Friday Favorites: Pillows!

Pillow shopping is one of my favorite pastimes. But if you love this hobby as much as I do, you know it can be frustrating at times to find that perfect shade or pattern at your typical brick and mortar stores. And specialty online stores can get expensive.

Enter Etsy… pretty much the solution to everything.

Today I’m actually featuring a few shops, because I just couldn’t decide. (no, these shops did not pay me. They have no idea who I am.)

I love the selection, price and quality of diypillows.

Last year I picked up a set of two 20×20 covers in a teal lattice for the living room (the one on the right):

It’s held up great after several washes, and for $34 shipped for the pair I couldn’t be happier!

Here are some of my other favorites:

This next shop I recently discovered: Fabric Junkie. The prices are just as reasonable, and the selection is even larger. I don’t even need any more pillows… but I’m eyeing this one for our bedroom (only $12!):

Elemeno Pillows has hundreds of styles in stock… including these beauties:

I love all of the fun colors and patterns they have to offer—you really can’t beat the price either!

There you have it. Affordable, cute pillows in any color and style to match your space.

I’ll be back soon with a DIY wooden sign tutorial!

One thought on “Friday Favorites: Pillows!

  1. Hi Jenna Sue,

    I found your blog via YHL. Your entryway looks fabulous and I'm enjoying reading about your other projects.

    I am a junkie and I had to laugh at this post because I recognized all the fabrics and have used many of them in my home.

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