One year.

It’s been exactly one year since that day I started this blog, and here I am in the same house, on the same couch, overlooking the same sky and mountains. I knew this past year would be something worth documenting, but I never could have imagined this. I still feel as if I’m living in a dream each day I wake up, and I just hope that feeling never fades… it’s what drives me to work harder and reach even higher.

I’ve had an amazing week filled with family, food, wine, dance parties, music nights, Yosemite trips, tea parties, goat walks, catching up with friends and new babies, midday bar outings, football games (go niners!) and lots of love.
Tomorrow we spend the day making the 3000 mile trek back home, back to our kitty, back to work. I’m just about ready to pull the trigger on a new wide angle lens so I can get some proper After shots of the bathroom, and with the holiday shopping season over, I’ll finally have time to jump back into new house projects. Hopefully 2012 will be just as fulfilling and exciting as this year was… who knows where we’ll end up in a years time—I can’t wait to begin the next leg of this journey.
Merry Christmas and Cheers to the new year!

2 thoughts on “One year.

  1. Happy New year Jenna It was so good to see you both and the print you did for my Grandma was amazing! Love you lots and we are serious about the Bahamas asap! xoxo

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