Sunroom Reveal!

The day has finally arrived… our sunroom is DONE!

It’s been five long weeks of work… let’s do a quick recap.

The befores:

Before we bought the house:


After we threw some furniture in:


Phase 1: Building a secret cat outhouse:

built in cat outhouse
built in cat outhouse

Phase 2: Tearing out the ceiling panels, adding insulation and a new humidity resistant drywall ceiling (with recessed speakers and lights)

humidity resistant drywall

Phase 3: ‘Wood’ tile flooring


Phase 4: Building the beds, coffee table and console table


Phase 5: Accessorizing

Compass and Coordinates Nautical Art
Art can be purchased here and here

And that is where we left off last.

Now that we’re all up to speed…. I present to you, our finished Sunroom:

Disclaimer: No, I did not place my cat there for staging purposes. That is “her spot” and she can always be found either right there or in my lap. She put up a fight when I tried to make her move so I could take these, lol.

turquoise etsy pillows

I am beyond happy with these pillows. I purchased 14 (double sided!) custom covers from Etsy seller FestiveHomeDecor, in various sizes ranging from 16×24 to 26×26 for $295 shipped. The selection, quality and service were amazing. You won’t find a better pillow shop on Etsy… I’ve looked!

Both the lantern and table started out as black… <3 spray paint

These baskets are my new favorite thing:

I had been looking everywhere for some wire baskets that were the perfect size to tuck neatly underneath this narrow console table, when I stumbled across these bicycle baskets on Ebay. The look and size were perfect, and they even combined shipping and got them to me within 3 days so I could have them in time for my party. Couldn’t be happier!

And this chair cover…

Holy crap.

Can you believe I managed to put this together with some hemming tape and an iron?

It took me 9 straight hours… but I pulled it off somehow. Surely my biggest accomplishment to date. *pats self on back*

I originally didn’t include a cost breakdown since there were so many random trips to the hardware store for miscellaneous things that I know I forgot to record, but I racked my brain to come up with this list for you:

Cat Outhouse: 75
New ceiling + insulation: 921
Floor tile: 756
Floor tile installation: 430
Lighting/wiring: 70
Misc. electrical: 45
Fan: 137
Paint/tape/caulk: 51
Beds + mattresses: 700
Sheets, pillows, bedding: 215
Pillow covers: 295
Metal side table: 35
Spray paint: 15
Rug: 30
Blue lanterns: 20
Coffee table: 70
Console table: 20
Chair slipcover: 85
Curtains/rods: 100
Baskets: 40
Vase + flowers: 20
Ballpark Total: $4130-ish. I would say $4200 would be safe for the small misc. stuff I’m missing.

Apparently $4200 is the magic number for us… our kitchen, master bathroom, and now sunroom renos were all right around this number. Strange! But I’ll take it.
That pretty much covers it! Right now this is everyone’s favorite room in the house. Summer is around the corner and we’ll be spending most of our time out here enjoying the weather. In fact… I took those after shots about 5 minutes before our official summer kick off party began yesterday.


Looking forward to many more this summer!

This room has been featured on House of Turquoise, Centsational Girl, Hooked on Houses and Young House Love!

124 thoughts on “Sunroom Reveal!

  1. This is so amazing – I'm really impressed! I love the shot of the kitty peepin' over the edge of the “sofa.” Greetings from Atlanta. 😉

  2. Oh my, this is so beautiful! I love all the colors and how you put it all together. I hope to have a room like that someday, I'd never leave it. 🙂

  3. Love the sunroom! It's so pretty and looks like the most relaxing place to hang out and enjoy the nice weather. I can almost feel the breeze…thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Saw this on House of Turquoise and had to tell you what a fantastic job you did! Love the floors and the infusion of turquoise, job well done!

  5. Oh I LOVE the look of this room! So relaxing and comfy looking 🙂

    Just out of curiosity… do you remember where you got that rug from? I'm looking for something similar and haven't been able to track down much that I like.

  6. Oh I LOVE the look of this room! So relaxing and comfy looking 🙂

    Just out of curiosity… do you remember where you got that rug from? I'm looking for something similar and haven't been able to track down much that I like.

  7. Love the room!! Beautiful. We too have a room that was once a patio in our home and has been converted in to a sunroom. In your before shot it looks like that old carpet was laid right over the patio – with slight downslope (like ours as is per usual with a patio). How did you level out the floor in order to put down those tiles? Our floor is our biggest obstacle to moving forward on this room!

  8. Hi,
    I'm new to your blog, having found it by accident while I was doing some research. First of all, I love your redone sunroom but what I really wanted to say was that your little black cat is super adorable!! Great job with all the renovations to date. Consider me a new follower.

  9. I just downloaded your JennaSue earlier this week and I love it. Then, today I was on Centsational Girl and saw your gorgeous sunroom. Love you font, this room and your style! I'm revealing my new screened in porch this week too!

  10. Love it! I've been thinking about adding a sunroom to my home. This was more motivation to look into before summer is in full swing. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Wow, awesome job! I love that “wood” tiling, have been thinking of using it eventually in our bathrooms. You're a big inspiration for me to get off my duff and redo our sunroom (we just bought our house last July). We live in Denver, CO and I hope with a redo, we'll use the sunroom for eating dinner and hanging out more (right now it's more like a garden shed/area to paint things).

  12. I am new to your blog. The sun room is stunning. And I must admit your sweet cat makes the [pictures just perfect. She adds the mos beautiful contrast in many of the pictures!! 🙂

  13. Your sunroom is just beautiful. I added one to my house 3 yrs ago and I live on it all yr long. I love ur wood tiles I wish I had those instead of the boring ties I have out there now. I have put a a bistro table and chairs on mine and I eat there everyday, can't tell u when the last time I ate in my dining room. My cats have love my room also from day one. I can go out there at any giving time and there will be at least 3 cats lounging around.

  14. This is such a pretty room! Do you know where you got the side table that you spray painted? I've been looking for something similar that I can spray paint coral!

  15. Our tile installer never mentioned anything about the floor being unlevel. If it is, you really can't tell! The sunroom was an addition so they may have leveled it out beforehand.

  16. Heck yes! Hello fabulous sunroom! 😀 This place is a perfect spot for relaxation. You, your family and your friends can enjoy the natural sunlight. This place is wide and I’m sure you’re gonna enjoy different activities in here. Oh wait, looks like you already did, and it seems like you all had a lot of fun. May you have many more memories to come in this beautiful sunroom! This looks awesome!

    Kip Whitehead

  17. Planning on getting these beds for my daughters beachy bedroom. Love the total look-gorgeous!! Where did you get the tuquoise covers for the daybeds?? That is the exact color I am looking for!! Are they fitted sheets?? Thanks so much for the inspiration!!

  18. The sunroom looks oh-so perfect! I bet it would be nice to sit on that couch along with your family after a long day at work. Yes, it does feel relaxing. I can already feel it just by thinking about it! By the way, how long did it take they to finish your sunroom?

  19. I love everything about this space. I have to say this seems like the perfect hang out spot!! I am definitely checking out that pillow shop too.

  20. So many details I love, but I wanted to ask about the mirror. Where is that from please? Gorgeous reno!!!

  21. Wow – that all turned out really well. You'll have to change the tagline at the end to include having been featured by Young House Love now too! 🙂

    The decor is amazing, but I have another question…we also have a little black cat[Molly Fuzz] and she is extremely hard to capture in photos. Most of mine turn out with just a black blur [in action shots] or a black undefined image in stills.

    I've found it difficult to get decent pictures of her at almost any level of light exposure and had pretty much resigned myself to the possibility that perhaps black cats don't photograph well, but you have proven otherwise here. Any helpful hints to share?

    Erica F

  22. Love how you transformed this space, and really impressed with how much you can do for under 5k! I do love the prints you used and was wondering where you found them? I'm trying to work a travel theme in the bedroom and would love a “you are here” with our longitude and latitude on it. Thanks!

  23. Hmm… I usually photograph with a lower aperture (4.0ish) and a relatively fast shutter speed because I don't usually use a tripod. Lots of light helps, so the sunroom photos all had a pretty fast shutter speed which didn't allow time for blurring. She should be nice and in focus with enough light and a fast-ish (at least 1/50) SS. Hope this helps!

  24. Simply delightful, please share the color and brand of spray paint used for the side table from Target. Thanks!!

  25. LOVE the room!!! You have a fantastic eye for detail! I am actually thinking about buying the daybeds you have and am wondering how you like them. I sure love the look of them and they would fit perfect in my guest bedroom. Are they comfortable to sleep on? Were they okay to put together? Any other thoughts you might have on them would be very appreciated!

    Thanks so much!

  26. Greetings from NE Alabama. I came over from Young House Love to see the sunroom in all its glory. Love the cat outhouse, the coffee table, the wood tile – it all came together beautifully for you. Congratulations.

    Barbara H.

  27. The comfort level will depend on the type of mattress you choose. Ikea offers several. We went with a mid-range model, but it's still very comfy. My sisters visited and slept there for a week and they loved them. Brad and I have both taken naps on there too and we are definitely happy with our choice! They were a pain to put together, but so is anything that large from Ikea 🙂 Still worth it!

  28. It does! Thank you so much and I appreciate you taking the time to write back.

    Best regards,
    Erica F

  29. Thanks for your thoughts, Jenna Sue! I greatly appreciate it! I believe they were a pain to put together and I totally agree that that happens with pretty much anything from Ikea! =).

    Have a great weekend!


  30. Found you through Young House Love….this room is GORGEOUS! I love how light and airy it is, and all of your accessories are just perfect. I love the little “kitty outhouse” too, so smart! New follower here 🙂


  31. Thank you so much and one more question if you don't mind. I've been wanting to build an outdoor table with large casters and they are so expensive. Did you find a good deal and if so, where, please?

  32. curious– how did you decide which way to lay the floor? was it materials based or just the unexpected factor? love the room!

  33. Good question– I originally wanted to lay them the long way but realized the flooring in our house runs the other way. We wanted everything to flow so we ran them the short way.

  34. A little off topic, but what color is the console table in your living room (next to the ladder)? I've got a space that needs that touch of color!!


  35. Sorry I saw the post afterwards but thanx so much. I went to Ikea, which isn't too often, and actually found some there. I hope to build the table this week. 🙂

  36. Newly constructed sunrooms and conservatories need an initial “drying out” period because water vapors remain undetectable while floating in warm air. When they do make contact with cold surfaces like windows, mirrors, and tiles, condensation will occur and the vapor turns to water droplets. So to reduce the possibility of condensation, it is advisable to provide natural ventilation whenever possible by opening a door or window, reducing the watering of plants, and keeping kitchen and bathroom doors closed.

  37. Hi Jenna—I saw this room on Young House Love a few months ago and fell hard for the flooring! We are about to do a thin strip of tiling in front of a bar area (8'x18″) and I want to use this… however, I'm having a hard time locating it. Did you find it locally, or purchase it online somewhere? I think I'm going to have trouble getting a single box shipped since most online tile resources have a minimum quantity, but any direction would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  38. You did an AMAZING job!!! I wish I had a space like this at my house, it would definitely be my favorite room!!! Do you have a tutorial that shows how you made the slipcover? I need to make a slipcover for a loveseat that we have in our home office


  39. I purchased it locally at a great store that has a wide variety. I would probably try a local place, and if they don't have it, see if they can special order it!

  40. Thanks! No tutorial unfortunately… it took me *forever* and I basically just measured and cut and winged it as best as I could. I assumed it would be a disaster but luckily it doesn't look half bad. Good luck if you're brave enough to attempt it!

  41. I LOVE your sunroom and am currently using it as inspiration for mine 🙂 I also would love so e affordable white curtains for the space. Did you get yours from Ikea or is there another option? Thanks!

  42. Hi Jenna Sue! You inspired me to paint my office ceiling this lovely blue! Quick question – what is the wall color you have (the white)? I'm looking for a good white to go with the tropical mist. 🙂

  43. Hey Alexandra! The walls were already painted when we moved in so I don't have the name, but I always just use a standard bright white and it works great!

  44. Hi Jenna,
    Your sunroom looks marvelous and the combination of white and Aqua paint oh… I like it most. What a nice Combination.!! I’m so glad to found this blog because I’ve much confusion about my sunrooms wall paint but now I’m relax. It’s so pretty.

  45. Hello!

    Love your sunroom! I have a question regarding the Brimnes daybed packaging- were they easy to transport home? I am looking into getting one, but I'm not sure if it will fit in my small SUV.


  46. We had ours delivered from Ikea so I really have no idea—sorry! I think it says the package dimensions in the details on their site though.

  47. Hi!! This is truly beautiful! Do you know what the name of the fabric is that was used for the blue striped pillows?

  48. I love love love the sunroom! I have one similar to your before, blinds, carpet, but its a toy room for my 2 and 6 year old. your room now is something I think I could work with having kids in as well. toys in the drawers and where your chaor is I could still have their cubbies. ahhhhhhh I love it I keep looking back at it. and I alrady have 4 pillows I could use on the beds 😉 such an inspiration thanks for sharing! love love love all your projects!!!!!!!!!

  49. what are the measurments of your room? I wrote yesterday too about the sunroom but it comes up anonymous bc idk how to sign on…. thanks! tammy

  50. I could read a dictionary in that room because it's not the book in that room, it's the most peaceful, zen, Serenity filled room I've seen. I just want to sit in it & feel the aura. superb!!!!!

  51. That is such a beautiful sunroom! Did you work on it yourselves or did you hire a contractor? I'm looking to do something like this in the near future. I don't know if I have the magic touch like you do, but I'm definitely going to borrow some of your ideas if you don't mind! Thanks so much for sharing this!

  52. I am loving the tile floor for this sunroom! We are also in CA, where did you source the tiles? The company is in Minnesota, did you ship them in or find them at a Cali retailer? Please advise…

    Also really dig the colored ceiling. Excellent way to keep it bright and color infused!

  53. I am loving the tile floor for this sunroom! We are also in CA, where did you source the tiles? The company is in Minnesota, did you ship them in or find them at a Cali retailer? Please advise…

    Also really dig the colored ceiling. Excellent way to keep it bright and color infused!

  54. I think that his sun room turned out so great. It is exactly the style that I love and so I think that if I were to have a sun room this is what it would look like. My favorite part of the entire thing is the industrial coffee table. I love how the wheels add such a different and fun element to the entire room. If my husband and I ever built our own home, I am pretty sure that I would add a sun room in. How have you liked yours since you moved in your home? Have you used it a lot?

  55. Thank you so much for posting. I am thinking about getting 2 of the Brimnes daybeds from Ikea for my soon to be 2 and 5 year old. We want them to share a room and I think space wise it would work best to put the beds in the corner like you have yours. That way we’ll have more room for toy storage and play! However, my question to you is if you are satisfied with the Ikea mattress that you bought. I am unsure if I want to go with them or not. I’d appreciate it if you could tell me what you do and don’t like about them. Also, how hard is it to find sheets? After comfort I’m really concerned about that. Thank you!!!

    1. The mattresses were the best part of that purchase. They are super comfortable and worth more than the beds! I’m pretty sure they’re just standard sizes and will fit with any sheets. Hope this helps!

  56. Jenna Sue, were the windows in this sun room glass or were they vinyl. Also, did you guys use the wall mounted A/C (or did you not – and back the day beds all the way back — i know I’m late, but i’ve been eyeing a house that has a screen room (in Florida) that i’d like to — if possible — convert to a sun room.

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