Vlog Episode 5: Santa Cruz, Redwoods, and more house progress

Over the weekend I took a trip down to Santa Cruz for a nostalgic day at the Boardwalk, a hike through the redwoods and stops along the coast down highway 1. I’ve had some great memories here growing up, and it’s been far too long since I’ve been to the area so with the recent Spring-like weather, it was the perfect time for a quick getaway.

On the housing front, I completed the beadboard & coat hook wall in the garage entryway and oversaw progress on the master bathroom as the downstairs was painted. It was also my first time back at the local flea market in nearly a year! My longest dry spell ever, and one I hope to not fall back into this summer.

As of right now, I’m finishing up the final touches on the garage entry (if you follow me on snapchat @ jennasuedesign you’ve seen it already!). The official After photos will be shot today and tomorrow (Thursday) will be the full reveal. One room down, whew!

Now that I’m in DIY mode, I keep coming up with new projects to add to the to-do list but I also don’t want to extend my timeline (and overwhelm myself) so I’m trying to find a balance. The goal is to have the house on the market by April which is only five weeks away… yikes! There will surely be some last minute chaos, but I’m no stranger to renovations on a timeline so I think I can pull it off. Fingers crossed.

This episode was slightly longer than previous weeks, and there’s a bit less house progress and more personal moments, so let me know what you think!

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for the laundry room turned storage room turned garage entryway Before & After Reveal!



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14 thoughts on “Vlog Episode 5: Santa Cruz, Redwoods, and more house progress

  1. I’ve never really been a follower of vlog, but yours I actually really like. I think becasue it’s not so much actual talking as it is visual.

    I also think that seeing less and less of the house progress in them is almost indicitive of the direction you seem to be heading. Dont get me wrong. I love the house progress as it give me items and help for my own, but it’s a nice transition.

  2. Your vlogs make me smile…you know how to capture moments and turn them into beautiful shared experiences. Love the song. ?

  3. Hi. Can you please share more details of the local flea market you go to? I go to Sonora/Columbia area once or twice a year (was just there last week actually) and I’d love to know the best spot to flea market shop. Please email me and let me know- so far I haven’t been too impressed with the thrift stores I’ve tried. … Thank you. I would really appreciate it. 🙂

  4. hi, i love how your house has been transforming but will be sad to see it sold.
    you have planking in the kitchen and living area. now bead board in the garage entry. do you think its looks ok to mix the 2 in the same house? i will like planking for my kitchen which is a must larger space but planning to do bead board in the mudroom/laundry/garage entry? entrance is very similar to yours. thanks!

  5. “See Jenna’s vlog!” Is my Wednesday To-Do’s each week! I look forward to them. Thank you for sharing your journey!

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