My free handwritten font!

Let’s continue with the “free stuff” theme here… why not.

I’m slightly obsessed with typography (it’s my favorite part of design!), so making my own font has always been on my radar of things to do. I finally started the process a little while ago and have been finalizing on my first creation… a spin-off on my handwriting.

Well, it’s finally ready! I figured I’d share it with you all, because who doesn’t love a free font? Especially a good handwritten one complete with numbers and punctuation. I’m always on the lookout for those.

Here’s my font preview:

You can download it (for free!) here.

UPDATE: There won’t be any modifications to this font (sorry, international friends!) but I am working on a new similar font which will have a complete character set with lots of glyphs. Keep checking back for the official release!

UPDATE 2: Yep, I’ve already submitted it to Google fonts!

While we’re on the subject of type… I recently had a customer ask me to design her a poem for a friend’s baby shower (she’s having a little girl named Eleanor). I had so much fun with it and she was so pleased with the results, I decided to turn it into a template for my shop! Here’s how hers turned out:

Isn’t it such a thoughtful gift? I think her friend will love it! You can find the new (completely customizable) design here.

Well, I’m off to bed… our AC just broke and it’s about 100 degrees inside with 200% humidity… I think it’s causing my computer to malfunction… along with my brain… I might have to sleep in the pool tonight… hurry up 3-day weekend!

31 thoughts on “My free handwritten font!

  1. Absolutely LOVE this poem AND the font. Thank you for sharing! Stopping by from iHeart Organizing!


  2. I know this is a dumb question–sorry!–but after I download it, how do I use it? I saved it but can't figure out how to use it in word.

  3. I LOVE this font! I am trying to use in on my blog right now but there is an issue with the ascenders and descenders and they don't show correctly 🙁 any thoughts? I am using an HTML hosting site to host the fonts. thanks again- looking forward to using it!!

    [email protected]

  4. hello i´m using this font for my coffee shop i´m live in colombia, i don´t speak english, here we use checkmark or accent on the vocals… but they aren`t visible when i try to write. ¿can u help me please? my name is gerardo. thank you.

  5. I finally figured out a simple way of turning Jenna Sue into a web font for blog and website use. I'm emailing you the steps so you can share with your readers!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing it! Discovered this font via brandi carlile website. Ecstatic that it is free since I'm a just a student. It doesn't hurt that it also looks amazing 🙂

  7. So, I found this font and I'm completely in LOVE with it! Do you know if I can download it as a WordPress Plugin so I can use it on my web site?

    Thanks for your help and your beautiful designs!


  8. Thanks,

    Just wanted to stop in and say thank you for the font and for the fact that you choose to provide it free and to the people.

    We used it in a few places in our website.

    Much appreciated,
    Olmec Apparel

  9. Jenna, although it is wonderful that you included punctuation, I would love to know if there is a version with accents. I am in the French part of Canada and we need to write with accents. Thanks

  10. Does anyone have the link to this font in Google Fonts? It's absolutely beautiful and really want to incorporate it into my blog.

  11. Hi, Jenna!

    I just wanted to let you know I just found out about you. Suddenly I landed to your blog (through a photo of your sunroom) and totally knew it had to be you who had made the Jenna Sue font, one of my absolute favorites!!!! I love it so much!!!!

    Greetings from Mexico!

  12. Thank you! This is just like my handwriting. I particularly love the uppercase “J” and “S” and of course the &.

  13. We have recently adapted Jenna sue for our preschool brand we love it. However we have ñ and we don’t see the Jenna sue supports the tilde. Can you add this to the font? Desperate

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