foyer board and batten

Foyer Board & Batten Reveal

Whew, we made it through through another wall treatment project! And this one might be my favorite yet.

Rewind back to last weekend, when we began the project assuming it would be complete the next day (yeah right). This is where we were at on Sunday:

So yesterday we (well, more like just me) got back to work. The final two boards went in and it was time to patch all the holes and seams. This is normally the most annoying part because not everything fits together perfectly because the walls are never straight. So I took my time and did my best, using putty on all the hail holes and wood-to-wood seams, and caulk where the boards met the wall:


Then it was just hours of sanding and trying to make everything even and seamless.

After the sanding, while I was letting the caulk dry, it was time to paint.

I was forced to repaint the entire top half because there were some imperfections where the wall met the trim from the first time it was painted, and we ran out of the original paint color. So I picked up a quart of Valspar’s Magic Spell (the original paint was color matched to this) and crossed my fingers that the paint would be an exact match…

But alas, it was not. The real Magic Spell is the slightly lighter/greyer shade on the right. It didn’t take long, however, and pretty soon I was ready to paint the bottom.

After about 10 coats (seriously) of Behr’s paint + primer…

It was done!

Oh, and if you were wondering how we solved this PITA situation…

Let’s just say it took some sculpting skills, but I think I remedied the situation pretty well (for an amateur)

We still need to add the base shoe and grout the tile area so ignore the gnarliness at the bottom as it will be covered.

Anyway, back to the reveal!

Here’s the foyer freshly painted and ready to be re-accessorized:

Before I show the final after… let’s take a quick trip down memory lane to the Original Before:

Metallic floral wallpaper… gotta love it.

The interim:

And now, the After:

The wall tiles are from Amazon.

I purchased the light from Overstock, but it’s no longer available (see more on that here).

The prints on the right are 11.5×11.5″, framed inside Ikea’s $20 Virserum frames, found here. Prints can be customized and ordered in any size, here and here.

These are 12×16 prints inside Ikea’s $17 Virserum frames, found here. The prints can be customized and purchased in any size, here and here.

The hooks were purchased at either HD or Lowe’s (can’t remember which, sorry!)

A COMPLETE HOUSE SOURCE LIST (including paint colors) can be found here!

There will still be one more After in this foyer’s transformation, when we replace the glass with a solid frosted panel. Not sure when we’ll go ahead and pull the trigger on that, but it’s in the works.

And that does it for this weekend! I’m quite excited about next weekends project… it’s sitting in the garage right now:

Ahhh… it’s the pedastal table I’ve been dreaming about for months and months. We’ll finally be able to fill this empty hole in our dining area….

Get excited.

79 thoughts on “Foyer Board & Batten Reveal

  1. You've done an amazing job. I've been thinking about doing this for my daughter's room/nursery, but I'm a little worried it will be overwhelming to her smallish-room. I have a pedastal table that I've painted once but want to redo…I can't decide between white or black, so I'm looking forward to see what you do to yours.

  2. hello! i'm new to your blog and your home is just lovely. you may have posted this somewhere but what color of paint did you use for your foyer and the wall that has the framed print “no place like home”? thanks.

  3. it looks so great. and you were so smart to caulk it before painting 🙂 We did our dining room and I did not think we would need caulk bc of the white paint. uh…yeah…so we ended up having to do yet ANOTHER coat of paint after caulking 🙂 LOVE IT!

  4. Your house is beautiful! I know you bought the tile for your entry from Lowe's. What is the brand and color of the tile?

  5. I love the framed art and signs. Did you do them yourself? I really wish I was more creative especially when I see how beautiful your home looks. 🙂

  6. Ok… so now I feel like a total dummy. I just saw a link to your store and your prints. I'm totally going to bookmark your store and check back next summer when we plan on moving into a new home! Thanks

  7. That's so adorable! I love the molding! I also think that a cute little bench with some baskets underneath would be perfect for the little extras or hide the shoes away 🙂

  8. Love that you were featured over at YHL.. cause I have been missing out not knowing about your blog!! 🙂 Great job, and I love that you showed a close up of the before and after of caulking, cause I totally was thinking of skipping that step.. lol not now!

  9. It's beautiful! Although my OCD-self would've centered the doormat with the whole door (I don't know if that makes sense) at least for the picture.
    I love the board & batten treatment you did!

  10. Where did you get the six white sculptural items you have hung on the left? I love those and need some art for my hall!

  11. Your entry is identical to ours. I am definitely going to go this route. Curious about your walls, though. Are they textured? Does this look funny with the smooth vertical & horizontal pieces? I wasn't sure if we could get away with painting the walls or if we'd need to install some smooth, thin sheets of wood. Thanks for the help!

  12. Go for it, Emily! We actually got lucky in that department, all of our walls are smooth drywall. There is no texture difference. if you have a lot of texture, I'd probably add the boards to smooth it out (a la Centsational girl). Extra work but should be worth it in the end!

  13. LOVE it. I'm dying to know about your floors. Hardwood or laminate? What brand/color are they? I'm looking to replace my floors and this really fits my vision. Thanks!

  14. Love this entry way!! I have the same entry, maybe the same house plan so this is incredibly helpful! Great job!

  15. I am sure you are getting a lot of hits today via YHL but I am going through all your old posts and you are my new favorite! You have such great taste and are doing a ton of stuff that I am just in the beginning stages of *thinking* about doing to our new home! I am so glad I found you as I know you'll be a great resource!!

  16. Your entrance is beautiful! I'm so so impressed! And I love your rustic flooring, what kind is it?

    I'm your newest follower! I hope your stop by my blog and follow back!

  17. I found you on YHL, love this reveal! While you are waiting to do frosted glass in your door, can you apply a product that mimics it. I recently did this on my front door. I found it in Home Depot, it's like a vinyl wallpaper but in different opacities. I have had mine on for 2 years with no issues. It was pretty easy to apply – using dish soap and water and a squeegee. People often comment on my frosted glass. Just a thought, it looks super as is!

  18. I LOVE this!! And I'm totally stealing when I redo my kitchen and eliminate my separate entry. The paint color on top I'm probably goin to steal first for my interim kitchen update.

  19. Came over here from YHL – Your entry way is amazing!

    I love all of the prints, so I checked out your Etsy shop – It's fantastic! I love the world map, utensils and wild animal prints! You've got serious talent!

  20. Hey, would you please share the paint color you actually used on the board and batten? I know you said it was Behr paint & primer, but I did not see the color name listed. Thanks!!!!

  21. Also, my husband wanted me to ask if you attached the vertical boards into studs and if not how did the boards stay secure with finishing nails?

  22. Jessica – it was just off the shelf white. Some of the boards made it into studs, but it really isn't necessary. They were sandwiched pretty well between the top and bottom boards, and once the seams were caulked and painted, they weren't going anywhere!

  23. We think your foyer looks great. We're looking to do the same thing in our mud room, and were wondering what thickness the vertical and horizontal pieces you used are? You didn't post the materials and measurements you used.
    Great job all around on your projects!

  24. Love every thing! Question the boards used on the corners of the walls from ceiling to floor, what are they called and where did you purchase? Can't get enough…

  25. Your foyer looks absolutely amazing! I have a little area that I definitely want to trasnform using some hooks and shelving. Love your blog 🙂 And BTW, that light fixture was on Joss & Main the other day… so I looked on Wayfair and they have it now, if any of your readers want to buy. Except they've doubled the price, it's about $115 now! You got a steal!

  26. Hi Jenna, my name is Brittany 🙂 Love the tutorial, amazing job! I am about to do this for my church in there nursery. So exited!! So they don't have flat walls they are textured, I was wondering if you think it would look bad with the texture? I want to put wood backing up behind the mdf boards but its alot of extra work and money for the church. Just wanted to know your opinion!


  27. I think it definitely looks better with smooth walls, but I've seen it done with it textured walls and it's still better than nothing! If you don't think the extra work is worth it to you, I would still go ahead with just the trim part.

  28. Yeah that what I figured. I would not mind the extra work at all, but its just not in the budget sad to say. But I will tell you how it turns out and maybe email you some pictures! Your tutorial gave me the inspiration, it turned out so great!

    Thanks so much for your help Jenna!

  29. Very pretty! Great job joining the two baseboard styles. DAP and paint can hide a multitude of sins… I was referred to your blog by Ainhoa (A little bit of everything) when she saw our board and batten entry – it reminder her of yours. Glad to find your blog!

  30. A COMPLETE HOUSE SOURCE LIST link is broken or something. Can you repost? Im mostly wondering what your measurements were, for example how high is the chair rail from the floor and how far apart are the vertical slats? are both the top and bottom horizontal boards 1x4s?

  31. The baseboards in your dining room look different from your foyer, did you use the existing baseboards in the dining room and just add a lip to the top to create a smooth transition to the batten?


  32. Is the horizontal board that is holding the hooks 1×4? The link was not working for the dimensions. Thanks!!

  33. I love this entryway. We have almost the same exact entryway in our 1960’s rambler. I was wondering if you could send me/post the link to the technical details used for the board and batten? Whenever I try to click on the link it brings me to your clawfoot tub DIY. Thank you!

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