Eight days in Ecuador: The Video

Another country down means another video! We had fun with this one—it’s a bit of a different vibe than Brazil and Peru. Click below to watch:


Eight days was nowhere near long enough to visit this amazing country. Our Amazon adventure was my favorite experience of this entire trip, and we can’t wait to return someday.

We’re currently working our way north through Colombia, posting daily updates on instagram and facebook. Come along for the ride and let us know if you have any recommendations! Back soon with more…


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5 thoughts on “Eight days in Ecuador: The Video

  1. I happen to stumble upon the farmhouse in the mountains renovation video. I wept at the breathtaking beauty. Absolutely glorious transformation! It is one of those places where every single place your eyes fall, is artistically pleasant. I just had to comment. You are gifted in design!

  2. Love the vibes! Such a beautiful way to capture and remember your travels. 😊

    I’m curious if you have an update on your flip? Can you tell us if it’s sold? Is someone spending the summer enjoying it? I hope so!

  3. I’m so glad you got to visit Ecuador. My husband is from there and we go once or twice a year. Banos is my favorite place ever!!

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