Giveaway Week: Jenna Sue Design Shop

Welcome to the ­­­­final week of the #cottagehouseflip series, where we’re wrapping up with five days of giveaways! Each day I’ve lined up some pretty awesome prizes from brands and shops who were a big part of this renovation, and now you’ll get the chance to score them for yourself!

To kick off the festivities, today’s prize comes from a shop very near and dear to my heart…

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 3.06.51 PM

Yep, it’s my own print shop! Some of you may have never noticed the “Shop” link at the top of this page, but I opened my art print business around the same time as the blog began six years ago. In fact, it’s still my “full time” job—in between flipping houses, blogging, & creating photo/video content.

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 3.05.45 PM

My prints have appeared in each of my homes throughout the years… you may remember the city maps in my Florida house:


Or these Home & Address prints in the foyer:

IMG_6390 IMG_6383

And there’s the popular Roman Numerals design:

26296-photo1 53a10-img_5458

And another favorite, the script quote:


And a recent big seller has been the photo to sketch art, which is currently displayed in the cottage flip:


From wedding vows, to personalized children’s art, there’s a ton to choose from for any occasion, and it’s all customizable. One lucky winner will receive $100 in shop credit (international friends too!).


Simply enter using the Rafflecopter widget below (use one or more of the options for as many entries as you’d like). The giveaway period ends at 11:59pm next Sunday, March 26th, and the winner will be emailed the following day (March 27th).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck to all, and stay tuned for another great giveaway tomorrow!


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175 thoughts on “Giveaway Week: Jenna Sue Design Shop

  1. If I won this, I would print our wedding vows with the script after our wedding this fall so we could cherish them forever!

  2. I have adored seeing your design on this house. I have a small lake house and this house is now my inspiration for the changes I want to make.

  3. Yes! I’ve bought a print from you before (as a gift for a friend) and now that my husband and I have moved into our first house we’ve been spending a ton of time the past two weeks trying to figure out how to fill some of our wall space. The credit would be amazing as there are a number of things I’ve got my eye on. 😉
    You’re at the top of my favorite blogger list so we’ve been using your homes as inspiration as we go!

  4. I love the photo to sketch artwork! Your passion and drive for doing what you love is awesome! Keep it up☺️

  5. I, too, love the photo to sketch art. If I win, that’s what I’ll get! I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog on this latest cottage flip. Thank you!

  6. I already own (and have given as presents) the line/map art. I love that one! This time I think I’d buy the roman numerals print…or treat some new moms I know to some baby art 🙂

  7. First on my list would be a sketch art of our house. I’ve ordered these from you before and they are lovely, but I’ve always given them as gifts!

  8. We are in the process of selling our first home, and I would love to get something that honors our time here. I just started looking into your shop and your creations more – is it possible to create a map print of my soon-to-be former neighborhood? It would serve as such a fun remembrance to this place!

    Loved following your updates on the cottage house – Congratulations!

  9. I’d have to take a look at al your offerings, but I’m in the process of gathering ideas for a Master Bedroom makeover and I’m kind of obsessed with some artwork that displays or wedding vows or something to that extent

  10. Jenna Sue:
    I found your blog, recently, and am so happy I did! Not only do I love your recent home redo, (because of that, I redid a guest room last week and on to the other one this week!) but your shop is fantastic. There are several items that caught my attention. The sketch art is something that I would love to gift my parents as they had a cottage on a lake for over 30 years that holds a special place to all their family.

  11. I love your house sketches! It would be so awesome to have one of our first home hanging next to one of our new forever home. <3

  12. What a fab idea – I have several pieces from your amazing shop already, and have found the city map prints to make great graduation gifts too! For this, I would have to treat myself to a custom house sketch though…

  13. I have been coveting those home and address prints for a long time! I would spend my prize on these as they would be the perfect addition to our entryway makeover!

  14. I like the photo to sketch art but its really hard to choose!

    I also have one kid moving into a new place, on moving out for the first time and one moving form college dorms to a college apartment so its possible (but unlikely ) I amy be generous and share!

  15. I’m thinking I’d use the Roman Numerals probably in my bedroom. That or a collage of some of your prints (maybe maps) in my dining room!

  16. I’m a sucker for my city and would do the Richmond VA Cityscape… and then probably some stuff for my kiddos!`

  17. Love your style ! Thank you for sharing your decorating knowledge and for sharing your “life journey” along the way. You Rock !! 🙂

  18. What a great offer! Thanks for doing that (and including international folks)! It is hard to decide but I like the verse.

  19. I absolutely love you shop! And I was following you when you quit your full time job to follow your dream of running your own business!! I found it very inspiring! It’s one of the reasons I took the leap to leave my job to become a Flight attendant!! So happy that it’s worked out for you!!

  20. I think I’d get a print of my birth City, my husbands and my daughters! I could make a little collage wall!

  21. I love the roman numerals! My first anniversary is coming up in a few weeks and I would love to get our wedding date. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  22. I’d love to win this! I currently have the custom city map you made for me hanging in my entrance, and would love to add something to the bedroom.

  23. Yay! I love your prints! I got one for my mother -in-law a couple of years ago and she loved it! Hope I win so I can get some for myself!

  24. Loved the cottage flip..I guess I never paid attention always wondered wher the prints came from. Thanks for the chance to win one and on our 51 anniversary.

  25. Beautiful work, as per usual! Your talents are amazing and I am so grateful that you share them. I would LOVE a photo etching print!

  26. I would love to display meaningful prints in my home – like a sketch of our house, my baby’s stats, our anniversary date in the roman numerals.

  27. Has been so fun to follow your flip. I am doing a kitchen makeover myself and a little art would be just the thing. 🙂

  28. I have a few bare spots in the master bedroom that need some unique wall hangings. I’ve used so much of the cottage flip for inspiration I would definitely add some of your art as well

  29. I’m still searching for art I love to hang on the walls in my new house! I’m sure I’d grab a bit of everything from your shop… 😀

  30. I already own several prints you have done … Hawaiian islands – white on a blue backdrop … longitude and latitude coordinates … and our wedding song in the script writing … so excited to add more to my collection!

  31. I love your maps and the Roman numerals..and just about everything you do! Thanks for providing such great inspiration!

  32. You’re my celebrity crush! Not in a creepy way haha but I love love love your decor style! You’re my Julia Childs!! I’d give anything to have you remodel our new in-the-city-farmhouse we bought! It has GREAT bones!!

  33. We are getting ready to move and will have tons more wall space for new maps! I might even branch out and get other designs! I love your stuff! ❤

  34. I have been completely in love with your roman numeral prints ever since they first appeared on your blog! Divine!

  35. The Roman Number print has always been a fave of mine! Plus I wouldn’t mind a map of Paris. 😉 Thanks! Jenneke

  36. I would love some prints for my new mud room area (inspired by you) of a personalised quote. Thanks so much for your wonderful blog

  37. I never win anything, but I surely won’t if I don’t try ha! I like the photo to sketch art, which looks great in the cottage flip. Hope your travels are fun! Well deserved. I am jealous.

  38. Thank you for offering this giveaway, Jenna! Your shop has so many wonderful designs. Your blog…WOW…you have a way with words and pictures, second to none. Your decorating style is classic and your travels are amazing. Thanks for all you do for your readers.

  39. I will be doing my own Reno soon. Do inspired by your work. I love the Roman numerals​ print. Something romantic that would have meaning to my family only. Like a secret.

  40. I already have 6 of your prints and love them so much! I still need one more to finish off my grouping and I would love to add some more! If I won the raffle I could do so much more! Love what you do Jenna Sue!!! (Hey…that rhymes!)

  41. This is awesome! Thanks for including us Canadian friends! We just finished renovating the outside of our house and this year we are finally starting the inside and let me tell you, picking out pillows and flooring is WAY more fun than picking out siding and windows! $100 for your shop would be great for the gallery wall I’m planning in our living room AND the one in our walk-in closet!
    Sarah & Kevin

  42. In my house I have our wedding date in Roman Numerals that you made, I love it very much. If we won I think it would be fun to get wedding dates framed for my four daughters. Also I love your city scapes, I’d like one for our home town and our favorite city, Melbourne, Australia.

  43. I love all of your designs. It would take me a while to decide which I would want. We live on a lake, so probably something to relate to the lake.

  44. I love everything you do! Probably your photo to sketch print..or maybe a map..or something personalized…agh!…it would be sooooooo hard to choose!

  45. I can’t get enough of the maps!! They are so interesting and unique as wall art. I love them next to my blueprints and mechanical drawings. I plan to order city maps of each of the cities that my sisters live in; Chicago, Austin, and LA.
    I always feel inspired after visiting your blog! I have been binging on the archives for a while now.

  46. Yippee! Open to international followers! So many beautiful prints to choose from but I am swooning over the children’s prints – DEFINITELY one or two or 50 (he he) of those.

  47. I love all the projects you carry out. I think that one of the coolest things that you offer is to have custom prints. This is so nice. Plus the roman numbers are so original! I think I would want everything to hang in the walls 🙂

  48. I am a huge fan. I have followed some of your tutorials with great success. I could use so many of your prints. Thank you.

  49. During my 15 year marriage, my husband and I have moved 5 times – would love to have one of your pieces to document all those moves!

  50. I’ve been wanting a home sketch and the roman numerals sign for so long and with $100 gift card I just might be able to get both!

  51. My husband and I are currently buying our first home and already use all of your home designs as our inspiration! I refinish furniture and just love what you do. Our first home would look great with some of your art! I especially love the sketches!!

  52. Hi all the way from Brisbane, Australia. I have followed you for quite some time now (years in fact) and all you do is inspirational. Therefore, I would love to spend my voucher on something inspirational!
    Thanks heaps

  53. The roman numerals are my favorite, just can’t decide on the color scheme. I wish when you choose a color a preview appeared. It would make my decision easier!

  54. Thank you for the opportunity 🙂 I would love to hang roman numerals in my entry. Fingers crossed. Have a great day.

  55. My family and I are currently in the process of selling our home of 10 years and moving across town. I would love to have a print made of this house, that is the first home my husband and I bought togther and brought our babies home to.

  56. There’s too much to choose from. I love the maps but also the quotes .. so it’s going to be hard to choose☺️

  57. I would LOVE to either get the Roman Numerals with the date of my anniversary or do a custom print with our wedding vows!

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