Giveaway Week: Maison Blanche Paint Company

We’re halfway through the Giveaway Week, and today’s sponsor is one I always get asked about, as I’ve used it in so many DIY projects both in the past and in this house…

maison blanche paint company


Maison Blanche Paint Company has created a line of everything from vintage furniture paint, to waxes, to gels, varnishes, stencils and beyond.


I swear by their paint, wax and varnish, and finally got a chance to try out their organza shimmer gel which I used to turn plain white clawfoot tub feet into oil rubbed bronze beauties:


And give this wood table a unique copper effect:


I’ve used their paint and wax to transform two clawfoot tubs:


Remember this one from the One Room Challenge?


In that same bathroom, an old buffet was transformed into a weathered wood vanity:


And multiple products were used when we built the custom vanity in the upstairs bathroom:


And let’s not forget the antique kitchen table…


And the stenciled wall in the laundry room:


I could go on all day! Maison Blanche is the only product line I use for my furniture makeovers, and for good reason—this stuff is the best. It’s not available everywhere in stores so I’m especially excited to be able to offer a prize of five products of your choice, delivered right to your door!


A little goes a long way, so the lucky winner will be in furniture makeover heaven for quite a while.

All you have to do is enter using the Rafflecopter widget below (use one or more of the options for as many entries as you’d like). The giveaway period ends at 11:59pm next Sunday, March 26th, and the winner will be emailed the following day (March 27th).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck to all, and stay tuned for another great giveaway tomorrow!


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253 thoughts on “Giveaway Week: Maison Blanche Paint Company

  1. Because of reading your blog, last week I redid a guest bedroom. With the paint, I would paint an old quilt rack that I want to put in that room.

  2. Oh my! I’d be in paint heaven if I won…I’ve got at least five pieces of furniture needing a paint makeover and would love to try this brand. Thanks for hosting this give-away.

  3. Excited about trying Maison Blanche for the look of weathered wood on a shelf/ hutch in my kitchen!

  4. We’ve got some older pieces that just need a little sprucing–would love to try out Maison Blanche!

  5. I LOVE the stencil you used in the laundry room of the cottage house that I have it bookmarked. I fully intend to purchase one for myself (if I don’t win this giveaway) and use it to accent my new house!

  6. What an awesome giveaway. I bought the cracked pepper after reading your post on your bathroom redo in your previous home and just finished off the last of the can!

  7. I’d have to find a new project to try out. I’d love a decorative side table for our loft upstairs!

  8. I have this weird salvaged worktable that we use as a desk. I’d love to give it a facelift with new gorgeous paint!

  9. I have an old antique sideboard that needs some love. I’d like to do it in the antique turquoise color.

  10. I would makeover two pendant light fixtures for my kitchen. The metal hardware on them is stainless and I want it to be a brushed brass to give it an aged and worn look 🙂

  11. I would tackle my dad’s old desk he used a child! I want to update it for my future children to use.

  12. P.S. Forgot to mention what I would tackle… a couple of wooden chairs that need some history/character added to them.

  13. I love the sweet little mint colored dresser you painted.! I would love to makeover my sons bedroom and would paint his dresser and bookshelf.

  14. I would love to try their products and would refinish some old bedroom furniture. Love your all your “giveaways” this week!!

  15. I love the dressers you painted for the Cottage Flip (really I love everything about the cottage flip) and I would love to paint my sons dresser and bookshelf.

  16. I would love to try this paint! My first project would be my old round pedestal dining table that was passed on to me from my grandparents. I love giving old furniture new life and incorporating antique/vintage finds in my home decor.

  17. A small, unfinished table I’ve had some college. It’s seen better days and I’ve been contemplating sprucing it up for awhile now.

  18. The first thing I’d try is painting a secretary I have. Been wanting to do it for a long time.

  19. I have a circa 1990 shelf my Dad built that I want to paint and repurpose and I have an old wood coffee table that I want to paint and repurpose.

  20. I just inherited a ton of furniture after my grandparents passed, and would love to try this paint on some if not all of the pieces :). Love your blog.

  21. I have been dying to refinish an old wooden cart i found in my grandma’s basement. I think I’m going to put it on my porch and put my succulents on it.

  22. I’d paint some ornate dining room chairs that could use a little more cottage charm and a lot less orange tone!

  23. I have a desk I would love to try these products on! Love love love all your transformations!!

  24. I would love to paint the end tables in my living room a metallic copper the way you did yours- but the first thing I’d do is paint my entertainment center! 😀

  25. I’m relatively new to painting and creating effects with paint and shade but would be super excited to try this out!! We have an upcoming house reno. soon and this would be perfect timing!!!

  26. Definitely would LOVE to try this paint for some furniture I have waiting for a makeover! Thanks, Jenna!

  27. We have two tables, just itching for a makeover, but honestly I think I would start with our guest room bed and nightstands… If I could get them looking half as good as some of your latest projects then I would be thrilled!

  28. I would start by giving my daughters vintage dresser a makeover and than convert our living room dresser into a entertainment center and update the paint for a vintage look.

  29. Because of your posts and videos using their paint, I recently bought some gray at my local hardware store to paint a bench. I’m waiting for warmer weather to paint it, but I can’t wait to try out the paint. I have a whole host of projects to paint: a step stool, two end tables, etc. Keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks!

  30. I’ve used Maison Blanche before and love it but can’t find it locally. I’d start with painting my youngest son’s dresser and bed frame. Your projects have been so inspiring!

  31. I’ve enjoyed seeing all the projects you’ve done with this paint and would love to try it, myself.

  32. I have a beautiful Potterybarn table that really needs some new life put into it. Even if i don’t win i will track this paint down.

  33. My son has a beautiful antique dresser but the finish is terrible – this paint could change that!

  34. I’m 59….my first painting project was a desk I bought at a thrift store when I was in Jr. High! I painted it white, and my 87 year old mother STILL has it! I was “shabby and chic” well before my time. I think it was regular interior house paint, but it’s still in great shape! AND now, I use the Masion wax almost daily! I love it! I’d love to win!

  35. I have a midcentury modern dresser that could use some paint. I’d also love to do a stencil project in the mudroom we’re currently renovating!

  36. I would love to use this to redo our sons’ bathroom vanity – our next project! I also have some older metal work to “spruce” up!

  37. I love the look of the tub that you painted to look like concrete! I am hoping to be able to achieve the same affect on a clawfoot tub that we will be installing soon!

  38. I’ve never tried this paint and would love the chance to try it! I’d paint one of the many furniture pieces stashed in my garage. I currently have an armoire in need of some paint!

  39. I have some benches my old Danish grandmother made that need refurbishing. This would be great for that.

  40. My husband is building me a table that I am staining the top of but want to paint the frame and legs. I think this product would work beautifully.

  41. I have this old chippy little table that needs one more color to make the “chippy” perfect.

  42. I would love to paint the side tables in my guest bedroom! hoping to tackle this project someday!!! love your blog!

  43. Paint! Love paint! Miracles are performed with paint! I have my fingers (and toes) crossed.

  44. I saw that table on which you used the metallic paint. Wow! I’d like to try that on an arm chair I have that is in sore need of some TLC.

  45. OH BOY – This is the give-away (and product) I am super excited to try. Such great projects you have shared. Was telling someone about the side table with the product to make it look like metal just the other day. Whoop!

  46. Your timing is great. I am converting a bedroom into a den/office and have been looking at paints and colors for furniture. I had looked at Maison Blanche paint last week to check their colors against my drapes. Great colors!

  47. I would love to remake my childhood dresser. Thank you so much for providing the chance for the give away!

  48. Your projects are amazing, and the product sounds amazing too. We are working on bathroom remodels, and would love to fix up and paint an old buffet into a vanity.

  49. My husband’s favorite hobby is woodworking and he has recently expanded into furniture building. I have accumulated quite an inventory of older used furniture and newly constructed furniture that need to be (re)finished. In the past I have always used latex paint for these projects, but would love the opportunity to try the Maison Blanche products!!

  50. I’m dreaming of a Master Bedroom makeover that involves a few pieces of furniture be redone. This would take care of that part of the makeover

  51. I have a long list of projects that I would love to use thier products on. Like you said, its hard to find. no one by me carries it, and shipping does NOT make it budget friendly! I have a cedar chest as my coffee table, another cabinet I thrifted, as well as my bathroom vanities that I would love to update with this line!

  52. No access to this paint in my area, but would LOVE to have some to re-do a set of shelves in my living room! What a joy that would be!! Thanks for the opportunity and for all the ideas you have given me with your “flip.”

  53. Thank you so much for this post. I’ve been searching for a oil rubbed bronze paint that you can brush on! I have to find who sells it!

  54. Have been intrigued by Maison Blanche paint ever since you introduced it when you did the claw foot tub in your former house. Really love that tub and look you created.
    I have a chair, a little chinese medicine cabinet that I would love to paint with Maison Blanche paint.

  55. I’m planking my kitchen with Hardie Board planking and would love to try this paint in a soft white.

  56. OH my! I would totally take on a buffet I’ve had sitting and waiting for me to get motivated to re-do.

  57. I have an old record player that’s been in the family for years that I’d love to give a facelift!

  58. I have a tv stand, a bathroom cabinet, a dresser, and 2 buffets that I keep saying I’m going to paint. Sounds like I need an elf as well 😉

  59. I love all the transformations on your blog and how you walk is through step by step. Thank for all the inspiration.

  60. I have a wood tone bureau I love but really want to paint white. Would love to try this paint.

  61. I have a beautiful vintage clawfoot dining table that is just waiting in the garage, ready for me to paint it!! ♡

  62. I’m moving to a new home and need to change the theme of some furniture pieces. I would love to experiment with Austin Blanche paint. Thanks for the chance!

  63. I’ve got a small chest that I’d like to try the paint on. I’m hoping a little color will bring it to life. Thanks for this opportunity, Jenna, and I love what you did with your latest! Great job!

  64. I have a couple pieces in my garage that I would love to try this paint on! Love what you did with your flip….ever think about renting it as a vacation rental ? I would think you would have lots of stays booked like Chip and Joanna’s : )

  65. The first project I’d tackle is a set of bookcases handed down from my husband’s father. I think they need to become blue!

  66. I have an antique bed waiting for a repaint as well as two pedestal side tables I’m building. I’ve been looking for good paint!

  67. I have a coffee table and end table that could use some refinishing! And a dresser – just remembered that too! Thanks!

  68. I have a dresser I painted that still looks great except for the top which I cannot keep clean. I want to strip it down and stain it instead.

  69. I am on a shoestring budget and have painted the living room and dining room in the same colors you used for this flip. Now all the Espresso furniture needs updated. This paint would be heaven sent 😉

  70. The first project I’d tackle is my mother’s china cabinet. She would love for it to have a new look.

  71. Wow, I love all the examples you shared, especially that antique table, so beautiful! I just found out about this paint, as a dinning table a friend purchased was redone using Maison Blanche Silver Mink! Thank you for the opportunity to enter the giveaway, I would love to try out this product line!

  72. I would paint an old wooden rocker used when my children were babies – and rock my grandbabies:)

  73. I have furniture pieces I have collected that have sat waiting for a makeover for months! I would love to try this out so my hubby can finally see my ‘vision’ 😉

  74. All your work is absolutely amazing! I have an old desk that I would try their paint on. It needs a face-lift.

  75. I have a green rustic console table I really need to repaint as it doesn’t match my decor anymore. I’m scared to paint furniture…I need this to give me the bravery to try it!

  76. I would tackle my dresser – a project I’ve been wanting to get started on forever!

  77. I would paint our kitchen cabinets. The vintage collection would complement our heritage home!

  78. The projects that Jenna did with this paint in her latest flip are beautiful and a testament to this product. I would love to try it for myself. Thank you Jenna for the chance!!

  79. I have been wanting to try this paint for awhile now. Keep seeing all of your beautiful makeovers!

  80. I would love to try this product. I have a piecrust table I’d love to use as the first project using this paint.

  81. I’ve never tried MBchalk paint and would love to❤️ Your paint projects have been amazing!

  82. If I won these paints, I’d paint an old round table that really needs some sprucing up. Thank you for the giveaway!

  83. I have a table almost exactly like your kitchen table from the flip. I’ve been wanting to paint it a distressed white, but didn’t know where to start until now. Fingers crossed!

  84. I have an older buffet I would love to paint and use in my kitchen. If I won I would work on that first.

  85. I have an antique dresser that I’m dying to make into a bathroom vanity, a la Jenna Sue!

  86. My bedroom furniture! I’d love to get rid of the oak look for something a little more modern!

  87. I have a dresser that was actually a changing table and it would be really fun to paint because it has a beadboard inset cabinet next to three drawers… waxing possibilities!

  88. I refinish furniture in my free time, and am always looking for something new to use/experiment with! I will definitely be trying this paint–it looks amazing!

  89. I would love to use this paint on two night stands. They are so many products out there it can be overwhelming. It is reassuring to see such beautiful results during this cottage flip.

  90. Would love to try this paint. I have painted many pieces of furniture throughout the years. My first project would be a fabulous pedestal table with lion’s paws. It was a find I have always held onto instead of selling.

  91. My daughter is moving to a new apartment and we’d love to remake some of her furniture with Madison Blanche paint and wax.

  92. Your work is really inspiring. Without your blog, I never would have found out about such amazing companies like Maison Blanche, which I have come to absolutely love. Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work!

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