Road Tripping through France: the Video

After days of filming and hours of editing, I think we’ve made our favorite video yet (I know I’ve said that before, but this one was definitely the most fun!) Click below to watch our journey through France:

France Road Trip Video

If you missed the blog recaps, make sure to catch up on Part 1 and Part 2. France was much more than the countryside and castles we’d expected, and we hope that our recap can help anyone planning their own visit—or just give you a new insight into the lesser known parts of this amazing country.

We’re nearly a week into our month long road trip in Italy now, so there’s a lot more of what you just saw on the way (including some of the most incredible scenery we’ve ever seen). Stay tuned for the first blog post from Italy with tons of photos on the way! And as always, you can get daily video & photo updates on my instagram & snapchat @jennasuedesign 🙂


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14 thoughts on “Road Tripping through France: the Video

  1. It’s crazy what you’re able to do with that drone. Love the twirling on the bridge and the succession of rows of lavender, ____, and sunflowers. Beautiful! And perfect that you were here for Bastille Day so you could throw some fireworks in as well.

  2. Hi Jenna! Do you use a gimbal for your camera at all? What kind of photo/video equipment do you travel with? Can you please make a post about that?

    1. Hi Ida, we had a steadicam in South America but swapped it for the drone in Europe (not enough space to carry both). The DSLR shots are all hand held now. There’s a full camera/video equipment list with links on the youtube page, if you look below the video in the description. Hope this helps!

  3. Absolutely so beautiful!! It is so fun to see and read about your exciting journey. Can’t wait to see more…

  4. I found your lovely blog as you were finishing your last house and was so disappointed that you decided to take a break and travel. But I decided to hang on and am SO glad I did! I’m enjoying your posts so much and learning a lot too. Good luck for the rest of your travels and keep the blog posts coming!

  5. Oh my gosh, Jenna! You guys are the bomb! You could go into business doing commercials or shots for movies!

  6. Your videos are very stylish. That said, I wonder if they actually give a realistic representation of travelling, making it look like it’s a dream sequence…You still have to fill up the car, and find toilets and negotiate language barriers. I guess it just concerns me the whole Instagram generation who present these perfect, unattainable projections of themselves. Interested to hear your views…

    1. Oh those not so fun parts are a big part of traveling, trust me! And I do talk about them in the blog. I just don’t think they’d make for a very enjoyable video to watch 🙂 I could make the standard documentary vlog style videos to illustrate ‘real life’, and I did consider it, but right now I have a lot more fun with the more artsy cinematic style. It’s just a preference thing. Maybe one day I’ll do both 🙂

  7. What a stunning Video ~~~
    Love the Color Grading and of course, the scenery !!!
    What is the song you chose for the video? Who is the artist?
    Congrats! Well Done!!!

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