The Big Living Room Reveal!

Ok, everyone. The day has finally arrived. I’m especially excited for this reveal because it happens to be October, and it’s finally cooled off here in Northern California enough to actually feel like fall… which means I got to have some fun with cozy decor (seasonal decorating is my absolute favorite… just wait until December!)

Let’s remind ourselves of how this place looked when we first stepped foot inside it one year ago…

Welcome to the 70’s…

Okay, that’s enough of that. Here it is now:

Let’s back up to where you first enter at the top of the staircase (just in front of the foyer, for reference):

This is what you see straight ahead (I relocated the ficus tree downstairs and brought my DIY ladder back in):

This antique cabinet greets you at the bottom of the landing…

I’ve rearranged this decor on this cabinet yet again (I think this is the third time this month…)

It’s just too much fun, I can’t help myself. All of the greenery in this room was freshly cut from our property Sunday. There’s plenty of variety to go around here in the mountains.

Moving along… you’ll find the entrance to downstairs on your left. So glad I painted this door black.

Next to that is the awesome vintage trunk I scored at our flea market.

I just love the character it adds to the space.

And this lamp… <3

And then we have our new couch covers!

Couldn’t be happier with the white linen. I’ll talk more about these next week.

There’s the kitchen, if you were wondering how this all flowed together. It’s a two story home but t
he living room is on it’s own “half story” in between.

Our hidden subwoofer table fits perfectly to the left of the couch.

And then there’s the fireplace…

I posted tons of photos of this recently so I won’t focus on this too much. I did make a couple small styling changes though.

It was chilly enough for a fire yesterday and Susie was all about it.

Can we talk about this cabinet for a minute?

I’ve decided it’s my most favorite thing I’ve ever built. And the gray color is so dreamy.

I bought a sheet of MDF and some pine boards and had this the next day. Magic.

I’ll share all the details on the building process later this week. This might be my favorite “moment” in the room.

Can’t own a mountain home without a deer pillow…

And this cable knit pouf… sigh.

Handmade via Etsy and perfect. Don’t worry—I’ll post a complete source list next week.

I also just finished this tree stump table yesterday, literally right before these photos. More on that to come.

Susie’s new favorite spot.

Also my favorite new lounging place.

Especially on the extra cold days, by the fire…

And that concludes the tour! Thanks for coming along and following us on our renovation journey…

The DIY cabinet post will be later this week, followed by more details and a complete source list next week. Cheers to the last week of October!

64 thoughts on “The Big Living Room Reveal!

  1. I LOVE it!!! I'll need you to come and decorate my apartment. Okay? 🙂
    I noticed there's no coffee table. Any plans to build or buy one or do you think you'll leave it as is?

  2. Gorgeous! It looks so cozy and comfortable, and that entire fireplace wall is my absolute favorite. Can't wait till you post about the cabinet – it's beautiful.

  3. Thanks Valerie! There's a table/surface of some kind within arms reach of each seating area so I figured we don't need anything else in the center. I like to keep the space open!

  4. I have always wanted a chaise lounge and this sealed the deal- someday I will have one, along with a fire place! And that knitted poof–oooh I'm in love. I must figure out how to make one! I thought couldn't love anything more than I loved your master bedroom, but this may have just take first place!


  5. Thanks Autumn! We took it down for the shoot. It just sits on the mantel where the two prints are and plugs in—super easy to remove when needed.

  6. Love, love, love this! Jenna Sue, you amaze me! Honestly! When you're done decorating Valerie's apartment can you do our home?? Can't wait to see how you built that adorable cabinet.

  7. Okay, Susie is your best Fall decor. She's the perfect pop of color in your mountain mama maison. She's even cozier-dozier than your chaise lounge by the fire. And she's the best photo-bomber ever! I think Martha Stewart is going to start a beef with you instead of Gwyneth Paltrow. LOL

  8. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Too good to continue just lurking on your blog, in fact. What a rewarding feeling you must have as you walk through your home and then get to look out at the wonderful view, too. Congratulations!

  9. Beautiful! Such a great space that you have worked magic on. That fireplace is gorgeous. I love the colours, textures, beautiful plank and beam ceiling, accessories… awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Absolutely gorgeous, Jenna! You do outstanding work. You really should try your hand at being a designer; I think you would be a great success. Can you tell me if you use Swiss Coffee on all your walls and your trim? The color combo is so soft without being a harsh white. I am looking for such a color. I know I have to try it in my rooms which do not have as much natural light as yours. It's hard to tell from online pics. Would you say it's a warm white or a cool white? From here it looks to be a little on the warm side. Your rooms are so soft and inviting. I love how you use a kind of monochromatic color palette without it being dull. Right now I am trying my hand at neutrals for the first time without being too uninteresting. I study your rooms for inspiration! Thank you for sharing your home.

  11. Hi Jenna Sue, I just had to write and say how much I LOVE your decorating/design style. I follow a LOT of blogs but yours is the first one that has really spoken to me in regards to my style. I love the old and the new. My husband is a big outdoorsman so I like to try to infuse some of that into our home as well. I feel like you've hit the nail on the head as far as I'm concerned. I could move in tomorrow but that my just freak a family out so I'll just watch from behind my computer screen. One big thing that captured my eye is that I also have a vaulted ceiling with rooms that flow from one to another. I find it difficult to kind of separate these rooms when trying to paint & style rooms. I love your planked wall in that it creates a kind of a division with out being to overboard. A lot of people say our home is comfortable but I always find it kind of a mish mash of colors and things. But you my dear have it down. I suppose that is why you do what you do. If only I could hire you to fly over here to Michigan to help me out. You've got a new fan here. Can't wait to see what else you come up with.

  12. Please excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor… This is one dreamy room, but I didn't expect anything less. You rock, girl. Seriously rock. Can't wait to see how you made that cute cabinet! Love!

  13. I have been following you for a while but haven't commented until now. Your whole house really looks amazing! What a transformation! I love the colors, simplicity and serene, natural feel of this house. One of my favorite house blogs recently called it quits and I have to say you are my new favorite (and even better than the previous)! I want to move in…love it!

  14. Thanks Karen! Yes, that is the trim color in the entire house. It was here when we moved in, I guess all of the local painters use that color by default. It's a great neutral pure white, really not warm or cool. Hope this helps!

  15. I just discovered your blog and I am IN LOVE with every space of your home. The living room looks so cozy and inviting. I grew up in the foothills of CA, near Auburn and your property looks amazing and reminds me of home. Someday I'd love to buy up there and remodel like you are doing. So happy to have discovered your blog!

  16. This turned out beautifully! You've brought a lovely tranquil vibe to this space. Really enjoying following your progress with this house!

  17. Can I just say, this post stopped me dead in my tracks … my jaw hanging open through every.single.picture. What an incredible transformation. I could stare at your fireplace ALL.DAY.LONG. You've done an amazing job! This is the first time I've visited your blog. Will definitely be adding it to my list of favorites! Getting ready to pin away 🙂
    I'm also from Northern California … where are you?
    Thank you for inspiring me this beautiful Fall morning.

  18. Everything is very lovely! I think my favorite part is the screened bookshelf area. If you can, would you please post a zoomed out shot? I'm intrigued by your seating group and want to see how you spaced them to make the couch, chair and chaise all flow.

  19. I am incredibly smitten by everything in this space. I'm sure the previous owners wouldn't even recognize it! I recently moved into a mountain home with a lot of windows and I am curious what your windows look like from afar. I noticed a glimpse of some sheers. I love how curtains soften up a home, but not sure how they would work in our home. Anyway, just wondering how you made it work. Have a great day!

  20. So lovely! Hey off topic but I was wondering if you would recommend your stereo system for your home. I remember reading that you stream music throughout your home but I can't find the details anywhere. We are looking to install something in our house but aw overwhelmed with all the choices. Thx

  21. Can you tell me what your goals are for the house? Will you have one or more televisions connected to the main entertainment in the house? That's all important before I can recommend anything. Our setup has 2 televisions connected to the system. One in the livingroom and one in the bedroom, both controlled independently.

  22. Do you want to be able to independently turn off each room or control the volume of each room independently? Or can they all be on and at the same volume at the same time.

  23. You need a good central location to install all the equipment and that place needs power. We did power in the top of a closet in the top floor hallway and all the equipment is in there. then you need attic access to install the speakers. If you don't have attic access, you have a problem so let me know,

    Any internet capable receiver will do. I recommend the Onkyo TX-NR535 for about 350 bucks. You can control it from your phone over WIFI and it can connect to the internet via WIFI in case you don't have network cable where you're putting the receiver.

    Then you'll need a speaker selector switch like this one which does 8 zones. If you don't have that many rooms, you can get one that controls less.

    Next you need speakers. I recommend the Pyle in ceiling speakers like these, 1 pair per room.

    Finally you need 14 Gauge speaker wire from the receiver/speaker selector switch to the speakers. I would get 500ft off ebay. The footage really depends on how many rooms you're doing. You can manually measure the distance to the receiver from each room and multiply by 2 and buy the correct amount. Ebay is the best place.

    If you hire this out if will be mind numbingly expensive so just be prepared to do the work yourself if you can.

  24. Forgot one thing though, that receiver does not support Airplay. If you want to be able to wireless stream your Itunes library from the MAC, Iphone or IPAD you need a different receiver. If you're ok with internet radio or Bluetooth streaming (VERY limited range..) then this receiver is ok for that, but no airplay.

  25. The colors and textures used here are just perfect! Do you find that a natural fiber rug like that in your living room can be stiff or uncomfortable to walk on with bare feet? I'm wondering if there's any sort of padding used or treatment to soften the fibers? Or does it just get softer as you walk on it over time?

  26. LOVE the slipcovers!! Just bought the same furniture recently and was wondering where you found them? Kate

  27. Hey. I love the pouf and checked out the etsy store. thanks for the sources. Yours looks bigger than the dimensions they list in the shop. Is yours custom or is that really how big they look? BTW I have always hated navy but you have totally converted me. I just found your blog and am totally geeking out. Love it!!!!

  28. Best decorating I’ve seen in forever! I’m very curious as to what you did with the double doors in your living room. I noticed the vertical blinds on your before pictures and wondered if you kept them or changed them out with anything? I have vertical blinds in my kitchen and hate them, but have never been able to find an alternative that I really like. LOVE your style!

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