A very special introduction: Vlog Episode 24

In last week’s vlog and blog post I finally shared that I had made the decision to move to San Francisco rather than continuing to travel. What I didn’t tell you was the reason I chose to stay.

I’d like to introduce you to someone very special…

Lucas and I met in Vietnam last fall. He was also on an extended solo travel journey and we connected after learning we lived just hours from each other.


I came home with plans to travel full time once the house was sold, but something was stopping me. The same something that told me to change my life last year. The one I swore I’d never ignore again, so here I am in San Francisco with the most amazing, unexpected souvenir I could ask for.


While deep down I knew this was the right decision, it has not been easy to let go of the life I gave up. I was so scared I’d never get to feel that surreal state of being experienced while in Asia, and that the most defining journey of my life would become nothing more than faded memories.


Those memories became painful to think about, let alone talk about to others. I had to unfollow every social media account sharing pictures and stories from the places I visited, to avoid the sickness in the pit of my stomach each time they appeared on my screen. I often wondered what I’d be doing in this moment if I’d stuck with the original plan—where I’d be, who I’d be with, what new sights and sounds I would be surrounded by. The “what-if” has been the most difficult thing I’ve had to come to terms with, but then I look back to exactly one year ago during the most painful decision of my life. The one where I listened to that quiet voice telling me to let go of the vows I made six years ago—the decision that lead me places I never thought possible. Your intuition doesn’t always lead to the easiest path, but if you stay on it, eventually you’ll understand why.


Two days before moving to San Francisco I was on a lake, staring into the sky and it hit me. It was the feeling I couldn’t put into words—the same one felt while floating in the ocean in the Philippines and in the streets of Vietnam and in the plane above Bangkok. For a moment there was pure clarity—I was whole and complete. For those few seconds of bliss, everything in life made perfect sense.


It was the first time I’d experienced that feeling since Asia, and it was only then that I was able to let go of my hesitations about not continuing to travel. And now for the past week living in my new city I’ve felt it every morning—that split second when I wake up smiling because reality is more beautiful than anything I could dream of.

I can’t predict the future, but right now, I’m exactly where I belong.


I’ll be out of the country for the next ten days with limited contact, but will check in when I can on instagram, facebook and snapchat @ jennasuedesign. And the following week will begin a new era of more personal vlogs, now that the secret’s out 🙂

Here’s to new beginnings…



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41 thoughts on “A very special introduction: Vlog Episode 24

  1. So happy for you Jenna – I had my suspicions and had spied the NE Patriots blanket in a previous VLOG (my team lol). Great to meet Lucas and thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful trip 🙂

  2. Good luck Jenna Sue, I wish You all the best. I belive that one day I could also say that… reality is more beautiful than anything I could dream of…

  3. Oh Jenna I am so so happy for you and you both look so happy, good luck for the future xx

  4. Thanks for sharing. So happy for you and looking forward to hearing about your new adventures in life, love and DIY. You deserve much happiness – have a great trip!

  5. awwwww, he’s cute. Must be something really special to keep you in the states! Congratulations on finding another soul to share your time with. He’s lucky to have you.

  6. You look so amazingly happy, Jenna! I’m so happy for you…you deserve it. No wonder you’ve been looking to happy and peaceful in some of your earlier vlogs…you were looking at him. Seven months! You’re really good an keeping secrets; you kept him secret from all of us, your blog readers! Enjoy your trip.

  7. Love the video. You two make a really beautiful couple. Best of luck on your next chapter in San Francisco!

  8. Congrats! I really hope this works out well for you and you are very happy. I can’t wait to see what’s to come for you. Enjoy your trip!

  9. Congrats, girl! He seems like a sweetie, someone you can definitely grow with. Happy you found your peace, and are with someone that will experience life with you instead of dampening it. Good luck on your travels, thanks for taking us with you!

  10. Call it pregnancy hormones, but I teared up during that entire video. What a beautiful introduction. Congratulations on an incredible journey…way to be fearless and free. It’s quite inspiring and I’m glad you are sharing it with all of us!
    Listening to your heart and your intuition can be difficult, but so rewarding! All the best.

    1. Me too! The tearing up part, not the pregnancy hormones!
      I am such a softie when good things happen to good people. Best of Luck and happy days to Jenna Sue and Lucas!

  11. Super cute. The both of you:) I so appreciate your talent for documenting life so artfully. It’s beautiful to experience. Congratulations!

  12. Talk about something meant to be. Two solo travelers, finding each other on the other side of the World, yet only hours from one another. It was meant to be, it seems. And he loves your Susie, so what more could ‘we’ ask for. Have fun!!

  13. Jenna–It’s amazing how God puts us in the right place at the right time. I also was going through a divorce and went on a mission trip to Haiti to get over myself. I’ve now been married to my Haitian man for over 4 years. Life is good, God is good! So happy for you and love your amazing talent! Thanks for continuing to vlog-wishing you all the best!

  14. This vlog is so touching, deeply touching! You have an inert talent to express yourself in words and video and you’ve captured youself and Lucas as a couple in a very heartfelt way. Thank you.

  15. So happy for you, i had a feeling you were going to announce something like this 🙂 He’s handsome and any man that likes (or at least tolerates) cats is a keeper! Seems like your Asia trip was definitely your destiny, and this relationship was fated to be.

  16. Congratulations on your new life. New experiences are so much more exciting when shared with someone. It doubles the pleasure.

  17. Very happy for you Jenna and thank you for putting a smile on our faces! The VLOG is so sweet and definitely can feel the love between you and Lucas.

  18. Congratulations! He’s ADORABLE and you guys make the cutest couple! Finding love again after heartbreak is such an amazing thing. Hoping nothing but the best for you!

  19. I’m very happy for you Jenna. I have been following your blog for a few months now and have been intrigued on the way your life has turned out to be. Life is never what one expects to be and challenges need to be taken as they come. Never afraid to take life head on I can truly say that mine has been one hell of a coaster ride, which, given the opportunity I would do it all again. Being one of the few males following your blog I can say that I can Lucas must also be in a very happy place in his life.
    During the late 70’s and 80’s after having lived in London for over 10 years and been through a tumultuous relationship I decided one morning to pack up my belongings and move to the Middle East where I lived and travelled for 6 years. Had I not taken that life changing decision one spring morning in 1983, I would have never met my wife, whom I met in 87 when she was working at the German Embassy in Bahrain. We married after 6 months of knowing each other, that was 30 years ago and I can honestly say that neither of us have ever looked back. Our two children are now grown up and we are now looking forward to the next chapter in our lives.
    My favourite quote will always be:
    “If you do not think every day is a good day… Then try missing one! “

    1. What a wonderful, wonderful story, Paul. Congratulations to you both on a life well lived together.

  20. Aw Jenna this was such a cute video! What a way to introduce us all to your new man! congrats! you deserve only the best! Also he must be a great guy since he was wearing a red sox shirt (I live and grew up in Boston) Cant wait to see your relationship unfold in your new home in San Fran. We are all cheering for you!

  21. Hey Jenna, I’m a long time fan, but this is my first comment. I just wanted to reach out to say it’s so wonderful to find someone who makes you happy. I really wanted to comment because I met my now husband in a similar way (so similar to your journey it made me feel for you!), so I know how it can be the most tragically heartbreaking decision to leave a special place like that and return home to complete uncertainty… but true love can continue despite every possible obstacle and it’s a whirlwind when it does. So happy to hear your story and best wishes to you both! Hold on to that joy when you find it, and assume that all things happen for a reason. Thanks for reminding me to hug my husband extra tight tonight. 🙂

  22. I’ve been following you since you were in Florida and it makes me sooo happy to see how happy you are!! LOL.. Congrats….
    Was that Lucas singing on the video?

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