Thanksgiving Love + Wreath

Today I am thankful.

The windows are open, a cool breeze drifting through the house, cider mulling on the stove, holiday candles burning, sweet kitty in my lap, classic jazz on Pandora. Today is good. Life is good.

I can’t put into words how grateful I am to be where I am today. Just a year ago we were still unpacking, and while I’m still 3000 miles away from family and missing them like crazy, today it feels like home.

In the spirit of the season, I’ve made my first holiday-ish project.

Remember these?

They turned into this:

I spotted this wreath online a couple weeks ago and had to have it. I was aching for a crafty project, and this fit the bill.

It took a few nights to complete, but it was worth it (as long as it doesn’t get destroyed by the rain!)

There are lots of blogs with tutorials, but the easiest explanation on how to make the roses was from here.

Once they were made, I needed to find my wreath base.

I ran to Michaels to pick up a foam wreath… but they were all small and squared off, like this:

So I headed to Hobby Lobby… and it was the same thing. Then I spotted this hay wreath in a pile of leftover halloween/fall items…

It was round, larger, and just $5 compared to $12 for the foam one. Score.

I wrapped it in the same old book pages as the roses for my base…

And proceeded to glue all my paper roses… for hours. Sorry, no pics of this process… hard to arrange and snap pics with one hand before the hot glue dries.

In the end, I had this:

I picked up some $3 ribbon to hang the wreath from, and added a bow:

Ta-da! $8 wreath.

Time to tend to some drinks & appetizers… but first, I’m giving some love back to my customers who helped me make it this far. Someone will win a free print by leaving a comment on my facebook page.

Have a warm, happy, thankful day.

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