visual height to windows & ceilings. The best place for affordable rods & hardware as well. Ikea never lets me down!
 H&M Home: A smaller selection, but also carries longer curtain lengths and worth browsing.
Etsy: If you need something specific, there’s a wide variety of styles and sellers who can customize the size.
 Alternatives: Find fabric at fabric.com, Ebay, JoAnn, Hobby Lobby or local thrift stores/flea markets—or repurpose inexpensive sheets, lightweight quilts or dropcloths, and use simple sewing skills (or hire a local seamstress or use iron-on hem tape) to make your own.
Justblinds.com: My go-to source for woven natural roman shades. They send free samples, can make any custom size, and there’s always sales.
 Alternative: DIY your own fabric roman shades!

Flea Markets | Thrift Stores | IKEA | H&M Home TargetPier 1 Imports | World Market | Hobby Lobby | Antique Shops | JoAnnUrban Outfitters | Home Goods | TJ Maxx |  Ross | Walmart | Overstock | Wayfair


DIY (ana-white.com) | Craigslist | Facebook Local Buy & Sell Groups | Thrift & Antique Shops | Flea Market | IKEA | TargetPier 1 Imports | World Market | Antique Shops | Home Goods | TJ Maxx |  Ross

IKEA | CraigslistTarget | Facebook Local Buy & Sell Groups | Thrift & Antique Shops | Home Goods | TJ Maxx | Pier 1 Imports | World Market | Antique Shops | Ross | Walmart | Overstock | Wayfair
other1       other2        other3
knobs1 Knobs2 Knobs3
 floor2 floor1floor3
lamp2 lamp3 lamp4 lamp1 lamp5
rug3 rug1 rug4 rug2
art1 arat3 art2
 Flea Markets | Thrift Stores | IKEA | H&M Home TargetPier 1 Imports | World Market | Hobby Lobby | Antique Shops | JoAnnUrban Outfitters | Home Goods | TJ Maxx |  Ross | Walmart | Overstock | Bed Bath & Beyond
kitchen1kitchen3 kitchen2
Hobby LobbyJoAnnMichael’s | Snedco WholesaleIKEAEbay | Flea Market | Thrift Stores | TargetHome Goods | TJ Maxx | RossLowe’s | Home Depot
holiday2 holiday3 holiday1
Lowe’s | Home Depot | Ebay | Amazon | Craigslist | Flea Market | Thrift Stores | Yard Sales | Facebook Local Buy & Sell Groups | Local lumber yards
tools2 tools1 tools3
I swear by Valspar Signature (available at Lowe’s). I use flat or eggshell for walls, satin for doors and wall planks or humid areas, semi-gloss for trim/windows, and outdoor grade gloss for exterior doors.
When a job must be hired out, I always use personal referrals whenever possible. If not, Craigslist is a great place to look. Get more than one quote, have a plan in writing beforehand and complete the payment after the job is finished to your approval.
Tackling renovations yourself can be exciting, overwhelming, daunting and addicting all at once. It takes a lot of trial and error to find your comfort zone and it’s certainly not for everyone! Need help? Contact me for e-design services: jenna@jennasuedesign.com.

Some links may contain affiliates, which have no impact whatsoever on their inclusion in this guide. Thank you for your support!

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I hope this helps those of you looking to maximize your budget and find exactly what you’re looking for! I enjoyed putting this list together and hope you find it useful. As always, feel free to leave a message below with any questions/comments, or chat with me on Facebook and Instagram!


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  1. Your guide is extremely helpful! There have been projects I have been wanting to do but assumed they would be out of the budget right now. I can already see that I can afford to do some in the very near future. And you saved me from doing the research since I adore your taste. I believe I am already on the email list so I look forward to your pdf this month!

  2. Great post — I’m dying to see which Miter Saw you have, but that image is linking to the drill. Thanks!

  3. EXCELLENT post Jenna! Jam packed with lots of awesome info in one spot!! Very well done!

  4. Thank you for this information! It’s very helpful to me with my own home projects.

  5. Hi Jenna, love reading your blog but have been missing you lately. just wanted to let you know that I normally read your blog on Feedly reader, and since you updated your site, it hasn’t been showing up. 🙁 I searched for you, but no dice. I thought something was fishy so I came to your site to check if there were updates here. Last time you switched sites I just searched for you again and all was good. As I say, just wanted to let you know the glitch in case you weren’t aware.

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  6. Great guide! Thanks for putting it together.
    What hardware tools do you consider to be essential for DIY?

  7. Your home is gorgeous! The before and afters are amazing. This guide is super helpful too. I am wondering if you’ve had your Arholma outdoor furniture for a while and if you are happy at how it’s held up….
    Thank you

  8. Thanks for sharing your decorator’s guide. This is such useful and valuable information. Thanks for all of your inspiration!

  9. Excellent post! I love seeing where other people shop . I couldn’t agree more on the Valspar paint! We had a painter once recommend it to us and ever since then we swear by the stuff!

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    I love your blog and home!!! Would you mind sharing where your items are from and the chest in your master bedroom? I love the color.

  11. I love your site! I’m trying to download the budget decorators guide and it keeps telling me that the mailing list is not active. Am I doing something wrong?

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