Flea market finds, pool parties & pond creatures

Random post title for this random weekend… starting with a trip to the local flea market. I was hoping to find a dresser for our office, but alas, not happening for me.

Instead I found some fun glass mason jars that I will put to good use in upcoming projects. And on the way home we stopped by a yard sale where I scored a metal branch jewelry display, which I will transform with a bit of white paint. Here are the goods… total spent = $4! Can’t beat that.

After our morning flea market trip, we decided to take advantage of the nearly 90 degree temps and throw our first pool party. This was my Saturday afternoon view:


This girl didn’t even need pina coladas to party…

And here’s the party station that kept it all going:

We got to really test out our rock speakers and they didn’t let us down! Even Harry came to the party…

Pic taken earlier, for re-enactment purposes only (he was there, I swear!)

Don’t be too jealous, all you snowed-in northerners… I’m paying for it today in the form of burning lobster skin. Sunscreen… when will I ever learn.

Anyway, I couldn’t help but notice that our big tree had suddenly come to life since I last looked at it:

Just a couple weeks ago it was looking like this:

Crazy how things just come alive with a little warmth.

Speaking of things that are alive… something is lurking in our pond.

Yep… we have a gator.

Brad tried to grab his tail… luckily he still has all his fingers. We’ll see him from time to time—apparently he’s a neighborhood gator who lives in our pond every year during the summer. Should be interesting. Good thing we have no pets.

And finally, the hunt for an office dresser continues. Seems there’s slim pickings on our local craigslist. Even slimmer if you don’t have a vehicle large enough to transport it yourself.

Right now I’m looking at two options… this one made by Child Craft, which has a top that folds out (could be useful since I have to cut large papers on a cutting board sometimes). They’re asking $75, plus $10 to deliver, but I have to drive down there first and have them follow me back. Not the ideal situation.
Then there’s this one for $70. The guy wants $10 to deliver, but he can’t do it until next weekend (if he doesn’t sell it first).
What do you guys think? I’ll be refinishing and putting a fresh coat of white paint on whatever dresser I get, so the condition doesn’t matter much. The size does, however, as it will be fitting inside the closet nook and I will be using the dresser top as a workspace for prepping my prints. Both of these fit the bill.
Hmm, decisions, decisions…. I really hope by next week’s blog post I’ll be posting the “afters”, or at least, an “in progress”, as I can’t function in this disorganized mess of an office any more!