3 Weeks in Colombia: The Video

In my last two posts, I shared many stories and photos from our three weeks in Colombia—from the mountains of Medellin, to volcanic baths and unspoiled islands, to coffee plantations, national parks and bustling cities on the Caribbean. It’s one of our favorite countries for so many reasons, and now it’s captured forever in a … Continue reading 3 Weeks in Colombia: The Video

Northern Colombia: The final days in South America

Day 58-60: Rincon Del Mar On Sunday morning we bid our friends farewell and caught a cab to the local Montería bus station. Chelsie and Kon had taken the bus to Rincon Del Mar the weekend before and raved about it as one of Colombias best kept local secrets. We’d been long overdue for a … Continue reading Northern Colombia: The final days in South America

Medellín to Montería, Colombia

Day 49-52: Medellín, Colombia Our day started early in the morning in Quito as we had to leave the hostel at 6am to take the hour long ride to the airport (having airports an hour plus ride away from the city center seems to be a recurring theme in South America). Today was a travel … Continue reading Medellín to Montería, Colombia

Eight days in Ecuador: The Video

Another country down means another video! We had fun with this one—it’s a bit of a different vibe than Brazil and Peru. Click below to watch: Eight days was nowhere near long enough to visit this amazing country. Our Amazon adventure was my favorite experience of this entire trip, and we can’t wait to return someday. … Continue reading Eight days in Ecuador: The Video

Eight days in Ecuador

Day 41: Quito, Ecuador Our plane touched down in Quito in the afternoon, with still plenty of daylight to watch the scenery during the hour long taxi to our hostel. Without knowing much about Ecuadors capital city other than it being on the equator, we were a bit surprised by the cold and rainy weather. … Continue reading Eight days in Ecuador

From Cusco to Lima, Peru

Day 27: Puno, Peru At 10pm on our last day in Cusco we boarded a bus headed for the town of Puno, a lake town at the far southeast end of Peru. After seven hours of tossing and turning, the driver turned the lights on at 5am and we were instructed to disembark and wait … Continue reading From Cusco to Lima, Peru