We have some news!

I’ve been keeping a little secret for six months…

Our house is going to be in these magazines!

Yes, that’s two different Better Homes & Garden’s special interest magazines! I was just as surprised as you are.

I’m actually no stranger to these particular mags—remember our Florida master bathroom makeover? It was featured in the Real Life Kitchens & Baths magazine (back when it was under that title, they’ve since changed the name to Kitchen + Bath Makeovers):

And my Paris city map print was featured a few months ago in Do It Yourself magazine:

When the editor of DIY mag saw my kitchen, she pitched it to her team and they decided to shoot a full house tour! Only problem was… we hadn’t even touched any other rooms, aside from my studio. This explains (a little bit) why we’ve been so busy! Just in the past year we’ve been able to complete our kitchen…



Master bedroom…


And living room… which is actually only 95% done and the shoot starts the day after tomorrow, so uh… I better get on that…

Those are the rooms they are shooting for the spread in Do It Yourself Magazine. They’re shooting a third day just for Kitchen + Bath Makeovers, so it will be a very exciting few days!

Just to clarify, we didn’t remodel our house for the shoot. It would have been done regardless, exactly the way it is now—only maybe not quite as fast. So you can thank them for my more frequent than usual posting schedule 😉

As you can imagine, we’ve been scrambling to get everything done around here. We could barely walk through our mess of a living room 2 days ago…

I still have to un-decorate for fall and re-decorate for summer (since the issue will be released sometime in spring/summer 2015). But I have an amazing stylist who has been shipping Target packages to me all week (sadly, I can’t keep any of them!) and it’s so interesting to see their new ideas for our home.

It’s not all fun and games though… we’ve also been dealing with the maintenance side of things… like touching up all of our bleeding pine knots…

These things are pure EVIL, I tell you. It’s our third attempt to cover them and this time we used the PVA primer that the painters suggested and used on our living room ceiling. We spent all night Tuesday priming and by Weds some knots were already peeking through, so I am not optimistic. I’m currently covered in dried paint after repainting the entire kitchen ceiling & wall, living room wall, foyer, and window sills last night.

Today will be spent wiping every baseboard, removing every cobweb, dusting every crack and crevice, window cleaning, mopping, laundering… etc etc.

The stylist arrives tomorrow and photographer on Sunday, with shooting lasting Sunday through Tuesday. This might be the most exciting thing to happen to us all year.

I’ll be back Weds or Thursday with a recap of the shoot, but I fully expect to be over-gramming the entire experience, so make sure to stalk my Instagram for real time behind the scenes action! Oh, and I must wait until later to share my latest DIY furniture project… sorry for the suspense 😉

25 thoughts on “We have some news!

  1. AMAZING! You go girl! You are living the dream: home business, hobby/home being featured in magazines, and a supportive partner who helps! So happy for you! I'll definitely be stalking the instagram and living vicariously through you! Thanks for sharing this experience with us 😉

  2. That's sooo exciting! It's going to be a great spread because you have really nice design ideas. Your husband seems pretty cooperative too – something I pointed out to my own 😉 Conratulations to you both!

    I'll watch for it in the store!

  3. Hi Jenna, I very very rarely comment on blogs (even though I have one myself and often wonder why more people don't comment, Ha!) but I have been following your blog since you did the post on upholstering your bed head (which we subsequently tackled ourselves) and I have to say that I LOVE your style, you have an excellent eye and I eagerly wait for each post. I am so happy for you, getting such great recognition in the upcoming magazine spreads. You truly deserve the spread and all your hard work has paid off not only in you getting to enjoy your beautiful home, but also in everyone else getting to see it. Thanks for opening your home to us all and letting us go on the DIY journey with you. Wish I lived in the US and could get a copy of the mags. All the best! (PS, I'm not super succinct hence why I don't comment often 😉 )

  4. Congrats! What's the difference between styling for a magazine & decorating your home for you & your family?

  5. Thank you! The stylist just needs to make sure the overall aesthetic is a good representation of the magazine and appeals to their demographic. The main focus will be on projects we've done but there will be some accessories/props to aid with the look and feel they need to achieve. Make sense? 🙂

  6. I'm not even surprised–you totally should be in a ton of magazines. What you and your husband are doing is just fabulous. Félicitations!

  7. Oh Jenna – how wonderful!!!! I am so happy for you – all your renovations have turned out amazing, I am not surprised at all that this is happening to you. I thought you were a bit manic in your reno schedule lol :):) Regardless I cannot wait to see the spread in the magazines next year. Hope it all went well for you guys.

  8. So fun! Congratulations, Jenna! Great designs and love your travels. My daughter and husband are in China teaching at a University and get 6 weeks off in January. They are 25 yr olds traveling to Thailand and Laos and have no idea where to stay and go but they have their train tickets and flights booked!

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