Goodwill score + gallery wall plans.

Happy 4th! I hope everyone is enjoying sunny warm weather with friends, food & fireworks right about now! I haven’t even stepped foot outside today… or yesterday really for that matter. I’ve been a complete lazy bum. But we did celebrate with our neighbors on Saturday with a bbq and pool party. My neighbor Sue made the most perfect, delicious holiday cake:

I wish I knew how to bake… or cook for that matter, but anyways. While I was pretty much useless this weekend, I did manage to find something I’ve been wanting for a while at the local Goodwill—a white porcelain jar set for our kitchen.

Aren’t they cute?

And here’s the best part…. wait for it….. wait for it…….

Booyeah, 99 cents a piece. That means #4 for the whole set. Sold.

They needed some serious deep cleaning and disinfecting, but they came out looking like new once I was done. So worth it!

I filled them with random items like crystal light drink powders, granola/breakfast bars, tea, and sugar packets.

I have plans to put them on the open shelf we’re going to build eventually, but for now they fit just fine on the counter.

And that is how you shop on a budget. Sadly this was the first time I’ve been to the Goodwill here, but I really need to start going more!

While I was there I also picked up a wooden frame for $2 for my next project—a frame gallery wall. I know that gallery walls are pretty much the hottest thing since NKOTB nowadays, but mine will be different. I’m thinking a frame-only arrangement (as in, bare frames, no pictures)

Something like this:

And this…

I love the abstract look it creates, without becoming a focal point with pictures. It almost blends in with the wall and creates an interesting textured backdrop.
I have a visual in my head that I haven’t seen anywhere else yet, but basically the plan is to collect several random frames, paint them all in shades of pale blue and white (perhaps distressed?), and arrange them in an interesting way on the back wall over our console table in the living room. They will be replacing this old Ikea picture on the right:

I just need to start doing some hardcore craigslisting and yardsaling to get the goods, but this should be a relatively cheap and easy project. And I’m all about cheap and easy these days (ha).

While moping around the house this weekend I also developed a list of other relatively inexpensive projects I can do around here while money is still tight. This is what I came up with:

• Find and distress an old wooden window frame for the fireplace (perhaps turn the window panes into a mirror?)
• Find another single pane window (or something similar) to create a chalkboard to hang in the kitchen (maybe I’ll just build my own)
• Find a round pedastal dining table on the cheap to refinish (I was thinking a pale blue)
• Find a coffee table or chest to refinish (maybe a light natural wood, or pale blue to match the dining table)
• Hang the curtains I bought at ikea months ago in the sunroom
• Paint the old wood side tables white (our neighbor gave them to us months ago and they’ve been sitting in the sunroom and man cave, bugging me with their orangeness)
• Install the Ikea kitchen rail we just bought (we need to come up with a creative way to mount it since we can’t drill into our glass tile).

As you can see that should be enough to keep us busy for a while… hopefully until Brad’s new business gets going and we can get back to spending the big bucks.

It’s still frustrating and difficult for me to watc
h a weekend go by with no changes being made, but at least it’s not as hectic around here I suppose… and I am forced to focus on all the little things I’ve been putting off.

One day at a time…

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  1. Ooh I like that inspiration pic of the frames within frames! Cute! Sounds like you've got plenty to keep you occupied. I just bought a vintage window to paint and distress to go on my mantel as well 🙂 Love the idea!

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