Moving right along…

First thing’s first—shout out to all the Moms out there! Hope your Mother’s Day was filled with happiness and love 🙂

And now, onto our big changes! Yes, it deserves an exclamation point, because this is the biggest stuff that’s happened around here since we first moved in and re-did our floors, walls and ceilings.

Let’s start with something I am super excited about… our kitchen reno.

Our cabinet addition arrived on Thursday!

Installation shot:

With the wine fridge:

And stocked with wine and bar glasses:

I am *so* glad we thought to do this because we’ve added so much more counter space to the kitchen, which we desperately needed. And we’ll also get to install some open shelving above it for even more storage.

The counters should be ready by next weekend, and the Lowe’s installer was here Saturday taking the final measurements:

We decided to save ourselves a few hundred bucks and rip out the old counters ourselves. Here’s Brad demonstrating the painstaking process:

Ok, so it wasn’t that painstaking…. but there was some pain involved on Brad’s end…

*Warning: graphic image below*

Yep… that’s blood… the counter attacked Brad’s finger and ripped part of his nail off, trying to get this long piece off:

But all is well, because our backsplash is finally off ready for tile:

We’ll be ripping out the rest of it when they give us the final call the day before the counters are ready. Let’s hope no blood is shed in round 2.

Ok, enough of the kitchen for now…. our house is no longer pink!

Let’s do a little before & after… here is the “Before” pic I snapped last week:

And here is the after!

Originally we had chosen BM’s “Herbal Escape”, but we ended up going with a different painter at the last minute who used Sherwin William’s, so I picked out a similar color called Functional Grey, and I love it!

We also had them repaint the door, here is the not-so-lovely mauve before:

And after:

I chose a dark brownish-greyish-blackish SW color called Urbane Bronze, and I also love it 🙂 All we need is some nice frosted glass to replace the outdated glass and metal pattern and we’ll be set.

But that’s not all because….. we have sprinklers! And grass!

Here’s how the backyard has looked since we’ve lived here:

Half the yard had become a giant dirt patch and we were over it. So Brad went ahead and had a sprinkler system put in, complete with new sod in the back. And it feels like now we finally have a “backyard.”

Now that the big news has been discussed… we had time to squeeze one little project in.

Remember how I transformed our brass handles to oil rubbed bronze with a $3 can of magical Krylon paint?

Well… I had a dirty little secret.

I was too lazy to finish the job and paint all the hinges to match, until last week when I finally had enough of looking at them. So last week I started the long process of removing them, one by one, and scrubbing all the old paint and rust and gunk off to prep them for paint.

After about an hour I was starting to think it just wasn’t worth my time and energy, and I hopped online to research how much I could buy the real thing for.

Surprisingly, they weren’t all that expensive online (I’m sure at HD or Lowe’s they would have been at least twice as much), but I found them for around $2/pc shipped, hardware included, on Amazon. I had about $30 in Amazon gift card credit, so my total came to just under $12 for all 21 hinges. Sweet!

And now we’re all matching and happy…

I think I’ve covered everything that’s happened this weekend… so I’m off to finish this Sunday with some chardonnay and crab legs with the neighbors… have a great week everyone!

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  1. Love all of your updates, everything is coming along very nicely. Love your backyard and your new patio furniture. And the new paint color the exterior of your house looks great. I actually like your glass door now. Ha ha.

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