Pillow talk (and a little more)

We have a few new additions to the living room that I am quite happy about.
I had been searching far and wide for the perfect turquoise pillows for the couch with no luck. Every store I’ve been in since September… if they had a pillow section, I was there. If they had a store online, I’ve been there too, on multiple occasions. It finally dawned on me to check one of my favorite sources… etsy, and it was there I found my perfect happy aqua combination.
The light aqua sunburst pillow covers were purchased for $34 shipped from one seller, and I scored the dark turquoise waverly lattice covers from another seller, also for $34. I already had several 20×20 pillows from Ikea that used to live on our patio, so I swapped the covers and now we have a fresh new seating area! So little money for so much happiness… etsy you are my hero.
And to add to my ever-growing turquoise collection… I found this gorgeous vase at Ross for $20 this weekend:
It was a happy accident that I found it. I was waiting on the pool store to open and thought I’d do a quick sweep of the Ross aisles in that time. I was immediately drawn to it… the imperfectly-perfect textured transparent aqua finish brought me back to my childhood days finding sea glass on the beach. I could stare at it for days. So I did. So long until I decided that I deserved to take it home with me. And I did. And all is now right in the world (at least, in my living room).
Not sure if it’s staying in this spot forever, but it fits for now. I like how it’s versatile enough for me to put in just about any room. We’ll see where it goes!


And last but not least… our light saga continues. While I was buying my vase, Brad was back at home installing the last series of LED yard lights on the left side of the house. Our home is finally no longer the dark void in the night you drive by on our street. Score. Now to make it un-pink…

That’s it for tonight. Currently on a mad craigslist hunt for the perfect refinishable dresser to fit in the office, as it’s looking like a tornado hit it. More on that later.
Print winner announced in less than 48 hours… get excited!

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