Studio & Kitchen Updates

It was Christmas up in here yesterday because we finally got the Ikea delivery we’ve been waiting on for five weeks!

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This will keep us busy for the next few weeks—but priority #1 was to get the studio situated.

I’ve been using the desks from my old studio, which work fine but things were just a bit cramped…

The large cutting desk has a shallow drawer that pulls out and the chair was right in the way.

Fortunately, I was able to find the exact same table tops (Linnmon) that were 6″ shallower. Not a drastic change, but when you cut your studio size almost in half, every square inch counts.

These desks were narrower but longer, so we had to trim them down to the same length with a table saw.

First we cleared everything out…

Then brought the first new table top in:

We were able to reuse the same legs so it was a pretty straightforward swap.

Here’s what we ended up with, after the second desk went in:

I still need to re-trim the cutting board desk which will happen in the near future.

I’m glad we got this out of the way so now I can focus on the final decorating touches!

We also decided to address this empty wall which is on your left when you walk in:

The shelf ledges from my old studio were the perfect fit. We brought them in and secured them to the wall using walldogs (best invention EVER… took less than a minute per shelf)

And now I have a place to set my ready-to-ship prints:

Ignore all of the disorganization going on in these photos—I’m ditching the blues & greens and going for something a bit cleaner and more monochromatic. There will be a big organization post coming as soon as I get the motivation.

I also finally got around to spray painting that gold light, and hanging the DIY sign I made last year:

I also found a place inside the closet for my brocade wall file (purchased a few years ago from the Container Store):

And there you have it, the current status of the studio. It’s about 83% done right now… here’s what’s left:

-Repaint/relabel/reorganize console table storage
-Hang art
-Build floating shelves for extra storage in the closet
-Buy/hang window shades
-Attach a fabric “wall” to the front of the cutting desk to hide the storage underneath
-Build a large storage bin for underneath the desk to hold shipping supplies

The kitchen will be taking up most of our time over the next couple months, but hopefully I can squeeze in a few of these updates in between our bigger projects.

Speaking of the kitchen… we have a new door handle:

I considered a silver one for a second, but ultimately went with ORB because 1) it matches the cabinet hardware, and 2) I bought identical replacements for the front door and garage door at the same time so I could have them all keyed to fit the same key. I decided to make them all consistent throughout the house, and I’ll be ordering the same style for the interior doors in the future.

I think the oval shape is different and fun.

Also, ou
r very last appliance—the dishwasher—is finally in!

Anyone have any suggestions for a good stainless steel cleaner??

Did you notice I replaced the bulb in the pendant light?

I found this vintage style bulb at Lowe’s for $6. The color is warmer than the recessed lights which I’m still not sure about, but apparently that’s standard for these types of filament bulbs. I think it’s worth it—hopefully our electric bill won’t go up too much!

So now you’re all caught up to the current state of our house. Tonight I plan on ripping into some Ikea boxes to build the pantry. Oh, I can’t wait for this one. Please send some good furniture assembling vibes our way…

14 thoughts on “Studio & Kitchen Updates

  1. I struggled with finding a good cleaner for my SS appliances and so far what works best is Weiman stainless steel wipes, I got them at Target. Wipe with the grain and polish after with a clean cloth. Your place looks great, looking forward to the organization tips!!

  2. I second the Weiman advice. That stuff works like a charm. They make it in a spray on form too (in addition to the wipes). Good luck, the house looks great!

  3. The only cleaner I found to remove the water marks is Bon Ami. Use a little bit on a wet cloth with the grain and then wipe clean with a wet cloth. I just apply gentle pressure. No scratching!! Nothing else has worked and most 'stainless steel cleaners' I've used have a terrible odor. Your home is beautiful!! I've enjoyed watching the transformation!

  4. I have found that Windex works well. No need to buy special wipes. I am loving watching you remodel your house. So exciting and everything looks great so far!


  5. I wipe down my stainless with Windex non-ammonia cleaner with the grain for daily touchups. For a more deep clean, use the Bon Ami with water and wipe it on the grain. Then wipe off with damp rag. The Bon Ami works great on my farm sink too. I find the Bon Ami at Target or Lowes.

    Your office space looks great by the way. The planks totally finish the space out.

  6. All the progress you've made is amazing! Your home is beautiful. Sort of an unrelated question, but I absolutely LOVE how you've trimmed your windows and I was wondering if you plan to use any sort of window treatments with them? I would like to do something similar but we would definitely need some type of window treatments for privacy. Thanks! 🙂

  7. I love what you have done so far it looks amazing! I have a question about the rug that you have in your office and living room. I was wondering since those two places seem like high traffic areas, do you vacuum them often? and if so do they fall apart at all? looking for a new rug for my living room and the last jute one i bought [from world market] fell apart so just wanted to see if you'd recommend that one. thanks !

  8. Thanks Jackie! We don't have to vacuum them a whole lot, but the original one I bought when we lived in FL (for our living room) has been vacuumed plenty of times and it's still going strong. The cats are more of a hazard than anything else. This is my favorite rug in the entire world, I can't say enough good things about it!

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