Birthday Happenings

Today was a good day.

I decided to take the day off work (who wants to work on their birthday??) to do whatever I felt like doing.

Like a mini Ulta/Victoria’sSecret/Forever21 shopping spree.

4 tops and 3 bottoms at Forever 21, all for $77… LOVE this store

And pina coladas by the pool.

And a play date with my baby girl:

Today I feel very fortunate and grateful to be able to enjoy everything that I have. It’s all about the simple things in life. If only every day could be this simple and perfect.

And! I was able to squeeze in another office project.

I was trying to figure out some way to utilize the blank wall above my dresser:

And I quickly discovered that it would be nice to have a place to set my prints after they are cut and waiting to be packaged.

The first thing that came to mind was a small ledge to set them on. So I traveled to Lowe’s and picked up an 8 ft piece of 90′ angled trim (on sale for $2!) that I figured I would cut to size and mount to the wall, like this:

Unfortunately, I realized that there was no way that paper was going to sit up straight without falling over, so I quickly devised a Plan B.

I picked up a bag of clothespins at the dollar store, grabbed a handful and spray painted them white:

And measured out where I would mount them on the support beam for the shelf (which came to 8 clothespins every 7 inches)

All it took was a line of hot glue and they weren’t going anywhere.

And now I have a functional, super cheap and easy place to hang my prints before they are organized and packaged!

By the way, huge thanks to those of you who have made a purchase from my little shop! Your support really means the world to me and makes me hopeful that I can continue and fulfill this dream of mine.

I’m off to enjoy the last few moments of my birthday with my little family… don’t forget to take some time out of your day to enjoy the small things… it will make you a better person 🙂

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  1. Happy Birthday! We just acquired our first cat today, too, and are very excited. I'm also very excited about our Fife print and have been passing around your name to quite a few friends. 🙂

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