Saying Goodbye: Vlog Episode 23

This is it, my friends. The last full day. Tomorrow I’ll be walking out of an empty house, taking with me a car full of boxes and the memories of two and a half years spent building a home.

As I sit down to type these words, for the first time I realize that the renovation of this home was a metaphor of my own personal transformation. Walls were torn down so that new foundations could be built. Lessons were learned and new skills gained. At times it was messy and exhausting and I wanted to give up. But tomorrow I’ll leave this house a changed person—a more improved version of myself. Tomorrow, this house and I will start over from a much better place. It took a lot of work to get us here, but the investment is always worth it in the end.

Today I’m sharing the last moments spent in my home. Oh, and there’s a couple big announcements in here…

You may have been able to guess the move to the city, as I’ve been staying there almost every weekend. But I’m also thrilled to embark on this new path of investing in and remodeling homes. A lot of thought has been put into this decision as I’ve had to evaluate the direction of my life after starting over. There are more factors involved and I’ll share more about that soon. For now, I’m focusing on settling into the new place, then I can devote my full time and attention to the next renovation.

The properties I’m looking at are near my current home which is a few hours away from the city. I’ll have to commute quite a bit, but I’m used to it at this point. I’ll work with my team of contractors who I’ve come to know and trust over the past couple years, along with squeezing in DIY projects when possible. But the timeline will be condensed for a fast turnaround to sell, and the process repeated. And of course, it will all be documented on this blog so you can continue to follow along!

On a more somber note, I’m taking Susie with me but sadly, Biscuit has to stay. It breaks my heart to leave her behind but she is mostly an outdoor cat (she was ownerless and living in the yard so we took her in) and she would be miserable stuck indoors in a noisy city. The new owners have graciously agreed to adopt her and love her and I know she will continue to live happy and free where she belongs. It’s going to be difficult to say goodbye tomorrow.

My new place is an apartment in a great location in San Francisco. You may have seen it pop up on this blog already…


…or at the end of last week’s vlog, or instagram and snapchat and facebook. Trading in a mountain view for bays and bridges. A very different change of pace from this sleepy little town. Bring on the action.

The next blog post will be published from my new home, and you won’t want to miss this one. I’ve put together a complete house tour video, including some never before seen before, during and after footage and images. It’s a great way to have the entire renovation documented in one place and I can’t wait to share it with you on Monday.

This blog may be five and a half years old, but life is just beginning and the best is still to come. I’ll be sharing some behind the scenes action from the move over the next several days on Snapchat @ jennasuedesign, so feel free to follow along and say hello!

Here’s to new adventures,




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33 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye: Vlog Episode 23

  1. Congratulations on your move to San Francisco and your new business venture. I’m super excited and as a blog reader who has always *loved* your renovations, this seems like best case scenario for me as a reader. Will you be working with clients or will this be more like flipping and staging homes? Can’t wait to learn more!

  2. I am so excited for your new adventures in the city! Starting over is hard, and leaving behind what you know can be sad, but change is exciting and refreshing! It sounds like you have a great plan on moving forward. I look forward to your future posts!
    P.S. I commend you on doing what’s best for Biscuit, even though you (and your readers) will miss her!

  3. you are going to do great things Jenna, this is just the beginning of your next great adventure!

    wishing you all success and happiness! and giggle to follow along 😀

  4. Don’t mean to be a stalker!! (ha!)…I emailed you once already…but I want you to know how excited I am for you in your new adventure. San Francisco is such a wonderful City!!! I love it there….I spent many days there back when I lived in the Bay Area. Can’t wait for your next post!! I’m anxious to see your new digs!
    Wishing you all the best!!!!

  5. This seems like such a natural “next step” for you – both in the career direction and the move. I have been reading your blog since you lived in Jacksonville and I’m excited to continue reading with this next chapter. 🙂

  6. Great choice for the next step in your new life. They say enjoy what you do and it never is a chore to go to work. Good luck and can’t wait to see your renovations. They are inspiring to and older DIY person. I did it back when I was younger and married because we didn’t have the money. Now having the money it still is about the feeling of accomplishment you get when you do it yourself.

  7. Good luck on this next step. The views from your new apartment are beautiful. Just sad to hear about Biscuit. But I’m sure the new owners will take care of her and love her. Good Luck!

  8. Since you have so much exposure already, do you feel like your work will be picked up by TV at all? Congrats on the move, I’m sure SF is an amazing city!

  9. Beautiful video! It made me cry, because I feel so happy and sad! I promise I’m not a stalker lol!!! But you always seem to make me feel all the emotions you feel!! Happiness, joy, Laughing, crying, gratitude and thankfulness…you have touched my heart for sure! ❤️ I’m so very happy for your new move and can’t wait for your next post!!! You’re AMAZING JENNA! And so inspiring!!! Everything you touch is Gold!!! I’m still a little sad to see you go, but am so EXCITED for you on this next chapter in your life!!! Ps was hoping maybe you would move here to The central coast??

  10. Wishing you nothing but the best in your new adventure! I can’t wait to see where it takes you! CONGRATULATIONS!!


  11. Ahhhh super exciting stuff for you, that rooftop or deck has amazing views. I am looking forward to following along on your reno journey, love everything you do.

  12. So excited for you but I can say I’m so sad about Biscuit, you’re one strong woman! I’m so glad the new owners agreed to take her as their own 🙂 looking forward to your new adventures!

  13. I’m so excited for your next step.. I’ve been following your blog for a couple years now and have been so inspired by this home you’re leaving. I’ll miss seeing your work on it but sounds like it (and your kitty) are in good hands.!

  14. So happy to hear that you will continue remodeling and sharing your beautiful work! Your new home has a gorgeous view that many would die for. Cannot wait to see the next property and what you do with it. You are very gifted in so many ways. May you find much happiness in the City.

  15. I’ve been thinking about you the past few days because I know leaving was hard especially leaving your kitty and even though it’s for the best it doesn’t make it any easier. You have such a gift of making us feel so many emotions through your written word and your videos and in this case you had such a poignant way of describing the move and change. You are an amazing girl and so wise. I know you will be successful in your new endeavors and I’m excited to see you put down roots in this new place. My husband has been to San Francisco a few times with work and in fact was just there a month and a half or so ago and says he really wants to take me there for a trip someday. With just being there for work he hasn’t really gotten to see much but he’s seen enough to know we need to visit and spend some time there. By the way, I noticed in some of your videos a black dog but I don’t recall you ever mentioning a dog only your kitties. Did I miss that you have a dog or is it a friend of a friend 🙂 ?

    1. That means so much to me, Rebecca! It makes me so happy to know that all the time I spend on these are appreciated by others 🙂 San Francisco is gorgeous, you must visit soon! Late summer/early fall is best weather wise. The dog belongs to my little sister 🙂

  16. I can’t wait to see your next renovation! This direction seems just ideal for you. The city will be such a big change – especially the weather – but there’s so much going on there. We love Sunday picnics and walks by Crissy Field, great restaurants, lots of people your age – you’ll love it. All the best!!!

  17. Hi Jenna. We have just moved to Michigan from the Bay Area, so it will be bittersweet to watch you posting from there. May I recommend a restaurant in town? We actually drove in from Benicia a couple of times just to grab a bite and walk around the city. It’s 4505 Burgers & BBQ at Divisadero St. I hope you like barbecue! Good luck with everything.

  18. Good grief, it’s not even my home and I don’t know you in real life but having gone through a move a couple of years ago I’m bawling at the video. Thank you for bringing us along. R.

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