A reason to Celebrate: Vlog Episode 15

Between a new month, warm weather, friends and family visiting from out of town, Monday’s announcement and finally, the good news I’ve been waiting for… this past week was full of reasons to celebrate. Wait until the end:

Spoiler alert:

Yep, my house is officially under contract as of Monday! I don’t have a specific closing date yet due to contingencies but I’m anticipating a smooth escrow and most likely somewhere in the range of two months or so from now. Which is ideal for me as I still have projects I’m working on with Wayfair and don’t want to feel rushed packing and moving things into storage.

What a relief to know that the first hurdle has been cleared, and now it’s really all happening. I’m anxious to share my plans with you, but have decided to wait until closer to my move date to spill the details. Thanks for hanging in there 😉

This vlog episode also includes previews of a couple upcoming Wayfair projects. One is a wine tasting party I hosted (one of the funnest nights I’ve had in a long time) and a room refresh completed and shot just yesterday. Those videos (and blog posts) will be released in the next few weeks!

Even with the house finished and under contract, my days are as full as ever and the to-do list will only continue to grow as I organize and pack up years of belongings. One step at a time!

Coming up Monday is a pretty dramatic bookcase makeover with Wayfair, including a tutorial post and video. My snapchat friends were the first to see the transformation and behind the scenes process, so if you’re active there, find me @ jennasuedesign for more surprises and new projects before they hit the blog. And as always, you can catch up with me on instagram or Facebook.

I hope you all get a chance to celebrate and relax this Mother’s Day weekend! See you soon,



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7 thoughts on “A reason to Celebrate: Vlog Episode 15

  1. Congrats on the pending sale! I knew your home would sell quickly!
    Around 1:48 you show a lovely pouf . Where is that from?

  2. Congratulations on the sale of your home. I wasn’t surprised…it is beautiful. I love your blogs, but I have to say, you are such an awesome writer and I miss your very introspective blogs. Hope they will also return.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS on the pending sale of your home! Hope it is smooth sailing til closing time!!

    Also, CONGRATULATIONS on the adventure with Wayfair! How exciting!!

  4. Wow! That’s super! One question has been nagging me – what of your cats? Will they both go with you when you move? Especially thinking about your second kitty that came to you at your current home.

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