Sri Lanka: The Vlog

As I press publish on this post, we’re on a plane back home to the states—for good! Our trip has finally come to an end (I’ll talk more about my feelings on this later) but I still have a few more posts coming your way to recap the final days.

Now that it’s all over, our visit to Sri Lanka feels like ages ago. We spent a week there in late October, just before arriving to India. One week is entirely too short to spend in this country and we didn’t get to see everything we’d hoped to, but we still got the “Sri Lanka experience” with a few surprises along the way.

Click below to watch what happened, our favorite and not-so-favorite memories, and also how we handle all of those long travel days (trust me, it’s not glamorous!):


Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends. It feels great to come home.


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5 thoughts on “Sri Lanka: The Vlog

  1. This is great and I am glad that you guys enjoyed your visit to Sri Lanka. I am a Srilankan who lives in Finland and Iäve been here for far too long, I miss my country and Srilankan food. Great video btw, cheers!

  2. Hi,
    great video of an amazing country! My girlfriend and I will travel to India and Sri Lanka next year, so you are a great source of inspiration for us. Where did you exactly stay in Ella? The view and the sunset looked really beautiful. Where can I book this?
    Kind regards,
    Sebastian (from Germany)

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