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I’m taking a break from packing (5 days til we move!) to post a quick update on our progress.
First order of business: the house is rented! We got a call from a nice couple right after we listed it, they came to see it the next day and made an offer that night. Big sigh of relief. After the papers were signed a few days later, we got straight to packing and prepping the house.
When we were touching up the paint, this started to happen:
Unfortunately, none of our paint colors match anymore (maybe from sitting out in the humid garage?) so we had to repaint 90% of the house which has sucked up a lot of our time. 
I’m still working in the studio so we haven’t touched that room yet, but we’re still on schedule for the movers to come Friday so it’s been relatively stress free.
Here’s a shot I just took of the living room:
So weird to see empty walls again!
Before we moved a thing, we decided to go ahead and shoot a house tour video as a way to preserve the memories. It’s also a chance to clear up any confusion on the layout if you guys ever wondered how the rooms flowed together. And it’s the first time anything has ever been on video so we thought it would be a fun little time capsule.

Disclaimer: Some of the shots were out of focus and I had to reshoot them, so you’ll see a few funky edits/sound changes. Don’t mind my blabbing, this wasn’t rehearsed at all so some commentary may be redundant.

And with that out of the way, I’m trying to soak up as much of Florida as I can before we say goodbye. I took some time off work this afternoon to enjoy one last beach trip…

I’m really gonna miss this place.

I’ll be back with an update once we arrive in California!

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  1. Great video – you did a beautiful job on the house. Now off to your next adventure 🙂 Good luck with the move!

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