Easy DIY Coffee Table

Ready for the easiest project ever?

I was at a loss when it came to what I should use for a coffee table for our sunroom.

Here is the space I had to work with…

I didn’t want anything too big or in the way, and something portable/moveable was important as I was picturing game nights with people scattered across the room who would need easy access.

At first I was going to use two of these:

Then I realized how small they were, and opted for one as a side table instead.

Then I hopped on pinterest and found this:


…and I fell madly in love. My search was over.

That particular coffee table was made from an old door, which isn’t the easiest thing to stumble upon here… so I remembered another pin I had bookmarked:


and I decided I’d recreate the look for the top.

Off to Lowe’s I went to gather my materials.

I grabbed four casters ($10/ea), had five 2×6 whiteboards cut to 4 feet long, and a piece of 3′ x (just under) 4′ plywood. Total cost: $70.

After doing some measuring, I realized the table would be a bit low for my liking, so I grabbed a leftover 4×4 post we had from our deck project to use as legs.

After cutting the legs, I added a bit of stain (Minwax’s Ebony, as always) to the wood.

I almost considered skipping this step, because much of this wood was naturally a soft grey color which is what I was aiming for. I never even knew this type of wood existed… but it’s only in the 2″ thick wood section. I’ll be shopping in in that area lot more now!

After a light coat of stain…

I brushed a light coat of plain white paint on everything and let it dry:

I came back a bit later and lightly sanded to let the wood show through until I was pleased with the look.

Next it was time to attach the wheels to my legs. I used some regular wood screws and washers to hold them in:

Easy peasy.

Then I attached each leg to the corner of my plywood board (this step required both of my hands so no mid action shots).

Finally, it was time to secure the plywood to the bottom of the boards.

I flipped the boards down, lined them up, and centered my base over them:

I couldn’t find any 2.5″ screws, so I just nailed them in:

And it was done:

Here’s a side view:

The entire project took about 2 hours… including waiting for the stain and paint to dry. I wish all projects were this easy!

I’m just loving it in this space…

Today I’m in the middle of building a consol
e table for the corner of the room, which has proven to be a bit more challenging. I ended up changing around my plans for the walls last night, too… all that to come in the next post!

P.S., guess where my font is right now?

It’s also on the cover of this month’s Cosmo in Australia… a copy is on its way to me right now. Pretty cool, eh?

31 thoughts on “Easy DIY Coffee Table

  1. Great coffee table! You make it look so easy. I'm thinking about making a console table for our front hall and I'm going to try your tabletop method for that to give it a more textured look. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Looks great! Quick question though…how exactly did you attach the legs to the plywood? I know you said you didn't have any shots to show but what did you use?

  3. I just saw your sunroom on House of Turquoise. I absolutely love it. I have a similar sunroom and have been scratching my head trying to figure out what to do with it. Hope you don't mind if I copy yours to a T (just kidding..maybe 😉

    Seriously, you did a great job and I am a new follower. Love your style.

  4. Oh, go for it! It took me over a year to figure out how to arrange this space… very difficult with such a long and narrow room with windows and doors everywhere.

  5. I adore the colors and textures in your space, as well as this fabulous DIY. My favorite element of your room is the flooring. Do you love it? Would you use this flooring again? Is it the kind of flooring that works best in small spaces, or could it be used for an entire family room? Thanks for posting!

  6. I have been eyeing a very similar coffee table in Wisteria for the kids TV room but it was made of metal and well, sounded a bit dangerous! THANK YOU! This is perfect!!!!

  7. The gap would be pretty narrow with the small legs I used, but I don't see a problem with securing the plywood/boards directly to the casters, and then adding legs, and then another set of plywood & boards. You'd just have to make sure the legs are super secure so nothing is wobbly 🙂

  8. Sorry Jenna, One more thing, do you think this same design could be altered to have the posts (legs) be longer say 12″ or so? i would like my coffee table a but higher….

  9. Great Idea! I would love to try this. I was just curious… what were the final dimensions? Was it low? Or is it about standard coffee table height? I am hoping it would fit nicely with our sectional sofa and not look too small, or be too low. Thanks.

  10. It's pretty low but it worked for us in that room which was more of a casual space. You should be able to make the legs taller and/or use larger casters!

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