Sounds & Tastes of the City: Vlog Episode 18

Here we are, already in the last week of May! Part of me feels like the days are dragging on as I wait for this house to close, and the other half of me wants to freeze time and remember every moment of this important transition in my life.

I suppose that’s why I make these vlogs, so I’ll never forget…

This week’s episode includes footage of Monday’s room reveal, shots from an upcoming Wayfair video, and another weekend of music, food and exploring in San Francisco.

On the to-do list for this week is another Wayfair project involving mixing patterns and a deck refresh, as well as preparing to host a summer block party for Memorial Day. I have an awesome location secured—a rooftop deck in San Francisco overlooking the bay, so I can’t wait to pull that together and film/photograph it for you guys. The long weekend also includes an Above & Beyond concert in Berkeley and a road trip to San Luis Obispo. Something to look forward to for next week’s vlog 🙂

I still don’t have a move out date scheduled yet, but as soon as I do it will be crazytown around here, so I’m trying to enjoy the calm before the storm. There’s a whole lot of changes on the horizon, my friends. One day at a time.

On Monday I’ll be sharing one of my favorite tablescapes to date… here’s a little preview:


If you’re on snapchat, instagram or facebook this weekend, say hello @ jennasuedesign! Hoping you have a wonderful holiday weekend,



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9 thoughts on “Sounds & Tastes of the City: Vlog Episode 18

  1. Beautiful vlog this morning…..I can tell you love the City as much as I do. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. I love your calming vlogs plus the music you choose to go with them! I’ll be in SanFran next month to see a friend! Anything you know of going on around June 15/16th that would be fun to do while I’m there? I’ll only be there for half a day, I’m a flight attendant and will have my layover there. Thanks for the advice! And I’m LOVING the new look to your downstairs!

    1. Thanks Astin! Oh there’s so much, it depends on what you’re into. If you want to get a bit of exercise in, check out the walking trail at Land’s End. Gorgeous scenery and views of the bridge. Twin Peaks is also another great trail with sweeping views. You could have a picnic in Dolores Park if the weather is nice. You could hop on a ferry or boat tour in the bay for the best city views. Riding the cable car is always fun, or there’s open bus tours if you want to see/learn as much as possible. Amazing food everywhere! Chinatown is cool to see/shop at. Have fun!

      1. All that sounds awesome!!! Sounds like I’ll have to pick up more trips with layovers there to do everything! ? Thanks for the suggestions!!

  3. I love your vlog posts! I’m trying to create a little video from a family vacation and having trouble finding the perfect song. How do you find yours?

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