Bathroom Updates & Vlog Episode 8

It’s the middle of March and the pressure is on! Is it just me, or do you get a lot more accomplished when the days are longer? I’m so glad daylight savings has come because my productivity is through the roof these past couple days.

Most of last week was dark, rainy and lazy but the sun has come out and I’m back on schedule to finish this house by April.

My snapchat feed has been going non stop with the latest house updates—it’s really another form of blogging in my eyes… an instant, visual storyline to follow without all the prep work and scheduling! I love it.

Here was Monday’s story if you missed it (might take a minute to fully load!)


And now for a more aesthetically pleasing recap of my week, I present vlog Episode 8:


This episode is a short one, partly because I’ve had my hands full with planking the bathroom, filming it and starting on my first official video tutorial per your request. I’m hoping to have that ready on Friday, so check back then to see how it turned out, and in the meantime make sure to follow along on snapchat (@ jennasuedesign), instagram and facebook for updates!

Wishing you long days full of sunshine,


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4 thoughts on “Bathroom Updates & Vlog Episode 8

  1. I seriously miss your blog posts with actual pictures and text 🙁 I guess I’m a 30 yr old curmudgeon because I like to read. I know it’s easier to take video or use snapchat, but I’m not going to watch it (its harder for me because I can’t skim or watch in public. I’m not going to pull out headphones for 2 mins). It’s also doing your blog a major disservice when it comes to ranking for seo.

    Anyway, it’s your blog and you do what you want. Just wanted to give my opinion as someone who used to look forward to your posts. (Last thing-your rss feed is not passing along a link to the post. There was no way for me to actually get to the post or your website without manually typing it in. This is not normal for rss feeds. )

    1. I’m sorry for the change! I still plan to publish more detailed posts whenever possible, it’s just tough to find the time right now since I’m working on the house so much. There will definitely be some written content coming up soon, but I’m having a lot of fun with video and find that it’s a much more personal way to connect so that’s the direction I’m taking at this time. Thanks for the heads up on the RSS feed, I’ll look into it!

  2. I have just recently discovered your blog via instagram. Your style and ability to update within a “budget” have me addicted to your feed. I am coincidently remodeling a master bath. You have given so much inspiration. I saw on your instagram feed you said your white tile is from The Tile Shop, I have looked and looked but have not found it. Do you happen to remember a name or color that could help in my search. Best wishes to you and your remodel and later in selling your home. It is so lovely!

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