3 Weeks in Colombia: The Video

In my last two posts, I shared many stories and photos from our three weeks in Colombia—from the mountains of Medellin, to volcanic baths and unspoiled islands, to coffee plantations, national parks and bustling cities on the Caribbean. It’s one of our favorite countries for so many reasons, and now it’s captured forever in a 3 minute video.

Click below to watch our final video from South America…


We’ve been back home in California now for a few days, celebrating my sisters wedding and regrouping before we set off for Portugal June 19th. If anyone has any Europe recommendations (around the Mediterranean) we’re all ears! Our itinerary is open and we can’t wait to explore, capture and document our experience—and of course, share it with you all!

So much more to come…


4 thoughts on “3 Weeks in Colombia: The Video

  1. If you’re going to Portugal you should go to Spain, Cadiz province in the south. Full of white villages, and really near to Portugal. At least Cadiz! But all Andalucia area is dreamy.

  2. If you get to Croatia hit up the island of Korcula. I still dream of it. We did a cycling tour in that area and it and the wind surfing place (forget the name) were my favorite place. Liked Mostar, Bosnia as well.

  3. I loved Girona, in Spain. It’s about 40 minutes by train from Barcelona, beautiful, very old city, Roman ruins, great restaurants, fascinating medieval Jewish quarter. Give it a google and see what you think.

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