Living room update & decorating for fall

Happy Monday! Is it starting to feel like fall where you are yet? It’s been in the upper 90’s here but that didn’t stop me from breaking out my autumn decor and jumping on this bandwagon. I’m slowly coming to terms with letting go of summer.

Last week I finished giving our sideboard cabinet a makeover and posed the question on instagram... which knobs?

It elicited quite a polarizing response… a lot of strong feelings on both sides. But one person said I should keep looking, and in the back of my mind I knew that was right. I didn’t love the choices they had at Lowe’s, but I had no other options at that moment so I impulsively bought two pairs and decided I’d settle.

Well, I changed my mind, took them both back and ordered these instead:

I love the look of pendant pulls, and these were only $3.50 shipped! I’ll probably spray paint them black. And that way I shouldn’t have to cover the skeleton key.

So that is why there’s no knobs right now…

As you can see I switched things up a bit. I took down the map print and pulled out a large mirror from storage.

I had the opportunity to visit Home Goods last week (drool) and grabbed this lovely fall wreath while I was there…

(I added the bow)

I also got to utilize my flea market scores from a couple weekends ago.

Like this awesome vintage scale.

And this cool rusted milk jug (which I filled with foliage from my dad’s yard).

And the two rusty metal boxes on the left for $1 each, as well as the red and black plaid blanket for $2.

I bought the lanterns ages ago when we lived in Florida—they’re filled with white pillar candles and mini pinecones.

The pumpkins I’ve also had for years (either Michael’s or Hobby Lobby).

After setting all this up, I finally figured out what I want to do with the staircase wall to the left of it. I’m going to find (or make) a beat up piece of wood and add coat hooks, then probably relocate the jug to the right (or just leave it empty).

Mid way through the photo shoot, Susie wanted in on the action.

This is one of her hiding spots.

It was a rare cloudy day yesterday (I almost forgot what c
louds look like) which made the mountains extra vibrant, so I had to look over and snap a photo…

We don’t get too many leaves that change colors in the fall because of the mediterranean climate, but it’s nice that our view is at least consistently green and full year round.

After sprucing up our sideboard for fall, I decided to tackle an easy project I’d been wanting to take care of…

This is the door to separate our lower level, and there was way too much white in this area.  It needed contrast.

I used the same paint color (Valspar’s Dark Kettle Black) as our front door and bedroom door in an eggshell finish. One by one, every door in this house will be black.

Rather than tediously taping it off (which never works perfectly anyway) I used Katie’s method of windex and a putty knife to scrape off the excess paint.

I had a nice short handled angled brush so I still tried my best to get a clean, smooth line so I didn’t have to remove as much in the end, which definitely helped. The paint came off so effortlessly, it actually ended up being easier to just use my fingernail under a paper towel for the smoothest line. I also avoided scratching the glass that way.

Here’s the new door:

Complete with a fall wreath I made a couple nights ago.

Oh yeah, I also had purchased a fancy glass knob but realized I need a retrofit kit to adapt it to the bore hole (why can’t they make modern door handles with glass knobs that aren’t $100? Argh) So, I ordered some backplates online and I’ll replace the handle as soon as I get them. Stay tuned.

I love how it ties into the front door. Yay for contrast!

And now for the big exciting stuff… our ceiling is finished!!

Our handymen worked on it Friday and Saturday and it all came together perfectly.

My dad and I quickly assembled the beams Thursday (using the same method as the kitchen and our bedroom) and they were up in no time.

They also added quarter round trim, caulked and painted:

And they’re just perfect.

Here’s my view right now from my desk:

And from the back corner of the room, looking towards the kitchen…

And looking back towards the foyer:

And this is what you see when you walk in the front door:

They really draw your eyes up and anchor the room. I’m so happy/relieved this part is out of the way.

Now… completely unrelated but I just had to share a daily dose of cuteness for your Monday. This little 4-week old furball is in our guest room as I’m typing…

I don’t know how I’m even at my computer right now instead of in there cuddling. Sadly, it’s not my kitten—we’re holding her for a friend who is moving today. But HOW CUTE is she?!

In less than 24 hours we leave for my favorite place in the country… Florida! I’m so excited to be reunited with my sister and friends for a week… and to remember what rain and non-freezing ocean water feel like… ahhh. Tiling on the fireplace won’t start until we return on the 24th, so there won’t be another post until that’s done (in at least two weeks).

In the meant
ime, you can follow me on instagram to see what I’m up to and join in on the Florida fun. Have a wonderful last week of summer!

29 thoughts on “Living room update & decorating for fall

  1. I can't even begin to explain how much I LOVE your house and your eye for creating such a welcoming atmosphere!!

  2. I live in Florida, can you stop by and plan out my ceiling to match?! We offer free boat rides. LOL I've booked marked your diy ceiling because I love them. Great job. Enjoy your trip, its been really hot still and our fall decor doesn't come out till 10/1 because it is so hot. Kathy-Tampa

  3. Can you tell me where you ordered the pulls from and what they are called? I have similar ones on a sideboard, but my son damaged them. I'd like to replace them, as I love the style, but I've never seen these anywhere. Thanks!

  4. Your place is truly amazing. It's hard to decide where to look, the inside and the outside is so beautiful. I like how you added vintage pieces to decorate the inside and the top of that cabinet and enjoy the color palette you have picked in the area. Thank you for sharing. I go and check out your Instagram. 🙂

  5. I love how it's coming together! Question, does the latest method you used on the knots in the wood seem to be working? No bleeding through yet? I'm really interested as I'm planning a similar project for my upcoming bedroom redo. Thanks!

  6. I LOVE ever single thing in every single photo you posted! It's just lovely! I've been wanting to do a very similar treatment to my vaulted ceiling, and now seeing yours makes me sure it's exactly what I want. I love how you styled your piece of furniture and I love your door painted black. I guess I'm having a love fest with your talent!

  7. Loooove everything from your home! And those views…!!! It's great how's the living room turning, the fireplace will be amazing.

    Off topic, and I don't know if you already told it, but is that the round table that I spy in one of the pictures? What happened with the beautiful other one that you DIY?

  8. I seriously love everything about this post. From the fall decor (makes me want to dig mine out today) to the new door and the ceiling beams – it's all so inspiring. Everything you've done in this house has been spot on and I'm always excited to read the next post to see what else you do 🙂

  9. Ohhhh ok ok sorry then, the one you did and have now is beautiful. The round old one is also great! If the postage to Barcelona wasn't so expensive I would keep it for sure! 😀

    Maybe you could make a nook downstairs adding some chairs or a banquette for when you are with friends over watching football matches or a movie, and want to have something for dinner so you don't have to go upstairs…

  10. Hi Jenna! I wanted to take a house tour to your previous homes but I guess the links of the pictures aren't working any more…

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