Printable binder templates for your Binder Filing System

Good morning and Happy Friday everyone!

I was so happy to hear that many of you are going to overhaul your filing system to the binder method after IHeartOrganizing featured my story. That is great news!

Someone asked me how I made my binder labels, and I realized that this is not something everyone will be able to easily do (I made mine in a program I use for all of my designs, Adobe Illustrator). I would love to help make things easier for those of you who are taking the plunge, so I’m offering free PDF downloads of the patterns I used for my binders and magazine holder labels!

Let me first explain how to use these files:

-I printed all of mine one 13×19 sheet, because the binders are actually a bit taller than 11″. There are three patterns for 1.5″ binders, and six patterns for 2″ binders. I also printed out three 2″ x 3″ squares for my magazine holders.

-They are all lined up next to each other to reduce the amount of cuts you have to make. I used an xacto knife and ruler to divide mine, but you can use scissors if you have a really steady hand!

-I’ve removed my labels from the background so that you can add your own specific text based on your own needs.

Now, if you don’t have a printer capable of printing 13×19 (or you don’t want to pay Kinko’s/Fedex or your local printer to make the prints), there is still hope. I have divided the labels into three standard 8.5×11″ sheets. On the third sheet I added more 2″x3″ cards that you can use for anything! (And keep in mind you can always print multiple copies of the same sheet if you need more 1.5″ labels or want multiple copies of one pattern!)

After you click on the link to access the PDF, in the left hand corner click on the “File” dropdown menu under Google docs, and select “download original”. Save it to your compter and repeat with the other files you need, and you’re set!

Important: When you go to print these, make sure your printer is set to print at 100% (Do NOT scale to fit page!). This will assure they are the correct sizes to fit in the binder spine. If you have a borderless printer, make sure to checkmark the “borderless” option in your printer settings. If you do not have a borderless printer, the top and bottoms will be slightly cut off but that should be okay!

Also, I would highly recommend printing on some heavy weight paper (cardstock would be perfect). I used heavyweight paper and if it was any lighter, I would have had problems pushing it down the spine without it bunching up. If you use something flat and hard like a ruler to help guide it down, that helps a lot.

Here are the templates:

Click to download a 13×19 sheet with all labels

Click to download 8.5×11″ sheet #1

Click to download 8.5×11″ sheet #2

Click to download 8.5×11″ sheet #3

(psssst… I know it says 8×10 in the PDF names, but they really are 8.5×11″, excuse the brain fart!)

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions! And if you complete the project, I’d love to see pictures and hear your story too!

Be back Sunday with another office closet update 🙂

16 thoughts on “Printable binder templates for your Binder Filing System

  1. Thank you for the templates! Yesterday I went to Michael's perusing their card-stock section wondering if I could find pieces similar to your patterns. But yay now you made it easy!

    I have Illustrator (and the whole CS5 master suite), so if I wanted to add labels would you recommend doing that in Illustrator or another way?

  2. You're so welcome!

    Cristina, the pdf's are completely editable, so you can open them in illustrator to add your text and even change the colors, sizes, etc. 🙂

  3. Josie—yep, you sure can! Just use the text tool and then the transform tool to size them and rotate for each one. Feel free to ask me if you need help and I can walk you through it 🙂

  4. I LOVE your binders!!! Now how do i get my type on there if i don't have photoshop elements is it humanly possible? thanks so much, ps… in case you don't know this is on pinterest where i saw it for the first time! <3 if you'd be so kind to leave me a message or email me i'd really appreciate it, i have so much to clean up lol

  5. Hi Jenna, I adore your binders and I can't wait to try re-creating them like yours! My questions though is the same as Shelley's, I don't have Photoshop elements, and google docs seems to be uneditable. How else would it be possible to be able to label them? Hope you'll be able to help….i'm excited just thinking about it.

  6. I have a mac and it opens with preview, and I can't figure out for the life of me how to edit them. I was wondering if this is just spine inserts or if there is also a front cover insert? I absolutely LOVE these and MUST do this to my school binders by subject! Hopefully you can help me 🙂 I love them!

  7. If you wanted to make your own and your printer is capable of printing on 11×17 or 13×19 paper you can setup word or powerpoint to do those sizes. Just measure the size of your binder and set the page size to that, when you go to print select printer properties and tell it what size paper you have in it and print.
    If you do not have any editing software you might try to save it as a jpg and adding your own text using something like picmonkey or something similar.
    You could also always buy the already printed binders from target/walmart/office depot/staples. Office depot and staples have coupons and sales regularly on their store brand binders, save some money that way!
    I love the idea of using binders, my filing never seems to work and things just get lost. I also recently found a list of how long to keep important papers and plan to purge a lot. I also plan to use my new all in one printer to scan old documents for digital filing and burning cds of each year for backup. They make cd sleeves for binders right? I have a small obsession with binders since making my home management binder for my bills.

    Much love for the inspiration!

  8. Did you get rid of these binder pdf's? The last two aren't working for me for some reason? I love them!

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