Master Makeover: The Reveal!

Today is the day! After almost 9 weeks of hard work (that’s it?!) our master bedroom makeover is officially over.

From the very beginning I had a vision for this space. My goal was to create a cozy, relaxing environment that blended my favorite decorating styles into a formula that was a unique representation of my personal taste.

Like any good reveal, we must remember the Before’s so we can appreciate the After’s.

After ripping out the carpet (and a wide angle lens, it’s really not this big):

This is my happy place—the spot I sink into every evening and unwind with a little family cuddle time. My place of calm where I go to recharge. The first glimpse I see in the morning and the last at night. I look forward to spending many hours here in the years to come… it will always be my spot of refuge—the most comforting place in my world. Welcome to our cottage-cabin-farmhouse-rustic-chic hideaway…

Those of you who have been following my journey will notice a few new things… like these sheepskin rugs.
They are heaven on your feet. Love them.

One for each side of the bed…

I also found some new bedding.

I love these simple baskets as an alternative to a traditional side table for which there’s no room…

Beside the bed is a quiet reading spot…

You may also notice a new floor lamp. It was actually the very first thing bought for this room but we’ve been using it downstairs.

This is also Susie’s hangout spot.

Biscuit has taken over the bed so Susie perches here to watch the bird show every day.

This “vintage” mirror makes me very happy.
What’s a romantic cottage french farmhouse bedroom without some candles? I made this holder using leftover wood stained gray and rope.
The view from bed…
This DIY chandelier is still one of my favorite things in the room.

Here’s a peek inside the newly finished vanity…

There’s also a couple entryway updates…

I added hooks for storage with simple printed numbers in vintage frames painted black.

The mood shifts when the sun starts to set and the lights turn on…

Biscuit in her favorite spot.

And Susie at a safe distance in hers.


Dark gray paint: Valspar’s Ocean Storm in eggshell
Light gray paint: Valspar’s Montpelier Madison White in flat
Trim paint: Kelly Moore’s Swiss Coffee
Flooring: Armstrong Engineered Walnut in Shell White
Jute rug: NuLoom
Sheepskin rugs: Amazon
Wardrobes: Customized Ikea Pax 
Headboard: DIY
Navy quilt & pillows: Overstock
White comforter: Amazon
Sheets & throw: Target

Ruffle bedskirt: Similar here

Accordion lamps: Amazon
Woven baskets: The Container Store
Wire baskets: Walmart
Chandelier: DIY
Map chart: DIY
Vintage chair & antler plaque: Flea market/DIY
Dresser: Craigslist + DIY refinish
Metal pitcher: Thrifted
Wire basket/books: Etsy
Floor mirror: Ikea/DIY
Bench seat: Overstock
Side table: Flea market
Floor lamp: Discontinued, similar here
Throw pillow covers: Ikea & Etsy
Woven blinds: (in Tibet Oak)
Curtains: Custom made on Etsy

And in case you missed any of the action, here’s the full play-by-play in chronological order over the last two months:

The Master Bedroom Plan
Paint & Pax Wardrobes
Ikea Pax Door Hack
Planked bed wall
Trimming out the window
Beadboard ceiling, lights & speakers
Bedside baskets & accordion lamps
DIY Wood Beams
A chandelier transformation
A rustic vintage dresser redo
DIY paneled wall
Trim, Rug, Dresser & more
DIY Ikea to Vintage floor mirror
DIY Plain to paneled door
New curtains & a $12 DIY curtain rod
DIY map chart, antlers & chair reupholstery
Customized Pax Wardrobe Vanity

Out of all the spaces I’ve designed, I feel the proudest/happiest/most at home with this one. I’ve learned to decorate for myself. Don’t think you have to stick to just one style of decorating and don’t try to please everyone. Not everyone is going to love what you do, and that’s a good thing. How uninspiring would it be if we all had the same tastes and ideas and decorated the same way? To me, that’s what makes it fun—watching how others interpret a space and adapt it to suit their own needs to create something special just for them. I respect anyone who can do that and would hope others feel the same.

And on that note, things may slow down here for a bit. I’m turning my attention to the living room but  there’s things beyond our DIY capabilities and we’re going to have to hire out. Still in the planning stages so it may be a few days or a few weeks before I report back with progress (I also have to convince Brad to get on board which may be a challenge). Wish me luck!

76 thoughts on “Master Makeover: The Reveal!

  1. So cozy and pretty! I love it! Your home and view are gorgeous. It has been fun to follow your style evolution from your Jacksonville house to this one in California. 🙂

  2. Bravo jenna sue! I love all of the details of this room, especially the feature wall with the antique dresser and antlers, as well as how lovely it looks with the lights turned down and the sun setting! Wow, just wow.

  3. Such a beautiful and cozy place to unwind at the end of the day. I love everything about this space! It has a strong, bold feeling without being too masculine, and the feminine touches are the perfect contrast without being too girly. Exactly what a master bedroom should be! And what an amazing feeling it must be to open the curtains every morning and see those gorgeous wine country hills. Just breathtaking! Amazing job on the whole space and congratulations to both of you! 😉

  4. Your kitchen blew me away, but this…. amazing! I love it all – congratulations on yet another fantastic make-over. I cannot wait to see the rest of your home transformed. xx

  5. Looks great! One thing I've been wondering: why is the hers basket on the right side of the bed, but your closet is on the left?

  6. We kinda just chose those sides to sleep on from the beginning—Brad wakes up first so he's closer to the bathroom and it's convenient for him. I ended up having to put my vanity closet on the opposite side because the door wouldn't open enough for my baskets to slide out (it hit the window sill), and I use my wardrobe more than he uses his so it's nice that it's right by the closet. It works for us 🙂

  7. Another room done to perfection. There are so many details to take in. WOW! The rustic charm, the planked wall, the beams on the ceiling, the chandy, your closet, the bench, the dresser, the bedding and curtains, then topped off with that view. What a sanctuary and retreat. Is your room also that happy place for Brad?

  8. What a beautiful, calm, and restful place to sleep. Gorgeous! The before and after is truly remarkable.

  9. Jenna, this turned out just beautiful! Such a serene and comfy looking space. This is like my dream bedroom! Plus, your kitties are just SO CUTE! That pic of Biscuit yawning with Susie in the background, oh my goodness, soo sweet! Great work!!

  10. This is incredible! I mean probably one of my favorite master bedrooms I have ever seen! I think besides the photo of your cat yawning…my favorite is the view from your bed! Love the vintage books in the wired bin and the flowers how they pop against the dark paneled wall! Oh I am truly in love with this space.

    @Seeking Lavender Lane

  11. It looks amazing! Your comment at the end about decorating for yourself is exactly why I love to look at different design and DIY blogs, they aren't all my style but that is what make them interesting and I get so much inspiration from them. All your hard work on this project has paid off, it's a beautiful space.

  12. What a beautiful rustic-glam bedroom! I couldn't wait until you revealed the entire room. I love the colors you used. This room looks cozy and relaxing. Cats simply picked the best spots.
    My favorite is the cabinet that you made over. It definitely adds a special touch to the room, to me that is one special focal point.

  13. Hi! I'm visiting from Better After. This is an amazing transformation. You took a boring rectangle and turned it into a character-filled retreat! And that view… Oh my word! I love it! 🙂

  14. I love your flooring! Can you tell me a little bit about it? I found it on an outlet website for only 2.19/sq ft! Do you like it? Is it shiny? Is it smooth or is there any texture to it? I really love how it looks. Any additional details you could give me about it would be wonderful!
    P.S. The whole room looks amazing. I found your blog thru Iheartorganizing. Thank you in advance!

  15. Oh, thank you, thank you for addressing my question! I really appreciate it and the information you provided in the above links will be very helpful. Thank you again!

  16. I have an odd question for you, what size is the navy bedspread? At it looks like it comes to the floor, yours falls half way (like a comforter). Did you buy a smaller size than your bed needed?

    I wish you could come to my house and work some magic!

  17. I bought a King! I've always had trouble finding comforters/bedspreads long enough so I got the longest one I could find. We have a pillow top so I think our mattress is just taller/poofier than normal.

  18. Thank you! Also, do you have a source for the coat rack in the living room (the one over the old milk jug by the stairs?) 😉 I've been looking for something like that on etsy/pinterest with no luck.

  19. What are the dimensions of your bedroom? I am interested in doing some of these things in my room but don't have a large room.

  20. I was so surprised to find your blog today…my name is Jenna Sue too! Actually, Sue is short for Suzanne, my middle name, but my father has always called me Jenna Sue. So surreal to see a blog of the same name. Love the makeover!

  21. Love your gorgeous room! And I LOVE those window treatments so much I am planning on ordering from the same site!
    I wanted to check in and see if you are still loving them and would recommend them Would you mind letting me know (roughly) your window width? Yours appears rather wide, and I have read that some people have experienced sagging with their wider bamboo shades. Have you had any problems? Anything else you are loving or hating about them? I really appreciate it!

      1. Yes, that definitely helps! One of my windows is also just shy of 8′, so I was quite concerned about the potential for sagging. Thanks for responding!!

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