Kitchen Source List & Budget Breakdown

First off—I want to thank you all so much for the overwhelmingly kind responses on our Kitchen Reveal last week. We put so much time and energy into this room and we’re like proud parents, so it feels great to know that so many of you are following along and are enjoying watching this house unfold! I wish I could invite you all over for dinner & drinks to celebrate 🙂

Update: to those who requested wider angle shots for the before and afters, I just updated my last post with new photos—scroll to the bottom of the Reveal Post to check them out!

Update 2: I also posted a quick video tour yesterday, see it here on Instagram.

Now it’s time to dive into all the juicy details.

I mentioned in the beginning that this wasn’t going to be a budget makeover. We did that in our Florida house, but I didn’t want to hold back this time. With that said, we still DIY’d as much of it as we could and shopped around for the best deals (of course), so we could have spent a lot more.
I kept a spreadsheet and tried to be as diligent as I could about recording every purchase, but over the course of five months, contractors working on different parts of the house and lumping labor charges together, and countless trips to Lowe’s for miscellaneous items, this is definitely not an exact dollar amount.
I also didn’t include things like pillows, dishes, plants, and accessories that aren’t kitchen specific and could be repurposed elsewhere. It becomes a gray area when you get into decorative items—where do you draw the line?
Let’s start with materials…
Floors: Armstrong Shell White Walnut Engineered Wood / ~$800 (I purchased the wood for the entire house at once, so I divided it by the square feet of the kitchen to get the total)
Ceiling & wall tongue & groove planks: Lumber Liquidators / ~$500 (^same thing here)
Wood for DIY Beams: Lowe’s / $220
Wood for trimming the windows: Lowe’s / $80
Paint & primer: Kelly Moore’s Swiss Coffee (white/trim), Valspar’s Montpelier Madison White (walls), Valspar’s Dark Kettle Black (door) / $280
Wood/supplies for pantry: Lowe’s / $120
Wood, stain & poly for bar and bench seat frames: Lowe’s / $150
Plywood, trim & paint for bench seats: Lowe’s / $85
Upholstery foam for bench seats: Ebay / $146
Batting for bench seats: JoAnn’s / $35
Fabric for bench seats: / $116 – Similar found here 
Tile installation supplies: Lowe’s / $130
Wood & stain for floating shelves: Lowe’s / $40
Quarter round / trim pieces: Lowe’s $45
Lumber, stain & screws for dining table: Lowe’s & JS West / $130
Now for the expensive stuff… the appliances. We purchased most of the bigger items at Lowe’s during their Black Friday sale.
Whirlpool Fridge: Lowe’s BF / $1563
Whirlpool Dishwasher: Lowe’s BF / $388
Corstone Sink: Lowe’s / $390 (no longer sold) – Similar here
Faucet: Lowe’s / $150
Garbage Disposal: Lowe’s / $97
Whirpool Oven: Lowe’s BF / $971
Whirlpool Cooktop: Lowe’s BF / $388
Microwave: Amazon / $162
Wine Fridge: Ebay / $237
Now for the fun stuff… decor!
Cabinets: Kraftmaid Durham Maple Square (in Grayloft and Dove White): Lowe’s / $8,235 after sales, promos and rebates
Counters: Silestone Quartz (in Marengo and Blanco
White): Lowe’s / $3,254
Pantry cabinets: Ikea Pax Wadrobes / $630
Bench seat cabinets: Ikea Akurum / $560
Bar cabinets: Ikea Akurum / $200
Quartz stacked stone: Lowe’s / $240
Bar floating shelves: DIY Ikea desk hack
Bar Accessories: Vases, tray & lantern: thrifted / Moose print: / Cabernet sign: DIY / Frame: Ikea Ribba
Cabinet hardware & doorknobs: Ebay: Knobs / Cup pulls $77
Pendant lights: Amazon / $46/ea
Pendant light bulbs, medallions & dimmer switch: Lowe’s / $70
Recessed ceiling lights & bulbs: Lowe’s / $250
Ceiling speakers: Amazon / $108
Upgraded light switches & outlets: Lowe’s / $30
LED under cabinet lighting: Ebay / $130
Table runner & flower box: DIY
Parsons chairs: Overstock (with old slipcovers) / $207

Woven wood shades: (Singapore Oak color) / $207
Subway tile: Lowe’s / $250
Runner: Dash & Albert – Wayfair / $90
Sink pendant light: Feiss Urban Renewal Mini Pendant – Similar here

Rug: 8×10 in Natural
Chalkboard: The Summery Umbrella
Pillows & blanket: Ikea, Target, Etsy & TJ Maxx

Floating shelves: DIY
Dishware: Ikea, TJ Maxx, thrifted
Quote print:

Pet portrait prints:
Frames: Ikea Ribba (+ DIY fabric bows)
Pet bowl: DIY
Stool: Gifted
Door knobs: Ebay

Last but not least, labor costs. We hired out certain things that we didn’t feel comfortable tackling in our own. Here’s our rough estimate:

Reinforce kitchen ceiling, finish demo, build pantry wall: $1,100
Electrical (relocating wiring to the island, wiring appliances, etc) $1,750
Cabinet installation: $1,574
Countertop installation: $1,123
New drywall & fridge plumbing: ~$500
Sink & Dishwasher plumbing: $432

And I believe that covers everything.

Final tally drumroll please…..

GRAND TOTAL: $28,481

Again, this number is really just an estimate, but even if you add in every little thing we could have possibly forgot about, it’s still definitely under 30k. And I’m pretty confident we added more than that in value to the house considering we got a great deal for the neighborhood. It really pays off to buy a house that needs some TLC!

Once again, here are the project links which go into detail about each phase if you’d like to learn more about how it all came together:

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Kitchen Chronicles: A DIY Subway Tile Backsplash, Part 1
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Kitchen Chronicles: Stacked stone bar wall & DIY floating shelves
Kitchen Chronicles: DIY floating rustic shelves
Kitchen Chronicles: Upholstered Bench Seating
Kitchen Chronicles: Building a Fancy X Farmhouse Table  

If I missed anything or you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments!

So what do you think? Was the total more or less than you expected, or right on the mark? Imagine if we had hired out everything instead… yikes! I can easily see how the average kitchen remodel is over $50k. Glad we got the most expensive room in the house out of the way. Now we can focus on the other 2100 square feet… one project at a time!

I’ve got a fun giveaway coming up in the next post—you won’t want to miss it!

Get this look in your own kitchen with my shopping list:


117 thoughts on “Kitchen Source List & Budget Breakdown

  1. Yikes, it sounds like a lot but it was a complete gut job including removing walls and really redoing two complete rooms so I'm not surprised!

    I just found your blog a few days ago and really love how upfront you are about costs, challenges on projects, and not being apologetic about it. So many bloggers do the $1,000 mini makeover but gloss over the fact that the kitchen still has a lot of problems being hidden by good photography so it's nice to see a good gut job remodel with high quality items. Ikea stuff and thifted items still have a place but it's a disservice (I think) for people not to mention how very solidly built high quality cabinets and furniture really do have a place in the blog, and real, world.

    Also, I'm sure if you had to turn around and resell the house today you would make every penny of that back.

  2. I'm so impressed! That is not only outstanding bookkeeping, but you saved SO much. And I really like the design, too. It's hard to account for every little thing but this is hands-down the best set of posts for a kitchen reno.

    And to Liz, I totally agree that solid cabinets are well worth the investment, but don't price out of your neighborhood with renovations or you won't get that back. In our starter we gutted the kitchen and added Ikea and basic granite. Was a fantastic investment for that home, we saw every bit of it back and more also we recieved great feedback during open houses. But in our current it's wood, it wouldn't be wise not to here.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing the TRUE costs of renovation. I love it when bloggers are open with their budgets. It really gives you a much better sense of what it really takes. People die when they hear budgets in the 10s of thousands (I just finished a bathroom with a $10,000 budget and I seriously couldn't have cut a single corner to make it cheaper. It is reality.) The last thing you want is to get halfway though and realize it is going to cost more than you expected!
    If you have totally paid someone you would have easily been pushing 50k.. i have no doubt. It is beautiful! Worth every penny!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing all this info!!! Kitchen renovations costs are sometimes misleading and your honestly is greatly appreciated!!! I adore the chalkboard!!! Excellent job thanks again so much for sharing!!

  5. I've been dreaming of a kitchen remodel for 17 years now. Hopefully, next summer. I like the cabinets so was glad to get the details on the brand/company that made them. I'm also looking at quartz countertops. Since we will do all the demo ourselves, I hope we can also keep it under 30K. It's a beautiful kitchen and looks like it will be functional for years to come. We have Brazilian cherry floors and am trying to figure out colors that will look good with the floors (not gold or yellow even though they would look great with the floors). My current thinking is white on top (cabinets), medium gray or tan countertops and navy lower cabinets. We'll see! Thanks for taking us through the entire project!

  6. Amazing remodel! What an open flow and sensible layout of the appliances. I am curious, do you use a design program or assistance when planning the functionality of the space? I have been inspired by the ideas you've posted ever since the Florida house.
    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, ideas and renovations with your readers!

  7. Thank you! I thought about it a lot and had a good idea of what I wanted for the layout before we talked to the kitchen designer at Lowe's. He was able to help us work out the details. I don't normally use any programs, but sometimes I'll plug in the dimensions in Illustrator if the space is tight and I want to make sure things will fit. Hope this helps!

  8. Been checking out your blog for a year now. LOVE your new kitchen. Love the gray and white. It would have cost double if you had not done so much of the work yourself!

  9. I love everything about this space. Homey, happy, comforting and clean looking. I was wondering about the flooring. I noticed it was value grade. Did you have a problem with install due to imperfections in the boards and were the “imperfections” that noticeable?

  10. Hi there!

    We are in the final steps of our own kitchen reno and we are about to purchase our counters. This has convinced me that we should go to Lowes over Home Depot for our Silestone. Do you know how much surface space you had to cover? We were quoted quite a bit more than you were and it seems like we have a similar amount of counter space. Do you remember what they charged you per square foot for the Marengo? Thank you for any help you can provide!!!

  11. Oh man… you just caught a big error on my part! There was a separate invoice for the installation that I missed when doing my final tally which came to $1123. The $3254.30 was for the counters only (51 square feet total). Thanks for catching that—the post has been updated!

  12. Well bummer! I loved the first number more! 🙂 That's okay though, we knew we were going to pay for the counter tops but I'm just glad that we fell in love with a more basic color rather than one twice the cost!!! Thanks Jenna! Still in love with your kitchen and the whole house really.

  13. Please do a tutorial on your distressed floating shelves? Love everything about your new kitchen. Could you happen to share where you got those set of white canisters?

  14. I have enjoyed reading this post and looking at all of your photos! Quick question, did you get the pendant light over your sink from the lighting direct company as well? I noticed that link but can't find that light. Thanks for your help with this.

  15. Hi Jenna,
    Love your blog and your kitchen! I see the trim, the wall, and the door color but I am afraid I have missed the darker cabinets. What color did you use on those?

    Thank you!

  16. Hi, Jenna. I love your kitchen, you did such a great job. I was curious about the sink. Did you have to do anything special to install it as an undermount? And how is it holding up? Would you recommend it?

    Thank you!

  17. Thanks Morgan! The installers had to cut/modify the cabinet a bit so it would fit in place but I don't think there were any other complications. It's actually made to sit above or level with the counter which is why they needed to modify the base cabinet. It's holding up great though! We are diligent about cleaning it and not letting any food/drink sit on the surface for too long though. So far, I would absolutely recommend it!

  18. How is your lowe's black faucet working out? We need to replace our and am curious if it's held up/how you like it. Thanks so much!!

  19. Holding up just fine! It really wasn't my first choice, I wanted something more vintage looking but it was a compromise. Functionally there's nothing wrong with it though 🙂

  20. Hi Jenna – I'm obsessed with your renovations. I send your site to my friends all the time saying “this is my inspiration”! Really, the best. Anyways – I'm wondering what kind of woven blinds you chose from Just Blinds – do you remember? They give you an option of Budget, Roller, Deluxe, or Economy. How did you choose the colors? I notice the set in your bedroom is darker… thanks so much!

  21. Hey Jenna! Do you happen to have the floor plan and dimensions of your kitchen? I would love it if you could post or email them to me if you have them ( email is: [email protected] ) I am currently building a new home and this is exactly what i want for my kitchen! You did such a beautiful job!
    thanks so much!

  22. Hi Jenna. Your kitchen remodel is stunning! I'm currently writing a post about gray kitchen cabinets and would love to feature one of your images. I'll link back to your post, of course. Let me know if this is okay with you. ~ Angie

  23. Hi Jenna! We are getting ready for a kitchen remodel and have been hunting for a reasonable farmhouse sink. I stopped by to see what one you had used and its actually one of the few we have our eyes on at Lowes. The reviews aren't great so I was wondering what your experience has been. Thanks in advanced for any advice you have! I love the blog and your kitchen!

  24. Hi Jenna! I was wondering how you are liking your sink. We have our eye on the same one from lowes but it doesn't have the best reviews. What has your experience with it been? Thanks in advanced for any advice you have. I love the blog and your kitchen!

  25. We haven't had any problems so far! It's very lightweight and hollow inside so I can see how people would be disappointed if they were expecting something solid and substantial. But the finish has held up without any issues. Granted I haven't dropped anything very heavy or sharp on it and we are pretty good about cleaning it but no regrets as of now!

  26. Jenna

    Can you tell me what color gray you used to paint the wall by the door? also which white did you use for the walls and trim? Are they both the same as the ceiling?
    Nice job

  27. Hi! Yes, they're also listed in the post: Kelly Moore's Swiss Coffee (white/trim—this is all the wood in the entire room), Valspar's Montpelier Madison White (light gray walls), Valspar's Dark Kettle Black (door). Hope this helps!

  28. I'm so obsessed with your cabinets! I never thought I would love anything other than white cabinetry…but the gray is amazing! I've a question about your tile though…what color grout did you use between the white subway tiles? It seems like it's a light gray?

  29. Hello! Your kitchen is absolutely AMAZING and I am so impressed! I have searched for the cabinets in 'grayloft' on Lowe's website and am not coming up with anything. Do you know how I should be searching for them? Is this a paint color or is it a manufacturer's color for the cabinets?

  30. Gorgeous kitchen! Love the original bar area and pantry. Great use of your space, color and light. We have an L shaped kitchen and I have been considering a cook top in the island but was concerned about venting. I didnt notice an exhaust hood in your kitchen. Was this a consideration, and if not, how is it working out for you? Appreciate your advice. thanks!

  31. This kitchens is gorgeous!! I love the white multi size jars on your counter! Do you remember where they are from? I was guessing thrifted but I didn't know if that was a website or a store and couldn't find it. Thanks!

  32. Hi Jenna, we are in the middle of a kitchen remodel and since I have followed your progress, I thought I'd ask about your under-cabinet lighting. Can you tell my what kind you have and how you like it? I'm thinking LED, but don't know if I shoulld get the strips or go with the skinny fluorescent bulbs. Did you also put some under your floating shelves above the bar? Are yours hardwired or do you plug them into an outlet? Do you turn them on with a wall switch? I'm kind of feeling my way around in this area and our electrician wasn't too helpful. Thanks for any info you can give me.

  33. Hi Karen! We got these from eBay:

    They are hardwired but can be plugged into an outlet. They are controlled with a regular wall switch but you can get it with an RF remote control/dimmer. If you get it without that there's about a 2 second delay when you turn the wall switch on. They have a transformer that has to mount somewhere but it's shallow enough to be mounted underneath the cabinet and we hot glued ours onto the bottom of the upper cabinets. Hope this helps!

  34. Absolutely love your style, this is my dream kitchen that's for sure. My hubby and I are currently building a house and we have beams across the ceiling too, similar to yours. You may have listed it already, but I was just curious as to what stain you used for the beams? My hub and I have bought 5 different stains already and haven't yet LOVED one. Thanks in advance. Just found your blog today and I LOVE IT. <3

  35. Jenna, I always LOVE going to your blog for inspiration, a DIY “pick me up” (when I'm getting discouraged), photography, and to see how your house is coming along. I just wanted to write a little blurb letting you know you're doing SUCH an awesome job on the house. Seriously. I too am from California, Santa Cruz to be exact. Pretty soon we will be remodeling our kitchen, and I am so happy you broke your costs down. Thank you for that and for your continual inspiration and honest posts!

  36. Jenna, I always LOVE going to your blog for inspiration, a DIY “pick me up” (when I'm getting discouraged), photography, and to see how your house is coming along. I just wanted to write a little blurb letting you know you're doing SUCH an awesome job on the house. Seriously. I too am from California, Santa Cruz to be exact. Pretty soon we will be remodeling our kitchen, and I am so happy you broke your costs down. Thank you for that and for your continual inspiration and honest posts!

  37. I know how busy you are with your bathroom right now but I'd appreciate it if you could give me any info as to why yo did not use a range hood. I am researching them right now and I'm curious since from what I've read, it sounds like I need one. Although some people just install a fan overhead. Can you tell me if you researched this? Thank you and good luck on your ORC! I'm following.

  38. Hi Karen! We didn't want a range hood in the middle of the room (the logistics would be quite difficult and it just wouldn't look right) but it wasn't a problem since our kitchen is open to the rest of the house and there are plenty of doors and windows nearby for ventilation. I cook almost every night and haven't had an issue yet—if it gets smoky I just open the side door 🙂

  39. I was wondering what the color/brand of stain you used for the floating shelves and is that the same stain on the dining table? It is gorgeous!!

  40. Love your kitchen!!!! Quick question about the blinds- do they have basic pull cords or the continuous loop closures? Thanks!!

      1. Wow! How do you keep the cords so neatly kept away? I’m afraid my 3 year old is going to try and tangle herself in them!

  41. Hi Jenna,

    I love everything you do and enjoy following your blog! I have a quick question regarding your black faucet. Is your cabinet hardware ORB or black? I ordered the same cabinet hardware that you provided the link to above and worry that a black faucet won’t match. I’m new to mixing metals so any direction you can provide will help! Thank you! 🙂

    1. Thank you Lindsey! The hardware I have is all black, but unless it’s really bronzey I don’t have any problems mixing ORB and black. You can’t really tell!

  42. Your kitchen remodel is gorgeous! You have great style. I even love the fonts you used on the first picture. 😉 The cost was less than I expected given the results. It definitely looks like a $50K+ job! I just found your blog today via a link from The Wicker House. Now I’m going to have to click around and explore your other posts. Fun! 🙂 I do have one kitchen question… And I’m sorry if you’ve written about it elsewhere already… Did you paint or replace the door hinges? Not the cabinet doors, but the doors for people. 🙂 I really want to switch all our doorknobs to black or ORB, but all our hinges are currently painted white. Anyway, just curious!

  43. This is beautiful!! Thanks for sharing! And do you know which color your Maui Chunky Loop is…beige or bleach? Thanks so much!

  44. This is beautiful! I just bought my first house with my husband and the kitchen is a doozy. We’re in our mid-20s and are going to do the kitchen before we move in, so seeing this transformation is beautiful! How big is your kitchen? Did you design the cabinetry and everything yourself at Lowe’s or do they have people there who will help based on dimensions and photos? Looking for all the advice I can get and so inspired by your design!

  45. Hey Jenna,

    Love your kitchen! Did you guys build your dining table? Do you sell them? My husband and I have been looking for one like that. We’d be interested if you do!


  46. I love your whole aesthetic! Beautiful! Really love the floors! Have you been happy with the flooring quality over time and the overall experience with We are considering purchasing from them.


  47. Love your work. I was trying to find the post explaining how to install the tongue and groove planks for the kitchen wall and/or ceiling but the links didn’t work. Do you happen to have those? I’m going to do the feature wall in our living room. Thanks!

  48. Your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous! I have another flooring question. Now that time has passed, how are they holding up? We are considering them, but are nervous about the wear and tear of kids and a large dog. Thanks!

  49. Hello – I just discovered your blog thanks to Pinterest:). Your kitchen is beautiful! I also recognized right away from the pictures that you live in Sonora, as do I and in that case I must ask… Did you go thru the local Lowes for your cabinets and countertops? We have purchased our cabinets from them and so far have had a good experience – we have not purchased our countertops yet but are considering Silestone thru Lowes – how was the installation? Are you pleased with the job? Thank you!

    1. Hi Sara, great to see a local! Yes, I went through Lowe’s and everything from the design/ordering process to installation was pretty seamless. Great work by the installers and no complaints at all 🙂

  50. Lovely Kitchen! Can I have the details for where you got the cabinet door pulls and knobs please. The link in the breakdown doesn’t seem to work! Thank you!

  51. Hi – love your cabinets.. have they held up well so far? Also, curious why you chose Lowe’s for quartz… are they generally better priced than a local granite/quartz supplier? Thanks!

    1. Cabinets are still going strong! We used Lowe’s since we were getting our cabinets there anyway and using their installers, it was super convenient and I liked their selection.

  52. LOVE your kitchen!!!! We are currently neck deep in a kitchen reno and trying to decide on grout to go with my white subway tile. Do you happen to know what color you used?


  53. Do you like your Maui Chunky Loop rug? Is it easy to clean and maintain? Any regrets with the purchase? I’m in the market for a chunky woven rug similar to this.

  54. HI, love your reno! I have been knee deep in kitchen reno and have been referring to this blog constantly for advice and ideas. Question: I am getting the exact same microwave and inserting into a cabinet underneath the countertop. Like u then hopefully get to create a shelf for the cutting board. I want to ask if your microwave has held up fine inside a cabinet. It doesn’t look like you had a lot of ventilation for the side. How has the microwave held up after your reno 3 yrs? I read some reviews that the microwave breaks down after a yr.

    Appreciate your blog entry of kitchen reno sooo much!!!! Thank you for breaking the project into well organized entries and including the link to many of the products!!

    Many many thanks.

  55. Hi, love your blog. How is the microwave holding up? I read on reviews that under a cabinet might not give best ventilation. I am doing the exact same thing as you.

  56. Hi,
    I had pinned your bar/shelving picture on Pinterest and finally clicked through to get the details and possible sources and was pleasantly surprised to find your blog. The transformations you do are amazing! You’ve given me quite a few ideas, but first do you have any additional information on the Cabernet sign. We recently inherited a very old piano (that old oak color) and in order to somehow incorporate it in our house, we’ve decided to turn our sitting room into a piano bar/wine room. I would love to do some floating shelving like you did and also find or make a Cabernet sign like you. For the sign, your source list says DIY so any info you have would be greatly appreciated.

  57. I very much like what you did with your kitchen. I wanted to follow each stage however the project links do not seem to be working.

  58. Just curious, are your ceilings standard 8′ height? If so, you did an excellent job making them appear higher!

  59. The canisters on your counter that are white.. do you know where you got them? I am literally IN LOVE WITH THEM and can’t find anything similar! thanks!

  60. Hi Jenna-
    I am building a new small house and planning to DIY as much as possible. I love your kitchen, and it makes me feel like my plans are attainable! I love the black exterior door to the left of your fridge. I LOVE it! I’m having trouble finding the right exterior doors, and this looks perfect. Do you happen to know anything about it, or where I may be able to find one? THANK YOU!

  61. What is your ceiling height? We just bought a fixer upper and are totally gutting the kitchen (I’m terrified!) I love the beams but am a little afraid my ceilings are too low.

    Also, do you think it is easier to install the ceiling planks after recessed lights are in? I read that you installed before and had to flag.

    1. Hi Krista, The ceiling was just short of 8′, and I’d still do the planks before installing the lighting! May want to consult with an electrician to confirm on that.

  62. I love your kitchen! Do you know your paint color used in the small footstool? The light green one…. Thanks!

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