Swedish Saturday

We finally did it. We made the 2.5 hour trek to Ikea to get all the crap we’ve been so desperately needing. I have been planning and scheming for months over this, as I know there probably won’t be another trip in the near future. Luckily we had two friends who accompanied us and helped push our 6 overflowing carts through the checkout line. Four exhausting hours after we’d arrived, we had accomplished our mission and were headed back home.

Ikea.com has a convenient feature where you can tabulate a list of what you will be buying, and it will tell you the stock availability and what aisle and bin number to find the parts at. Here was my list before I went, (not including a few things I wanted to see in person before deciding on):

But here’s what really happened:

This is just receipt #1, because the delivery lady realized they forgot to charge us for half our couch and tacked on another $360. Then $210 for the home delivery charge. So including lunch, it was a nearly $3k day. But it was all necessary and boy am I relieved it’s over and done with. Although next comes all the furniture assembly so I still have that to look forward to. Our boxes will arrive in two Saturdays and I can’t wait.
In the meantime, we were able to bring all the small things home with us. Like my 22 Virserum frames:
Yes, these were all necessary. We have an entire house of empty walls to fill. I would have loved to grab more but Brad was becoming impatient and there was no more room in our carts. These will have to suffice for now.
It is worth mentioning that Ikea isn’t exactly accurate in their color descriptions. Like trying to pass these off as “white”:
Do they not have a word for “ivory” or “off-white” in Swedish? Because that’s what these are. False advertisement. And while they don’t look horrible, they do not match the bright white trim we have throughout the entire house. That wasn’t going to fly, so I sent them off to the garage to face the same fate as many of my less than favorable colored objects: spray paint.
For some reason, the paint was just not sticking. I used almost an entire can, none of which went onto the frames. I feel like they should mention these things in their “Good to know” section on the site, like something to the effect of this would have been nice:
But anyways, it’s okay, because I devised a Plan B: paint it with white semi-gloss and a sponge roller. And guess what? Worked like a charm.



Looking forward to hanging and filling these, slowly but surely…
Changing subjects, here’s another Ikea disappointment: they didn’t have my lamp shade in stock. The one, single lamp shade I needed to match its’ twin on the other side of the bed:



So, I was forced to buy two new ones. And this was the winner:

Not bad, right? It was an extra $10 I didn’t want to spend, but I like these 99% as much as the first, so I can deal.
Here it is in full view:
And here they are together:
Ignore the stark empty wall… I’ve got some exciting DIY projects to fill the space coming soon!
Oh and sort of off topic… I just realized I’ve never posted my bedding up close. I am loving this sheet set I bought at Target:
There’s just something about this pattern that makes me happy… and the color is practically an exact copy of our paint swatch. It was meant to be.
Moving along…
I can proudly reveal one more “finished” area of the house: our breakfast nook. I use the term finished loosely, as we will eventually get new flooring, and we’re adding shelving and countertops up to that space. But for now, it’s looking pretty finished compared to the rest of our house:
Table/chair set: Walmart
Blinds: Amazon
Pendant Light: Lowes
Placemats: Ikea
Plates: Free, courtesy of our generous friends
It has come along way from this just a couple months ago…
There was even more we did today, including sprucing up Brad’s media room with ledge shelving, a new rug, a couple ottomans; hanging a large picture in our living room, and Brad installed Malibu lights in the front yard… but this weekend wore me out and Sunday night HBO is calling. You’ll just have to wait until next week 🙂

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  1. I am a fan of IKEA since I just went with my gf few weekends ago. I love all their organizational items. I just spruced up my office with some and want to go back.

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