Making Progress

Happy Sunday!

I have a few things to share that we managed to accomplish in the past week. I’ll start with my favorite… the last thing I see at night that gives me sweet, happy dreams…

Oh yes, it’s a chandelier. I’ve never owned a real one before… Brad’s more into the modern track/pendant lighting, but I think this suited our bedroom perfectly. I think they look great in any bedroom, really. It gives the space a softer, romantic and relaxing vibe, which was exactly what I was going for.
Originally we were leaning towards a fan (for those hot Florida summers), but I couldn’t find any that I fell in love with. Then I found this on amazon which I thought was very unique and definitely gave the chic beachy-resort look that I wanted for the room:
But it only came in one massive size and would have overwhelmed our modestly sized room. After weeks of fan-searching and exhausting all my options, an image kept appearing in my head of a chandelier I’d fell in love with months ago on Those pale turquoise-blue jewels had been ingrained into my mind, but I never had a space I could use it in. Have I been subconsciously designing my new bedroom from this inspirational image? It seemed to be the missing piece. I went back to their website and, lucky for me, it was still there! After one last glance through the specs/reviews, my order was on it’s way.
And I’m lovin it.

by day…

& by night

We had to buy a light kit to make it functional, and I also shortened the third tier, so that it wouldn’t be in the way of this…
Wall mounted TV, baby! This was our Tuesday night project.
I’ve never been an advocate of TV’s in the bedroom… but seriously… my quality of life has improved tremendously since it happened. Okay, that might be a bit dramatic, but really though, I want nothing more than to crawl into our uber comfy King pillowtop at night after a warm shower, snuggle up with the laptop (or not) and watch some Teen Mom. I’ve never enjoyed that luxury before, and now that I have it, there’s no turning back. So yes, my husband was right, a third TV in the bedroom was a good idea. He wins that argument.
Here’s our temporary setup as it looks now:
Don’t mind the wire chaos… I’m working on a shelving solution for the cable box so I can finally have my night stand back. And I’ve got a little something expected to arrive next week for the space underneath the TV that I am so very excited about.
Moving right along… here’s how our foyer wall looks as of last night:
I picked up these fun metal plates at Amazon a few weeks ago and they are so my style. The white, the branch-like qualities, the cutout pattern… I think these were made just for me.
And here’s a closeup of the detail. One more thing off the to-do list.
One week of D&R ends and another to begin in T-8 hours… until next time!

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  1. I realize this may sound creepy but I'm in love with your Florida house. I've been going back to your house tour a lot over the past few weeks and planning some tweaks to my own house. I've even been trying to find those umbra tiles for my guest room but can only find them in bronze so I think some spray paint will be in my future.

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