Master Makeover: New Curtains & DIY $12 rod

Happy Thursday! Before showing you this week’s progress, I have some exciting news…

Our sunroom was voted as the winner of’s DIY Book Nook Contest! Thank you all SO much for your support, I’m shocked at the number of votes that came in! You guys are the best. And more good news goes out to voter #342, Carol Thibodeaux, who wins $150 in Amazon and home improvement gift cards and a kindle paperwhite! Thanks again to everyone who participated, I can’t wait to put my Lowe’s gift card to good use in our next project.

Now, let’s get back to the master makeover.

There’s just a few more things to do after tackling one of my favorite parts last night—window treatments.

Here’s the space a few days ago:

It was feeling a little cold and empty. I needed to bring some softness to the space, and flowy curtain panels are always great for that. Not only that, but this room has zero pattern (aside from subtle striped sheets). Everything is a solid color. Boring!

I knew from the very beginning that I wanted navy toile. I considered using it in the bedding but decided that it would be more commanding on curtains. Remember my mood board?

Yep, they were in there.

After scouring the internet for the best deals and coming up short (literally) when trying to find curtains long enough in the right fabric, I commissioned a seller on Etsy to sew some custom panels for me. I went with two 50×94″ panels and it came to $96 shipped (which is actually not bad compared to other places online). It was worth it.

Then I had to figure out how to mount these. I couldn’t use a traditional curtain rod because there was a wardrobe in the way, and the top of the door is 2″ from the ceiling. That meant I had to come up with a ceiling mounted solution. I found tons of tutorials on Pinterest using galvanized metal pipes and fittings, but even those methods would make the curtain rod stick out too far.

So I went to Lowe’s and found this 1/2″ copper pipe (in the plumbing section) for around $10:

It came in 10′ sections which was perfect, I didn’t even need it trimmed down. I preferred this over the 1/2″ galvanized pipe because a) it was $5 cheaper, and b) it was super light weight (the galvanized steel is so heavy!)

To hold it up to the ceiling, I grabbed a bag of these plastic U shaped brackets for a couple bucks (that makes this 10′ curtain rod around $12 total… nice!) I couldn’t find any metal brackets (I think those are in the electrical section) but the copper pipe is so light, and everything would be spray painted black so the material didn’t matter.

After giving the pipe a good buff with steel wool, it was time to paint.

I used a satin black for both the pipe and brackets (it’s shiny here but dries satin).

Once dry, it was time to hang!

Since we weren’t drilling into studs (just bead board & drywall) and didn’t want to deal with inserts, we used wall dog screws (best invention ever) which grip the drywall so well that you don’t need inserts.

We attached the first clamp all the way up to the corner of the crown…

Then a clamp in the middle to keep it from bowing…

Then a third a the end. The first end was in a corner and would be completely hidden by the bracket/curtains, and I used a small glass cabinet knob to plug the visible end.

When I was at Ikea earlier in the year, I picked up a couple packs of these curtain rings. I thought I might need them for the living room but that didn’t happen—luckily they were perfect for this occasion:

After trying out a few possible ways to hang them, I decided to clip them in the back so you wouldn’t see the clips.

It makes for a nice, clean look when hung. And I’m happy to report that the paint doesn’t chip off when the rings slide across (I think buffing with steel wool helped).

And here they are!

I snapped a couple shots after we finished up as the sun was setting…

And then a few more this morning at sunrise…

There’s just something about navy and toile…

It adds the perfect touch of french farmhouse.

And also a bit of romance next to the chandelier.

Here’s a shot looking into the mirror…

Sigh. I’m just in love. Curtains make such a difference. Every week this room takes on a slightly different feeling with every change we make. It’s so fun watching it evolve. In less than two weeks it will be complete!

And on that note… I’m planning ahead for our next remodel: the living room. And I need your help.

The layout has been a challenge for me to solve because it’s not a very big space, and there’s a lot to design around (a wall of windows/walkway on one side, a fireplace and sliding door on another, stair railing/walkway on a third, and a really short wall on the fourth).

When we moved in, we just threw our furniture down and it has been this way ever since (excuse the really old photo):

Well, we decided to relocate the TV to above the fireplace, and after much consideration, I’ve finally settled upon our new layout…

Here’s where you come in. The couches are all getting re-slipcovered. I think I’ve decided on white linen for the chaise lounge and chair, and a gray linen for the loveseat.

I’m trying to decide if I should keep the chair & ottoman or replace it with a matching chaise. I would prefer them to match, but it’s an extra $250 or so (taking into account the cost of the slipcovers) and I’d have to make a 4 hour round trip drive to Ikea to pick it up (not a huge deal, but still…). Also, I can’t think of any other place to use the chair/ottoman (though it was a $30 craigslist find so not a big loss).

It’s a really comfy chair but then again so is the chaise. I mean, I don’t think they look bad together, and they’ll certainly look more like a set once they are slipcovered in the same fabric, but ideally they’d be the same.

Do you agree? Is it worth the extra $250 and trip to Ikea? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. I’m anxious to order my slipcovers within the next few days and get this living room remodel underway!


39 thoughts on “Master Makeover: New Curtains & DIY $12 rod

  1. Nope. I like the chair and chase. The chair is easier for guest to sit in – think about a guest holding a drink and trying to sit. I like the combo. Excited to see the slip covers. Love the master.

  2. Totally just an opinion here…I would put the chaise back where it was as part of the couch, put a matching love-seat at the back of the railing facing towards the TV, to make an L with the 2 couches and throw the chair kiddy corner from them. As is right now it looks like you could only seat 4 people? And none of the seats even face the TV/Fireplace! The room would be more useable (is that a word?) less head turning and I think you'd still have lots of room to walk around the extra couch. Love the grey/white linen idea…just think you need a little more practical seating 🙂


  3. The curtains are so lovely! On the new furniture layout in the living room, if you mount the TV over the fireplace, it would bother me that there isn't a place to watch TV where you don't have to turn your head. Does this bother you or are you fine with it?

  4. I love symmetry so two chaises would offer that, but this combination looks much more visually interesting…
    So to sum it up: I am no help as I think both are great options (in which case I would safe the time and money)

  5. I would see how it looks with the chair and chaise angled in a little bit for a more casual look. Not sure if you've tried it already but the way I would lay it out is couch facing the fireplace with a console table behind the couch, take out the chaise, and angle the chair in front of the fireplace to the far right.

  6. I REALLY like the chaise and the chair/ottoman combination. Both of them have similar shapes/sizes that mimic each other very well. I think when you have them slipcovered in the same fabric, it will look very intentional and designed to have the different but similar pieces side by side.

    Also, we had a chaise lounge that guests would NEVER sit on in our living room – something about putting their feet up was uncomfortable in someone else's house. It now lives in our den for reading.

  7. To be honest, I didn't (don't) want a TV in there at all. It's rarely used. Brad wants it to play background music/concerts while guests are over, more for ambiance. I wanted more of a conversational lounging/seating area and this layout suits that best. It really isn't as much of a pain as you'd think to watch TV from that position though—the chairs are roomy and you can easily situate yourself to face it. And if it gets uncomfortable we could always rotate the chairs a bit. The only other option is to rotate everything 90°, which means only half the seating would face the TV!

  8. (pasting this from another response!): To be honest, I didn't (don't) want a TV in there at all. It's rarely used. Brad wants it to play background music/concerts while guests are over, more for ambiance. I wanted more of a conversational lounging/seating area and this layout suits that best. It really isn't as much of a pain as you'd think to watch TV from that position though—the chairs are roomy and you can easily situate yourself to face it. And if it gets uncomfortable we could always rotate the chairs a bit. The only other option is to rotate everything 90°, which means only half the seating would face the TV!

  9. I like the chaise/chair and ottoman combination as well. It gives some visual interest to have different pieces of furniture, and you can always push the ottoman up to the chair and use it like a chaise on the occasions you want to chaises.

  10. If you're going to keep the current arrangement, I'd go with a chaise. I think the symmetry is needed. If you want to keep the chair, I'd move things around. I'd move the sofa where the chair and chaise are and add a sofa table behind it. Then I'd angle the chair in the left corner near the fireplace, angle the chaise in the right corner near the stairs, and add a cabinet or table in between. A rug and coffee table would anchor everything.

  11. I think there's enough symmetry once you switch to matching slip covers that I think it will work. Maybe take that money and put it towards a Bluetooth sound bar or stereo system instead. That would allow you to remove the awkwardness that the TV creates and you could still have the ambiance you crave.

  12. I agree with Karen about adding a sofa table somewhere in the mix with keeping the current furniture. Another small side table and a tall plant or some other color pops would bring in a cozy, homey feel. Bringing the couch away from the wall a little bit and (maybe building?) a skinny, long sofa table to put behind it to hold some pretty lamps and picture frames? I think that would look great tied in with your ideas for the new slip covers. Just thoughts! I had the hardest time with my awkward and small living/sitting room. The only way my husband and I finally picked a layout was to just keep moving all the furniture around till we found it! It can be cumbersome, but worth it when you can actually see and feel the difference in the room.

  13. Oh yes, there will definitely be some tables added of course! I considered a sofa table behind the couch but then we'd lose a foot or so of space in an already cramped area so we'll have to see what I can find.

  14. I don't know you, just found you through Pinterest, but the living area looks totally inviting to me! There is something about a house that isn't completely perfect (but absolutely adorable) that makes me feel more at home. I love that you are more concerned about enough seating space than everyone being able to face the tv.

  15. I would replace the ottoman with a pouf to make it more casual. Maybe a grey or white moroccan one.


  16. I love those curtains! And your bedroom, too ;). You have probably kept moving furniture around for awhile. You can actually see and feel the space, as we can only make suggestions based on photos. I´d try to put the sofa with the chase (in the left) facing the fireplace and then I´d angle the chair in the right corner (in front of the fireplace). Just my opinion. With your suggestion, I´d keep the chair and chaise, but maybe re-slipcover them with different colors. They are different, so enhance it. But the best advice I can give is do as you feel is right for YOU, not right for us!

  17. Love the way your bedroom is turning out!! You've been working your buns off and it looks great 🙂

    As for the living room, what if you out the chaise back where to was (with the sofa). Get another chair instead of another chaise and put them angled, across from the sofa. No ottoman for the chairs. Thoughts?

  18. Although, I love the chaise (as I have the same Ikea couch), I feel that it separated from the couch makes it feels more beach house than the farmhouse style you are going for with this current house. My suggestion would be to move the love seat to the left side (where the chair and chaise currently are). Then move the chair at an angle up against the corner by the stair rail, with it facing towards the sliding door. For the chaise I would repurpose the cushion, and build a new base for it with wood to incorporate it into the farmhouse style (see link). I would put this new chaise/bench up against the wall on the right (where the couch currently is).

  19. I considered that but thought it might create too much of a tight space between the chaise and the chair across from it, and then I'd still have to buy more furniture. I'm going to play around with a few arrangements to make sure though, so it's still an option!

  20. Loving seeing the bedroom come together! My personal opinion about the configuration of your living room is that if it were me, I would get rid of the chaise lounge. To me they're one of those pieces of furniture that seem like a good idea but are just not practical in most homes. They're just so big, chunky and chop up a space instead of making room feel harmonious, cohesive and cozy. I'd get two matching chairs instead. You won't lose seating since in most cases only one person sits on a chaise lounge anyway. But you'll instead get a much less choppy, cramped feeling in the room. In terms of having more options for switching things up when the mood strikes you, well it's much easier to do that with two chairs versus two bulky chaise lounges. Interested to see how you go with it!

  21. Have you thought about reattaching the chaise to the sofa but on the other side so by the railing? Stand alone chaises always strike me as a little odd when in a living room, great in a bedroom though. Maybe just me but I would feel really awkward about lounging on a chaise in someone else's home. We have one attached to our sofa and guest always avoid it and seem to prefer sitting in our armchair, so could imagine if you had two they would only be used by you two.

  22. So many suggestions, it's fun to read everyone's re-arranging thoughts! My vote is for keeping the chair (rather than replacing it with a second chaise), and I like the idea of replacing the ottoman with a pouf in another texture, to keep everything from looking too matchy-matchy. In some parts of the world (I was in India, and I think the Middle East is similar), it's rude to show the bottoms of your feet to other people. Even though I haven't been in India in years, I would still feel really uncomfortable putting my feet up on a chaise in someone else's living room. I wonder if other travelers/visitors might feel similarly.

  23. Congrats Jenna on the win – I voted for you and I'm so happy you won!!!! I can't wait to see what you do with the LR and the big reval on your bedroom. Those curtains are dreamy…..

  24. It's funny to hear people saying that! We're very informal people. Our guests are mostly family/close friends and I don't think they'd have a problem lounging with their feet up (no shoes on, of course!). And I'd prefer it to be a casual/relaxing space moreso than a formal seating arrangement. I do like the idea of a pouf instead of ottoman though… hmmm.

  25. The one issue I see with this arrangement is whoever is sitting in the chair/chaise will have their back to the window and won't be able to enjoy that awesome view. I agree with the comments above about putting the chaise back with the couch to make a sectional. And then maybe putting the chair over by the fireplace angled toward the stairs?

  26. your bedroom is freaking awesome, I love it! 🙂 As for the living room, I like the chair & chaise because the ottoman can always be scooted around for extra seating and just gives it less of a matchy-matchy feel.

  27. your bedroom is freaking awesome, I love it! 🙂 As for the living room, I like the chair & chaise because the ottoman can always be scooted around for extra seating and just gives it less of a matchy-matchy feel.

  28. Wanted to add that although I understand where people are coming from with the idea of not lounging in someone else's home. I respectfully disagree. If I were a guest in your home, I'd be okay to lounge. But, I would, however avoid sitting next to someone already sitting at a chaise lounge. Unless of course, it was my significant other already sitting there. If you happened to have two arm chairs with matching ottomans, most likely people would park their butts on an ottoman, or a pouf, as already suggested. You'll do what's best for your lifestyle and home in the end. But it is interesting to see other people's ideas.

  29. Your room looks great, Jenna Sue! The curtains were so well-chosen, adding color, pattern, and soft texture to your space. I love following your blog and I'm excited and privileged to watch your home's transformation. In regards to your living room, I just thought I'd offer a couple of ideas to consider since you solicited them.

    1) If the TV and fireplace are not the desired focal point in the room, I would make sure the breathtaking view is. As a result, I wouldn't move the couch to the opposite side of the grouping or add a console table behind it with lamps, etc. as suggested because it would take away from the view and also make the area behind the couch seem even more like just a walkway to the back deck. I actually prefer your previous furniture arrangement, adding the chaise back to the loveseat and keeping the chair/ottoman where it was. It seemed quite open and inviting given that you said it's such a small space. I would simply add a small scale chair like the IKEA Tullsta to anchor the other corner, nearest the fireplace, with a small scale side table beside it so that it doesn't look like it's out in left field. I suggest the Tullsta because you're working with a smaller space, it has rounded contours to break up all the linear contours of the room (sofa and chair, windows, brick, railings, planking), adds seating, would cost less than buying a new chaise, and doesn't compromise your view or conversational seating arrangement. It would also give you the relative symmetry you desire with two chairs anchoring the space across from the sofa.

    2) If you choose to go with your current plan, I would suggest keeping the chair/ottoman combo for visual interest and versatility. Even though I love symmetry as a math and science teacher, the basic outline of the chaise and chair/ottoman are roughly the same. Also, I would consider using the same fabric slipcovers for the chaise lounge and loveseat in the event that you choose to put the pieces back together. It would save you money in the long run to have those two pieces match.

    Thanks for letting me join in your fun! I'm sure that no matter what you choose, it will be stylish and perfect for your needs.

  30. I am a huge fan of symmetry with a “splash”
    In my imagination:
    Moving the chaise back to the couch but on the stairwell side.
    Purchasing another chair (or 2 matching…which is spending more money…) with a pouf at the chair closest to the fireplace.
    Also, rather than adding a whole table behind the couch, I love to put a shelf hidden behind the couch to add some pieces and dimension. And sooooo much less expensive!
    Good luck!!!

  31. Couch back to sectional facing fireplace and tv . I love to be able to face my fireplace, and it woyld help define the room lines from the stairs. Cute console table behind sofa too.

  32. Not sure if my comment went through. I thought about a solution for your living room. Just one idea, what about building built in bench seating along the window? Bringing the couch away from the back wall and doing tall bookshelves behind the couch ( as already suggested) to add height and symmetry. Also giving more space for decorative accessories and style. Then two matching smaller profile chairs beside each other facing the fireplace. Giving the option to enjoy the TV, fire and the view. It's all about that view!! Wouldn't it be amazing (given free reign financially, of course) to install two sets of french doors, bringing the outside in? I've always been a fan of those arched windows that are installed above french doors and the name of them is escaping me at the moment) that would be phenomenal. Anyway, just thinking out loud.

  33. I say buy another chair in a different color. One that pops. I love your color choices, but to me I love a room that has just one thing in it that is kind of bold. And as far as the TV goes, I think I would find another room to put that bad boy in and buy a small radio or stereo. Because one day, watching the way you decorate and all of the DIY you do, you might want to decorate your mantle and it just won't look right with the TV above it. Your home is turning out to be so beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us and giving us ideas as well. Good luck on your decision.

  34. About your DIY Curtain rods… how did you cap off the one end? It looks like a little glass knob.. what did you use and how did you secure it in place? Thanks!

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