I Heart Organizing Feature!

Have you all been to IHeartOrganizing yet?

If not, you should. Jen is the master of all things organized and pretty. She has so many brilliant ideas for keeping your entire house running simply and flawlessly! I showed her my file cabinet alternative project, and today she is sharing it with her readers! I am so honored and hope this will help make a positive difference in someone else’s life like it did for me! Thanks again, Jen!

7 thoughts on “I Heart Organizing Feature!

  1. Hi Sheena,

    I use Adobe Illustrator for my designs, and for these I used a handful of backgrounds I created, measured the binder spine and made the backgrounds to size, added the text (I used one of my favorite fonts called Bodoni Egyptian, it's available for purchase online), printed them out on heavyweight paper and cut them out with an Xacto knife.

    But you know what… you gave me an idea. Since most of you don't have Illustrator to make your own, I would be happy to make some blank ones and include a link here for you all to download them for free. Then you can add your own text.

    Stay tuned, I'll be back in a couple days with the materials for anyone who'se interested in tackling this project!

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