Giveaway Week: Lowe’s

We’re ending Giveaway Week with a store that has practically become my second home during this renovation…



I’ve been a loyal Lowe’s customer for years, since I bought my very first power tool. They were part of the early days as I stumbled my way through DIY projects in the Florida house, moved onto my first full kitchen renovation, and I used them for nearly everything in this cottage flip. From the the cabinets, counters, tile, sink, faucet and appliances in the kitchen


To the brick pavers in the laundry and bathroom


The dining room chandelier and floors…


The lanterns and adirondack chairs, and of course all of the landscaping, paint, wood and supplies for my DIY projects (both interior and exterior)…


No matter what space I’m renovating, they’re always the first place I look to. And lucky for you, they’re also generous because I’ve got a $250 gift card to give away!

prizegrab-lowes-200Enter to win using the Rafflecopter widget below (use one or more of the options for as many entries as you’d like). It’s open to international residents, and the giveaway period ends at 11:59pm next Sunday, March 26th (the winner will be emailed the following day, March 27th).

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Good luck to everyone!

Next week I’m dropping some big news that will answer the question of “What’s next?”… things are about to change in a big way, and you won’t want to miss this announcement 😉


472 thoughts on “Giveaway Week: Lowe’s

  1. Oh my gosh, where do I even start…Lowe’s has some different things than you see at the other big box department store…ahem..HD. My favorite thing to buy there would be furniture legs…right now I’m especially loving their great selection of mid-century style legs.

    1. Every thing seriously I’ve owned 2 houses and all the remodeling was done using products that we bought at Lowe’s but I love love love spending time in their paint section !

    2. Agree! Lowe’s has a better selection of lighting and tile than any other big home improvement store!

  2. My favorite thing to buy at Lowe’s is paint and flowers. I’ve painted my kitchen waaay too many times. Now I’m feeling like I need some Cracked Pepper doors. LOL!

  3. I have depended in LOWES for all my repair needs to my current house, we are still in the studs in some areas but we’re getting there. Building supplies here are better priced than the other (HD) store.

  4. I love shopping at Lowes! I especially love the adirondack chairs you used!! They look stunning on your porch.

  5. I love to shop at lowes for paint and lighting. we bought our kitchen countertop (silestone) from lowes and a new fridge.

  6. I love Lowe’s and shop there all the time. My husband always gets kind of nervous when I say I’m going to Lowe’s because he never knows what “we’re” going to end up building when I get home!

  7. Oh Lowe’s how I love thee! My husband and I have always been loyal Lowe’s customers. Winning a gift card to your favorite store is like Christmas and your birthday all wrapped up in one! *fingers crossed*

  8. I usually buy plants at Lowes in the spring, and we also go there to pick stuff up for projects around the house. I would probably use the gift card for some power tools.

  9. Do I have to pick just one?! My husband and I have remodeled 3 homes and so much has come from Lowes. Most recently, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, vanity, tub, tile, etc etc etc! I found a pot filler fixture at Lowes for our kitchen remodel that was so reasonably priced where everywhere else was so expensive! Great job on your remodel, you knocked this one out of the park !

  10. I love Lowe’s! I have ever since we bought our first home 7 years ago. It’s right up there with Target and HomeGoods for me. I like to walk around and browse. My favorites to look at are probably appliances, lighting, and rugs. We’re in the process of selling our current home (the same home that started my love for Lowe’s) and purchasing our forever home (a beautiful 12 year old home in need of a few updates). I’m sure I’ll be in Lowe’s on a weekly basis again soon!

  11. Love Lowe’s! Definitely my favorite for outdoor decorating and plants. It’s almost time to shop Spring/ Summer again!

  12. Lowe’s is always my first stop when I am beginning a renovation or restoration project. Then, throughout the process, I am in and out of the store picking up odds and ends.

    Last summer, we did a full gut reno of the kitchen, and we used Lowe’s remodeling contractors for the project. (Search “kitchen” on our blog if you would like to see the project.) We are so pleased with the end result. Almost everything in the new kitchen came from Lowe’s.

    I really love the light fixture over the table in the cottage flip.

  13. I just left a comment through Bloglovin but I’m not sure it posted so I’ll just say the same thing here lol we love Lowes for all our renovation projects. Favorite item is our 15 light front door…love it!

    1. Me too! One of the few to offer online before anyone else. They are also super military friendly and whem my son did his Eagle Scout project, they gave him a gift card!

  14. Lowe’s is our primary store for home projects. My favorite things to buy are just odds and ends to bring a project together. I get strangely excited picking out lumber, because I know how satisfying it will be to turn it into my vision (bookcase and dollhouse most recently).

  15. Lowe’s is our go-to store for home projects. We mainly buy odds and ends to bring a project to completion. I get strangely excited picking out lumber, because I know how satisfying it will be to see my vision come together (a bookcase and dollhouse most recently).

  16. I always get my paint from Lowe’s! My favorites are the colors from Valspar that you used in your last Master suite: Ocean Storm & Montpelier Madison White. These colors are now throughout my home. I am excited about going to Lowe’s for our next project involving enclosing the space above our current kitchen cabinets!

  17. I love Lowes for their home goods! We found the perfect mirror for above our powder bath vanity that was well priced and makes such a great statement. If I was lucky enough to win, I’d be putting that gift card towards new barn style pendant lights over our kitchen island 😀

  18. I have shopped for everything at Lowes! My kids love to shop for the candy! We are currently shopping for tile and I love it. So much better than the specialty stores because they carry such a good selection at a reasonable cost and they have such good samples displayed.

  19. Oh man – I joked that I should have my husband’s mail rerouted to the hardware store, because it’s his second home as well!

  20. I love shopping at Lowes! Anything from lighting to tile to paint to plumbing fixtures and their garden center can’t be beat!

  21. Oh – and to answer the giveaway question – my favorite thing to shop for at Lowe’s is probably something decor related. I just bought a great curtain rod there yesterday and I am sure I spent a lot less than most stores!

  22. I have been following you for a while now and am so inspired by your work and talent. What you did with this home is just amazing! We are about to do a bathroom Reno (I want to do a herringbone floor🙂) so lowes is a big part of that.

  23. Lowe’s is our “go-to” place for all kinds of things around the house and yard. Lately, it’s been a lot of things for the yard. In the past, painting supplies, sandpaper, a mirror for the bath, a rug for the den. Next, I’ll be looking for kitchen pendant lights.

  24. I love Lowes. We’re new homeowners and have been buying everything there (lots of Valspar but also rope, light bulbs, door knobs, locks, hardware, tools, etc.) Lately we’ve been shopping light fixtures!

  25. Lowes and I have been on the outs since a carpet debacle a few years back. If I won a gift card, it would be a perfect excuse to give them a shot again! 😉

  26. I love Lowes. I buy everything there from paints to flowers, hardware to mirrors,
    flooring to light fixtures. They know me there!!!!
    I love your Blog

  27. Lowes is such a great all-around store! My favorite recent purchase was a regal urn, which I will use for an Easter arrangement in our church.

  28. I have bought rugs, plants, lamps and more at Lowe’s. Of course, they are the best for any home improvement project. Would love a gift card from Lowe’s!! So much I could do with it. First, would be to maybe buy tile for the hall bathroom.

  29. I love shopping for my garden at Lowe’s. Whether its plants, tools or accessories (scored a black, metal outdoor table for $20 this winter), Lowe’s always has everything I need

  30. We are gearing up for a 100 year old bathroom Reno. What don’t we shop for at Lowe’s?!

  31. I’m headed to Lowes this weekend actually! We buy paint, power tools, flowers, lumber….haha, everything from Lowes. 😀

  32. Anything that makes the house prettier! We love to build things and we love to shop at Lowes!

  33. Hoping to buy some plants & flowers from Lowes for our gardens now the spring has arrived. We love that they have a one year warranty! Thanks for hosting the giveaway, love the cottage!

  34. I just bought vinyl tile there and used it for flooring in the dollhouse im building for my daughter. Lowes has it all!

  35. I love changing things up in my home, so the paint department is a “go to” spot. I also love the lighting, flooring, tile and hardware sections! Basically all of it!

  36. My husband is a handyman so Lowes is his go-to place but I love to go this time of year especially for buying plants for the garden! I’ve got a flat in the back that I need to get planting. But a gift card would help fill in some blanks…or help get the kitchen projects going…it would be helpful either way. Your pics above are gorgeous!

  37. Can’t wait to hear what you will be up to next , Jenna Sue. I just want you to now how much pleasure I’ve had from reading your house flip blog posts. Your results have been so inspirational (and attainable) to someone like me on a tight budget. I am not American and have never been to Lowes! But I am an avid DIYer and it would definitely be on my list of places to stop by if I ever visit the States. Thanks Lowes for including international residents in your giveaway!

  38. Hard to pick one favorite thing to shop for at Lowe’s-we bought pretty much everything for our bathroom remodel from there! We are moving to a new house soon and I’m sure we will be making many, many trips to Lowe’s as we get settled in!!

  39. Lowes is another go-to place for me for lighting – I really like their allen + roth line. We had an allen + roth chandelier and pendant light in our former home, and I am pretty sure the new bathroom vanity we just got from Lowes is allen + roth too!

  40. I am picking up a kitchen faucet today! We have been doing a kitchen remodel so I have been at lowe’s a lot lately.

  41. We are about to finish a basement so I can think of tons of things I would love from Lowe’s. Flooring, cabinets, lighting, etc.

  42. Lowes is the best! We are there about energy weekend buying necessities for our projects, whether it’s paint, wood or something simple like air filters, they never let us down!

  43. I have bought so many things over the years from Lowe’s, but I love shopping in the wood area (that smell!). I used to make my own frames for stretching canvas when I was in art school, so it became my favorite spot 😉

  44. To be honest, I have not shopped at Lowes (maybe ever?). We live in a very small town am for I’ve gone to their counterpart (Home Depot) instead we end to. But a I’m sure they are similar,and I would shop for paint, lumber, an rugs.

  45. Thank you again for the giveaway and inspiration! The brick pavers are my favorite part of your renovation!

  46. Living in a rural area, Lowe’s is a definite go-to. I love their extensive paint selection so I always go to them when I have a paint project (often).

  47. Oh wow oh wow oh wow….. this is exciting! Lowes is our usual go to store for pine boards for the walls, lighting and everyday building items.

  48. Lowe’s is our go to store for just about anything–most recently gardening supplies and carpet!

  49. Right now we’re shopping for a little bit of everything at Lowe’s for our new home. Kitchen faucets, ceiling fans, materials for a mantel, the list goes on 🙂

  50. I’m a Lowes fan also. Would be delighted to use a gift card for my gardening flowers and veggies and potting soil.

  51. Probably what I buy most at Lowes is plants…can’t get out of the gardening section!

  52. Lumber. They cut it to my specifications every single time and no extra charges. But really, we have purchased so much there as we finish the home we built a year ago. They are very helpful.

  53. I would shop for lighting! We are in desperate need of updating lighting in our home, and I think it would be a cheaper way to update at this point!

  54. I love it when all the summer outdoor stuff comes out! I’d say that’s my favorite thing to shop for! My family loves being outdoors! Although we love everything else at Lowes too!

  55. I go to Lowes for MOST of my home improvement needs, and I am always happy with what I find. Recently I found great light fixtures, and now Lowes is my go to for those too!

  56. 🤞🏼🤞🏼 just bought a new house and still trying to sell my previous one. This would come in very handy to sell! 🤞🏼🤞🏼

  57. We’d like to get a house in the next year and Reno funds from Lowe’s would definitely come in handy.

  58. I love Lowe’s for ALL of my home improvement needs. In a small town, Lowe’s is the ticket for DIY, painting, plants, lighting, and all the things we need to complete our projects. I especially love that you’ve cited them as sources for so many things i love in the cottage flip! Thanks, Jenna and Lowe’s!

  59. This is one great design inspiration. Thank you for sharing. I’m looking forward to your next project (s).

  60. I love to look at flooring and tile and dream of what I’ll have in my home someday!! What I actually end up buying is more tools for my woodworking business 🙂 More tools is never a bad thing 😉

  61. I want to implement all of your design concepts in my own home! Thank you so much for being so transparent about every aspect of the remodel!
    P.S. I love Lowes!!

  62. Love this renovation- perfect combination of colors and neutrals and so inviting! We’ve also used Lowes so much during our home renovation!

  63. We bought a foreclosure a year ago and Lowe’s is less than a mile away! We pretty much visit Lowe’s every day! Just like you mentioned in your post, I love that they pretty much have everything “home”. I love just walking their garden aisles when the weather is nice.

  64. I love Lowe’s lighting selection and I buy my plants from there every spring. Lowe’s is also where I buy appliances and I just bought tile from them too. Lowe’s has everything you need for your home!

  65. Is it possible to pick one thing that you love shopping for at Lowes? I think not! They have EVERYTHING! My favorite recent find was a cute little air plant. It’s hard to kill something that basically only needs air! 🙂

  66. We are currently building a cabin and would love a Lowe’s gift card!! We just bought most our lights and fans from Lowes!! Lowes is my 2nd home!!

  67. We’ve been renovated our house for a couple of years now (STILL no where close to being done) and we rely on Lowe’s for SO MANY THINGS! Paint, lumber, tools…

  68. This whole series has been so fantastic! Lowes has always been my favorite place to shop for landscaping supplies – plants, pots, chairs, outdoor things in general.

  69. I know what you mean, with our new home renovation I am at Lowe’s every day for something. My favorite Store.

  70. Love Lowes.! I’d love to have the same light you have over your dining table over my dining table!

  71. Lowe’s is usually my first stop when redoing a room or a piece of furniture; I get all my paints there and paint can make such a dramatic difference for not so much money. I love to shop their lighting, plants, outdoor accessories and holiday decor too; it’s always fun to see what the season brings at Lowes!

  72. I’ve bought everything from wood and tools to appliances and toilets at Lowes. No project is completed without at least one visit!

  73. Lately my favorite thing to buy at Lowes has been baby products. Surprised by baby products? So was I until I realized we were always there picking up black out shades for the windows, materials to secure baby gates on the stairs, so. many. batteries., new door knobs to child proof, a top latch to lock the front/back doors from a toddler who has an obsession with deadbolts. I could go on and on!

  74. Right now it’s Hardie Siding planks to plank my kitchen with. Would love to get all I need with a gift card!

  75. Jenna! Every single element is just fantastic! Congratulations on a job very very well done:)

  76. I pretty much buy everything for my home from Lowe’s. From wood to mulch to paint, I think half the reason I moved was so they no longer recognized me on the days I made 3+ trips.

  77. We’re closing on our first house next week, so Lowes is going to be our new favorite shopping destination!

  78. Love shopping at Lowes. I shop for plants, hardware, lighting, wood, especially like their primed pine and MDF boards for projects around the house. Thanks for such great giveaways this week!

  79. Oh, Lowes…my home away from home. Couldn’t have made our house what it is without you. 😉

  80. I love shopping at Lowes! Lowes is my go-to store for all things paint! I also love how clean and organized Lowes is, especially compared to other home improvement stores!

  81. Most recently it’s been paint and a light fixture! This Spring I’ll be shopping for plants and flowers!

  82. I love Lowes. Wandering around home improvement stores is my jam! Our next purchase will be a new toilet… Our upstairs toilet was built for midgets and is the last original toilet to the house. Since it’s the boy’s bathroom I would love to use this for an upgrade to one of the self cleaning models!

  83. Lowe’s is my weekend date partner! It’s supplied a lot of items for my 107 year old home , plus a renovation for my daughter’s town home that we bought in a foreclosure. Always pleased with my purchases from there .

  84. I can’t think of just one thing we love to buy at Lowe’s. We buy everything from light fixtures to earthquake proofing items.

  85. Ah- what an incredible giveaway. We are in desperate need of CEILING fans…living in FL, they are a necessity (that we’ve forgone for far too long!)

  86. Jenna Sue: You have had give aways this week! I frequent Lowe’s way too often! Countertops, tools, wood, paint, curtains, plants, and appliances have been some of the things that we have purchased. I will be checking out the Adirondack chairs that you have used as we need new ones.
    Thank you, Cindy

  87. Wood and tools. But I always manage to come out of there with way more than that. The hardware store is my favorite place!

  88. I love getting plants from Lowes! Currently replacing stair treads with new oak treads from Lowes. Thanks!

  89. Thank you for another great giveaway this week, I appreciate the opportunity to enter! I love your brick floor, that reminds me of the old world European charm I’ve seen on my travels! I was just looking at Alan & Roth curtain panels Tuesday! I’ve got my choice made and boy would this gift card help as I need 14 panels.

  90. The Lowes near me has a surprisingly good nursery. Plus they’ve really upped their game in the decor and outdoor furniture departments!

  91. Lowes is our got to store for all our hardware, appliances, tools, etc….. needs. We are there at least once a week. My hubby has always wanted to install a small pond with a fountain. I would use this gift card for that. Thanks for the giveaway offers!!

  92. I bought our kitchen cabinet pulls from Lowe’s and usually shop there for supplies and materials for house remodeling projects.

  93. I like to shop Lowe’s for flowers and outdoor stuff. I’m in the market for new kitchen appliances so I will definitely be looking there.

  94. We are buying our first house so we have a long list…. paint, hardware, lighting, subway tile…. the list goes on and on! Thanks.

  95. I’ve literally bought everything from there from organization to appliances. We need to buy new appliances and washer and dryer for our new house! I absolutely love lowes!

  96. Lowe’s used to be much farther away from us than HD, but we finally got one that’s close. I’m hoping to repaint the dining room sometime soon, so I’d probably get paint and supplies.

  97. We bought ourselves a fixer upper, and now with a baby due in June, we sure wouldn’t mind the extra help! Thankfully Lowes is just a mile down the road from us, which makes those ten million little trips you take as a DIYer, a bit more bearable. You know you’re there too much when the manager knows you and your house by name!

  98. I buy SO many things at Lowes! But I do love their wood selection and the organization of it too. I find myself stopping there first when I’m looking for wood for a project. I’m guaranteed to find what I’m looking for!

  99. I love everything at Lowe’s but my favourite thing to shop for has to be their light fixtures! I always find something great.

  100. I love their selection of paint supplies, brands & colors 🙂 I admit I’ve tried a few colors you’ve used over the years as well!

  101. I just helped a friend shiplap a bathroom and would now love to do my own! Lowe’s is the best — their customer service at my store is fantastic!

  102. With spring finally here, I love shopping for flowers and plants at Lowes as well as patio furniture and accessories! Love Jenna Sue Design!

  103. I tried to click on the Link to visit Lowe’s on Facebook but I got a nasty security warning. I would look into that, Jenna.

  104. We love Lowes too!! Great place with pretty reasonable prices. 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win and I can’t wait to hear your BIG news!!

  105. Lowe’s has always been my go-to for anything house related. Not only do I get gardening supplies, but it’s the first place I go when I need a good paint recommendation. Love your blog and design ideas! Brick pavers in the bathroom 😍😍

  106. I love their home décor section specially their lighting. They have such a wide selection.

  107. Thanks for all the great ideas! We are about to renovate our master bath. Couldn’t do it with Lowes!!!!

  108. OMG! I can spend hours in Lowe’s. I do woodworking so you can usually find me in the lumber section or the tool section.

  109. We’ve painted our whole house with paint from Lowe’s. They’re super helpful and answered all of my annoying first-time homeowner questions!

  110. We love Lowes too. I love shopping there for all of our home improvement needs and spring/summer flowers for my gardens. Can’t wait to hear what’s next for you!

  111. i live at lowes! We buy all of our supplies there too, my favorite thing there is their lighting. drool..

  112. I love Lowes! I’ve been shopping there since we became homeowners 13 years ago. One of my bathrooms needs desperate help so I would love a giftcard! And then I could make it look as lovely as one of your bathrooms 🙂

  113. My husband and I are about to embark on a major renovation and have been visiting Lowes on a daily basis. That $250 would go along way. Love Lowes!!!!

  114. I have bought just about everything from tile to fixtures to plants at Lowe’s. I have my eye on trying out cabinets from them to replace linen cabinets.

  115. We are pretty faithful to Valspar paints & I personally think Lowes has a better selection of plants/garden options than other stores!

  116. I love Lowe’s for lighting and I really NEED that chandelier you used in the cottage dining room!

  117. Oh man, where to start!? Lowe’s has everything a DIY girl could need/want – lights, flooring, appliances, but my favorite items are the detail pieces – knobs, rugs, and storage supplies! In the process of renovating our 1970’s mountain home and bringing it back to life.

  118. My husband and I LOVE Lowe’s! We are working on a bathroom right now and everything has come from Lowe’s! We are hoping to sell our house soon so I hope I win!

  119. I prefer Lowe’s over any other hardware store… they have everything! Thank you for sharing the giveaways and for bringing us along on this Cottage House Flip. It was so fun to watch!

  120. I love buying all our remodel materials at Lowes. The prices are great and the workers are so helpful. Love the quality of the paint too.

  121. I love lowes, it’s my go too store for wood, lighting, paint and gardening. Plus this would be perfect to start off my closet makeover.

  122. The cottage flip has been such a fun process to watch. I’ve loved all your choices and it looks phenomenal!

  123. My favorite thing to shop for at lowe’s is lighting! They have such a great selection!

  124. I love everything about Lowes! They have everything you could need to get the job done!! 🙂

  125. Where to begin…..this home is stunning!!! I can’t even imagine the time that went into flipping the cabin, I’ve enjoyed watching the progress along the way. Job well done!!

  126. Lowe’s is the definite home away from home!!! I am planning on using those very brick pavers in the entry of our house remodel!!!! The gift card would definitely be appreciated and useful…timing couldn’t be better 🙂

  127. I love shopping the lighting section at Lowes! Every light except my antique chandelier has been from there!

  128. I love Lowe’s from their garden department to curtains, and we just bought a refridgerator there as well, they have it all.

  129. My husband and I have been fixing up our first home since we moved into it six years ago. We moved into a rambler that someone had torn apart to possibly flip, but never finished. Lowes has been our go to since the beginning. We had only a bed and few items from college and a lot of projects to complete. The first thing we did was purchase a bunch of wood there and built furniture to fill our home. Wood has remained one of the main items we purchase there. Now, we’re hoping to rid our home of all the old carpeted floors and put in laminate flooring, as well as build a larger dining room table. We love diy projects and have a long list of things we’d like to do! We’ve been eyeing the farmhouse sink and the Covington rustic candle chandelier displayed in your recent cottage flip! 😉

  130. I love Lowes! We just finished a renovation on our home and we purchased new appliances, light fixtures, and paint from there! Plus, every season I enjoy purchasing plants for my yard and porch! Thanks for this opportunity!

  131. I looooooved this! I´ve never heard of Lowe´s before following the cottage and your blog and I can´t wait to win this and buy some cool stuff for my new home in Brazil!!!

  132. Inspired by your blog to work on my powder room! This would be helpful!



  133. What DON’T I like to shop for at Lowe’s?! I love it all, but it obviously depends on what project I’m tackling next. I think I may now like the appliances, as we’re slowly working to update and upgrade ours.

  134. Oh my gosh, Lowe’s is my go-to for everything from garage storage to tile to paint to plants to door mats! I love that I can get everything I need there.

  135. Oh my goodness!! I’m dying to try out your brick floor in our game room. This would be a wonderful push to get me there!!

  136. We used Lowes for our new faucet, sink and countertop for our bathroom remodel and are loving everything! Great selection, Lowes!

  137. Our old house needs paint… for every. single. room. We’re going to be spending a lot of time at Lowe’s this spring!

  138. I love getting our lights from Lowe’s – they’ve got a great selection! And I’ve been eyeing up those chairs ever since you blogged about them!

  139. I feel like I end up at Lowes every time I’m in town lately! Most recently it’s been wood for furniture projects around the house, but it’s also my go-to spot for light fixtures, faucets, paint…pretty much anything I need around the house! I’ve been swooning over the farmhouse sink you used in the kitchen…definitely on the list of things I would love to have someday!

  140. I am getting ready to gut my kitchen and I’m happy that Lowes if about five minutes from my home. They know me by name. 😬

    I need to buy everything for my kitchen remodel and will be taking cues from your kitchens, I especially love the sink you used in the flip.

    Thanks for all of the inspiration.

  141. Can’t wait to find out what’s next! We Love lowe’s! always our first stop…we have a bathroom reno in the works, and we are eyeing a sink from Lowe’s…this giftcard would really help!

  142. my favorite thing to shop for at Lowe’s are plants. if I could keep them alive better, I wouldn’t do it as often though!

  143. I shop for all kinds of things at Lowes, it’s my go to for home diy andany outdoor or garden projects.

  144. We love Lowe’s – we were just there this morning! Just finished redoing our fireplace and Lowe’s was our second home we were there so often. Buy all I home improvement supplies there.

  145. I don’t know if I can pick a favorite thing to shop for at Lowes…right now I guess I’d say paint because we are redoing a lot of the paint in our house. Honestly though they have such a great selection and I just love wandering the aisles!

  146. My husband and I are currently building a house and would LOVE to have those brick pavers in my laundry/mudroom space.

  147. I always check out the discounted plant section at Lowes. My children tell me, “No, we have too many plants.” But I can’t help myself…

  148. I love everything there! From lighting to paint to outdoor furniture to plants to hardware….love it all!

  149. I was very happy with their appliances. I purchased my stove from them and it arrived on schedule and the guys were great when they brought it in. Thanks for a chance at the giveaway, I would use it for my new butcher block kitchen countertops!

  150. Love your page and your ideas!! Hope to win big and create your ideas in my home!

  151. There are so many projects in my house I’d like to do, but first up would be updates to our master bathroom!

  152. Lowe’s provides outstanding service and resources. At this time of year, I especially enjoy the garden center.

  153. I’ve purchase some great wood blinds and flooring from Lowes. Wish there was one closer to my house. I really prefer them over HD.

  154. I love everything about Lowes, from the nursery department, flooring center to the selections of wood products. I’d use the gift card for any or all of the above. Thank you

  155. Love Lowe’s! Just installed flooring we bought from there, and are now looking for a bath vanity!

  156. I love getting their Valspar paint samples! And there stores are always so clean and tidy! 🙂

  157. Wow…I could certainly use this. So many things my boys and I need to get done around the house.

  158. I have been at Lowe’s alot lately because we added an addition to our trailer to make it a double wide and it seems like I am there every other for something which I am glad that Lowe’s has everything we need.

  159. We practically live there too! We are beginning our fixer upper cabin renovation and this gift card would be so helpful! Thanks for the chance to win!

  160. I love Lowes, and my 30’s house could really benefit from some updates. The bathroom is especially ugly!

  161. I have to pick one thing??? HA! Lowes is our home away from home; we are there several times a week picking up something. My husband would pick their power tool selection as his top favorites and I would probably pick the outdoor section as my top pick.

  162. I buy supplies for my ETSY shop at Lowes! Wood, stains, paint, brushes, etc they have it!

  163. My favorite thing to shop for at Lowes is probably paint, although every time I go I end up walking through the entire store and buying way more than anticipated. My husband and I just bought our first home about a month ago, and since then my trips to Lowes, and other home improvement stores, have been incredibly frequent! But I am truly enjoying tackling one project at a time to turn our new house into a home 🙂

  164. Wow. good question. So many great things at lowe’s it depends on what project I am doing. Since I am getting ready to remodel a bathroom. I would have to say Vanities, paint, tile or hardware. Fun times!!!

  165. Lowe’s is my go to for all house projects! My husband and I bought a fixer upper 2.5 years ago and we have been chipping away at projects. Lowe’s is our go to store for all materials!

  166. I fell in love with Lowe’s after they started selling all those bright colored plastic adirondack chairs! Made my fire pit festive!

  167. I love Lowe’s for lighting. My next purchase will be the fixture used over the dining table in the flip house. Loved the gold inside! Might also have to check out those black outdoor chairs 🙂

  168. I painted an accent wall behind my bed in Valspar’s Ocean Storm after finding inspiration from the planked wall in your previous house. I will only buy Valspar from now on- it went on beautifully!

  169. We are in the process of buying our first house (a fixer upper) and will definitely go to lowe’s for our cabinetry, paint, lighting and appliances.

  170. Oh! I love the flooring in the cottage flip. I’d put that gift card toward flooring for my mother’s living room.

  171. The lighting department is my favourite thing about LOWES, I love wonderful designs and the great price point

  172. I spend a LOT of time at Lowe’s and recently bought some light fixtures. Next up is bathroom vanities. $250 would sure come in handy!

  173. Right now I’m renovating my kitchen through Lowe’s, so I’m shopping for all the kitchen things!

  174. Love Lowe’s – my husband and I spend way too much time there! Whether purchasing all of our kitchen cabinets and appliances, or just running in to grab a gallon of paint for a quick DIY, you can’t go wrong!

  175. Lowe’s is the best for home updating, reno or whatever your needs! I will be doing a reno soon and I already have all my pins ready to visit Lowe’s and shop. Thanks for the giveaways …fingers crossed

  176. We are big Lowes fans too! I would love to incorporate those brick pavers into my home somehow!

  177. I’ve got a lot of projects on my diy list!! I’d love to win and use the money for lumber and supplies!

  178. The remodel is beautiful. Congratulations. Oh my gosh, I love shopping at Lowes. I could get lost for hours there. I even worked there for year when I was between jobs about 8 years ago. I still remember what’s on every aisle.

  179. Hard to say what is my favorite thing from Lowes. I buy plants, tools, screws, bolts, paint, lighting, plumbing, doors, countertops….well you get the idea!! Lowes is just my FAVORITE place to find stuff!!

  180. Garden updates – perhaps an arbor? Thanks for all your amazing posts and sharing your journey with us, Jenna Sue.

  181. If I HAVE to pick just one thing to shop for at Lowe’s, it would be for lawn and garden items. Specifically, plants and shrubs. They also have awesome lighting options. Such helpful folks at their stores.

    Thanks for offering this wonderful gift, Jenna.

  182. We use all things Lowes when it comes to paint! We live in a house full of tan rooms that we’re slowly painting over. We’re also finally tackling the flower beds in our front yard, so we’ve been making trips all week for mulch, soil, and plants.

  183. Am looking at a light fixture for my dining room table right now at Lowe’s – the gift card would be so appreciated! Kitchen/dining room remodels aren’t cheap – but oh so worth it!

  184. I love their seasonal displays… especially this time of year! My husband loves the tool section!

  185. I am not even sure where to begin! We buy everything at Lowes. I especially love their garden center!

  186. I’m in Lowe’s once a week, at least. And in the Spring, I practically live in their garden center.

  187. My favorite section is the plant section! I purchased a Lowes pergola and outdoor set for our back porch in the fall. This spring I am looking so forward to buying plants and putting the finishes touches on our porch!

  188. I would love to get some new plants from Lowe’s for spring! Thanks so much for the giveaway. So fun!

  189. The customer service has always been great, to an employee who sat on the floor and cut metal roofing with tin snips for me, to a manager who discounted a large online order for flooring because I had to wait longer than I should have when I came in to pick it up. They are super helpful and knowledgeable.

  190. I love Lowe’s. I buy most of my veggie and flower plants there. Also, they have a nice selection of lighting. We even bought our livingroom area rug there.

  191. I suppose their garden section is the best for us. So many possibilities and so many things to grow!

  192. I’m shopping for ceiling fans at Lowe’s tomorrow. I love shopping for everything for my home decor updates – rugs, paint, light fixtures and more!

  193. I love shopping at Lowes for power tools and plants! I find that the customer service at Lowes is far superior to Home Depot, which is absolutely important in relation to where I am because both are literally ten minutes away from my house!

  194. As the owner of a historic home, I’m at Lowe’s multiple times each week. My favorite thing to buy is paint. It enables me to make a big transformation to any space in just a few hours.

  195. I shop at Lowe’s a lot, but my favorite purchase was a Whirpool stove with double ovens, a matching microwave oven and a Bosch dishwasher. Installation was excellent.

  196. I am someone that loves to browse hardware stores. There is always cool stuff I didn’t know I needed until I saw it there! Spray paint to get on my clothes, bathroom paint to get on the floor, the bbq that babysits your grandkids (just kidding). But you know what I mean.

  197. My husband and I bought a fixer upper 2 years ago that we are transforming into our dream home. I can not begin to count the number of times we have been to Lowes during this project – sometimes, daily! But we have learned a lot and are so thankful for inspirational sources like Lowe’s and you!

  198. I shop for everything at Lowes because I bought a 1973 fixer upper. My next purchase will be items for the kitchen I need to gut.

  199. Inspired by your DIYs and actually started tiling our kitchen backsplash tonight!!! First time tiling and the individuals at Lowes were able to answer all of our questions!

  200. I love shopping Lowe’s for ideas and inspiration! It doesn’t hurt that it’s 3 miles away, so they know us well. We buy all of our DIY stuff there.

  201. Oh wow! I’m renovating a bathroom and that would be so awesome! Thank you for the generous giveaway!

  202. I love everything at lowes, it would be hard to choose a favorite thing. We are doing a bunch of house renovations so this gidt card would be awesome to win. Thanks for the chance.

  203. I love Lowes! Purchase just about everything there…appliances, paint, plants, tools, etc. We just bought our first home, this gift card would help so much!!!

  204. Love Lowes. Always something there I “need”. Get lots of good ideas there too. Love their tile and bought it recently for bath update.

  205. We’re in the market for a new kitchen sink. This would definitely make that purchase a little easier.

  206. We shop for everything home improvement related at Lowe’s- building materials, tools, fixtures, lighting, appliances, plants, the list goes on and on!

  207. I love Lowe’s and frequently shop there for things for my ongoing remodeling projects. We’re getting ready to launch on bathroom remodeling .
    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity, Jenna! I love what you’ve done on this latest Project! It’s amazing!

  208. I’m heading there this morning for wood planks. I recently bought a light for my dining room…love that store !

  209. My husband and I are welcoming home our first baby this summer and purchasing our first home–one of the things I’m most excited for is to install the flooring you used in this home from Lowes!!

  210. I’ve heard great things about the Valspar paints, and have wanted to try them. We also have three (3!) bathrooms that need gutting/updating so I’m sure we’ll be hopping in and out of Lowes a bit in our near future.

  211. Love my local Lowes as well! Love browsing and seeing different ideas they have throughout the store. Cannot wait to see what is in store for you next….are we taking guesses 🙂

  212. We have always shopped at Lowe’s for the ordinary needs our home requires. I do love the barn light selection there. I have purchased several of the galvanized style to update our bathrooms.

  213. I have been obsessed with those pavers since you first posted. I’m trying to get my husband on board for using them in the laundry room!

  214. Jenna, I think you did an amazing job of persevering through all the obstacles with your Cottage flip. I enjoyed every blog post of the progress and look forward to future projects that are in your horizon.

  215. I think I may have messed up m entry so just in case…we shop at Lowe’s for everything! Gardening supplies, lighting, etc. The nice associates helped me last year with fencing for my raised beds to keep the chipmunks out. 🙂

  216. Jenna,
    Been following you for a long time and this project was by far the most enjoyable to watch. Easy for me to say because I didn’t have to do the work! lol. I always shop at Lowes for my home improvement needs mainly because if I need it, it’s there. If I don’t know what I’m doing, they help. Keep up the good work!

  217. I’m currently helping redesign and remodel my sister’s home and have turned to Lowe’s many times for lighting options to save her money. Love to be able to shop online with Lowe’s as well! And Jenna, you cottage flip house is amazing. What a difference and it turned out so cute and unique. Love how much of it you were able to salvage and use interesting things to redo areas less expensively!

  218. I LOVE their lighting!! My hubby owns a fence company in north Dallas and Lowes is their go to as well!

  219. I recently had my husband go on a “date” with me to Lowe’s. 🙂 I simply wanted to wander with a good cup of coffee in my hand and look at touch everything from flooring to garden supplies. I am grateful that we have a local store in our small, rural mountain community. We are regulars…

  220. Currently it is lawn and garden stuff. Our house was vacant for almost a year so a lot of the yard is dead from the summer.

  221. The Lowe’s gift card would be SO useful this spring as I try to get my backyard to the cozy oasis it needs to be! 🙂

  222. We just had a Lowe’s put in right beside our house and I couldn’t be happier! Love their plants, paint, fixtures, and lighting selection.

  223. My husband goes to Lowe’s at least once a week. He’s always putting something together or fixing things, usually for work.

  224. I love Lowes! The last thing we bought there was a freezer, but we usually buy lumber and hardware for building projects around the house.

  225. I love the plants and gardening department. I go there and my husband goes to the rest of the store!

  226. I have had good luck with finding tile flooring at Lowe’s. Redoing the kids bathroom and it looks great!

  227. Lowe’s has a great garden center and lots of stylish lighting choices. We’ve bought grill(s), appliances, paint, all kinds of yard and workshop tools…and more plants.

  228. I love their flowers, their flooring and tile selection, their paint…. I could spend all day in there😉.

  229. Can I say everything? We recently bought a 94 year old house and it seems that we have plans to touch just about every room! We’re definitely planning on redoing another laundry room project with floating wood shelves (inspired by your CA house!) again in this house!

  230. I just purchased cabinet knobs for our built-ins in the office that I just finished painting. We just moved into a 80’s fixer upper and Lowes has become my second home. Every square inch of this house needs re-doing.

  231. Love Lowes! Between renovating our little house and all of our other projects.. I think we are there every weekend!

  232. I like their tile selection, lighting, plants. It’s hard to narrow it down to just a few things!

  233. My favorite thing to buy at Lowes are lighting fixtures. They always seem to have the latest styles.

  234. In my places to shop Lowes Home Improvement is the only place. My favorite is the hand tools that are battery pack. I feel they have enough power but not as much as the electric tools. My new ones are being put to use in the yard. The pole chain saw is wonderful. Good Luck to all that entered,I am always inspired by others comments

  235. Love Lowe’s for more decorating options in fixtures & lighting. Beautiful Job on the cottage!!!!!!

  236. Spring is here and we’re ready to makeover the backyard! We’ll definitely be heading to Lowes!

  237. Love the outdoors selection at Lowes! And we have been replacing the lights in our new townhouse with the industrial/farmhouse style lights at Lowes! Looking at flooring next…love your brick pavers!!

  238. Lowe’s has so many great products. We’ve bought appliances, tile, plants, and much more from there. I’ve just started giving a makeover to our 1960’s basement and $250 would go a long way in this project. Thanks for the giveaway. Fingers crossed! P.S. I always love seeing your remodels. So gorgeous and inspiring.

  239. I really enjoy visiting the tools section at my local Lowe’s as well as the Lawn and Garden section. Thanks!

  240. Favorite thing about Lowes… their paint. It is amazing. Specifically the Valspar Reserve line of paint. Almost no odor going on and zero VOC. IT goes on well and holds up!

  241. We love Lowe’s! We’ve been renovating our basement, so we’ve spent a LOT of time there the last few months!

  242. I LOVE Lowe’s! There is not one in the town I live in…there is one an hour from here..we do have a HD…but since I prefer Lowe’s, I’ve been know to make the hour trip at the drop of a hat!! Pick me!!!

  243. I shop at lowe’s quite often in their garden center….great selection. I hope I win the certificate so I can get spring flowers!

  244. Looking for a new vanity and chandelier……Lowe’s just might be the store to get it!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  245. I love those brick tiles you purchased from Lowes. Trying to figure out where to install them in my home! 🙂

  246. Working on our kitchen that we purchased from Lowe’s now. Planning on including a tongue and groove ceiling!

  247. I’d love to try lowes out, everything Jenna used from them on the cottage house flip was gorgeous for the brick flooring to the lighting, I’m in awe!

  248. Seriously thank God for Lowes. We bought a long term fixer project and are so lucky to have a Lowe’s within walking distance. We can make multiple trips a day if needed. Lately we’ve been purchasing a lot of caulk!

  249. I love everything you do! We shop at lowes for every project on our house inside and out. We are in a small town but we are still able to find great items and customer service at affordable prices. I just bought a new mattress tonight and can’t wait to makeover our master bedroom with some of your cottage inspiration!

  250. In the past, I have not shopped at Lowe’s a lot primarily because the location isn’t as convenient to my current home. However, we will be breaking ground on a new house this spring and there is a Lowe’s fairly close to our property. I am looking forward to shopping there more often as I have been seeing a lot of blogs lately featuring many very stylish Lowe’s products including appliances, paint, flooring, lighting, textiles, lawn and garden etc. etc. etc. Love your work, Jenna Sue and thanks for the awesome giveaways!!

  251. I was just at Lowe’s today buying black paint for my interior doors. I love Lowe’s!!

  252. Lowes is our go to place for all things home improvement! We love fixing up our house and making it a wonderful home for our family to live!

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