Living Room: A Complete Source List

Alright folks, the wait is finally over! Today I’m sharing the complete source list for our living room along with all of the links to recap our journey. Make sure to check out the full Reveal post from last week if you haven’t yet!

Let’s start with the basics:

Wall color: Valspar’s Montpelier Madison White (in flat)
Trim, plank wall & ceiling color: Kelly Moore’s Swiss Coffee
Flooring: Armstrong Engineered Walnut in Shell White
Beams: DIY (my tutorial here)
Fireplace stone: Lowe’s Desert Quartz Ledgestone
Fireplace hearth: Lowe’s Style Selections Leonia Silver Porcelain Tile
Mantel: DIY Salvaged beam with Minwax’s Dark Walnut stain (installation)

Art: Custom Roman Numerals Print / Reclaimed wood frame
Black frame: Ikea Nyttja frame / DIY mat & photo
Brass candlesticks: Flea market
Antler candle holder: Gift from friend
Metal pitcher: Thrift store
Black lanterns: Snedco Wholesale
White pumpkins: Michaels
Wood log basket: ? (super old)
Pillows: Ikea
Rug: Amazon (in bleached)

Custom pouf: Etsy (highly recommended!)
Loveseat & chaise lounge: Ikea Kivik
Armchair: Craigslist
White Covers: Comfort Works in Liege Eggshell
Tree Stump table: DIY
Deer pillow: Ebay

All other pillow covers: Ikea
Ivory throw: Home Goods
Curtains: Ikea Ritva
Bamboo blinds: (Singapore Oak color)
Ladder: DIY
Brown blanket: Flea market / Plaid blanket: Target
Wreath: Home Goods
Wall sconce: Lighting Direct (painted black)


Antique cabinet: Craigslist (DIY refinish)
Mirror: Craigslist (DIY white wash)
Vase: Target
Antler: Flea market
Scale: Flea market
Gourds: Joann (painted)
Metal containers & vintage books: Flea market
Wood lanterns: Pier 1 or World Market (I think… it was years ago)
Coat rack: DIY with Lowe’s hardware
Basket: Mom’s (sorry Mom)
Scarf: Forever 21
Pumpkins: Michaels
Console table: DIY (via Shanty 2 Chic)
Art: (source at beginning of post)
Metal pitcher: Joann
Lantern: Antique shop
Vintage chest: Flea market
Lamp: Walmart
Blanket: Amazon (cheapest source I’ve found but available at multiple stores)
Custom Quote print via Jenna Sue Design / Frame: Target
Vintage books: Flea market
And… I think that covers it! Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any other questions or need clarification!
In case you missed any of the progress, here’s all of the living room updates:
As for the total cost, I didn’t keep track of the details so unfortunately I can’t give an exact number. By far, the most expensive element was the fireplace with the stone coming in around $1300 and labor at around $1900. I just ran through the list for a quick total (mostly off the top of my head) and I came up with a ballpark in the $5k range. This is not including the flooring and wood planks (since we bought that in bulk for the whole house) nor does it include items we’ve owned since our last home like the couches, rug, pillows and art. If so much of it wasn’t DIY’d/thrifted you can bet we’d have spent a least double.
Even though $5k isn’t a drop in the bucket, I’m absolutely positive it’s increased our home’s value by several times over that amount (the benefit of buying a fixer in a nicer neighborhood!) so it was all a worthwhile investment. Not to mention how happy it makes us and will be enjoyed for years to come (hopefully 😉 )
So… what’s on our agenda next? Between the upcoming holidays, hosting family gatherings and an increased workload, we’ve decided not to jump into any new projects until January. But don’t think that means this blog will go silent… I can’t tell you how excited I am to decorate for the holidays! I have a million ideas swirling around in my head and with just 24 days until Thanksgiving, planning starts now.
I’ll be back in a few days with a festive Thanksgiving chalkboard tutorial (+ a free download so you can print your own!). ‘Tis the season—bring it on!

29 thoughts on “Living Room: A Complete Source List

  1. Jenna, I absolutely love this and thank you for sharing your source list! it's honestly quite nice in a day of bloggers who drag out every project over months and never wrap things up. Also, I'm embarrassed to admit when scanning pictures I've wondered how you framed the tiles above the antique hutch. Yeah… that's a reflection in a mirror. Laughing at myself and loving your living room!

  2. Love everything! I just recently received my roman numerals print and I love it! question…which size and color poof did you go with on the etsy link? And may be a silly question but what did you stuff it with? Did you just cover an existing poof? I'm clueless!

  3. Yay, so glad you're enjoying your print! My pouf is the charcoal gray color and I had the size custom made. I asked for an 85″ circumference and had it come unstuffed but she also sells a stuffed version (just mention my name and she should be able to duplicate the order for you).

    Ideally you'd use bean bag filling but I couldn't find any locally so I used upholstery foam and old comforters/blankets I had lying around. It's really heavy though and not very easy to mold so I'd highly suggest bean bag filling. There's an instruction card included with the pouf for more details. Hope this helps!

  4. Your living room, or should I say your whole house, looks amazing! I´m without words! I can see your personal style and I´m so glad you can now enjoy the outcome with your family and friends!

    I´m looking forward how you decorate for the holidays 🙂

  5. Thanks for sharing, Jenna! (Great name, btw. 🙂 ) That fireplace is A.MAZ.ING. I love it and your style so much, but I can't help but wonder what a dark brown leather sofa would look like in the space, in place of your white one. I think it would tie in the mantel and other dark wood elements you have going on and round out the whole space. Just a thought! But I love it regardless.

  6. The last picture in this post is a classic, and deserves framing! Gorgeous cat! Your living room looks wonderful and I can only imagine how it must feel to have this project finished. Lots of hard work and decision making, and you should be applauded.

  7. I just have to say THANK YOU!! I came across your bedroom remodel and literally have been dreaming of it since. And then you put your family room up and it's pure perfection! We are just about to finish up my husband's grad school and buy our first home (after 8 years of marriage!) and it's so fun having inspiration from your beautiful home. I haven't ever really had the chance to decorate a whole home, but after seeing all your amazing posts, I love having a “vision” of what I can make our first home into. You're amazing!

  8. Thank you for the time you take in writing your posts. I love your stories, source lists, DIYs & photos. You really have inspired my entire basement renovation & I couldn't be more thrilled with the outcome! Plus I love giving your maps and prints as Christmas gifts; now I can finally pick up a few for myself! Thanks again and happy holidays!

  9. I love your home and just ran across your blog a few days ago, realizing I had a ton of pins from your blog already 🙂 I We're currently using inspiration from your bedroom to update ours. Can I ask if you know what paint color you used on your DIY living room console? Thanks!

  10. Im obsessed with this rug and came across your blog looking at the rug. I have never had a jute rug so wondering if this one sheds a lot and is it soft? Thank you 🙂 Gorgeous home

  11. Love everything!! On the small DIY console table… you know what color of paint you used? It’s the perfect color! Love it so much!!

    1. I’d love to paint my kitchen the same color as your DYI console table if you would soooo kindly share the paint color. Thanks, Kristie

  12. I love your rug! I’ve never owned a jute rug but am thinking of buying one for my guest room/office to place under a desk (it will spill out onto the main floor area as well). Do you find that this particular rug sheds a lot or is difficult to maintain? Is it soft underfoot? Does it wear well? Any insight you have would be awesome – I totally trust your opinion! Thanks! 🙂

    1. It sheds fiber a bit in the beginning but now it just sheds dust. It’s not a big deal to me though. It is soft underfoot and wears well, but I’d suggest the natural instead of the bleached color as the one in the living room is getting stained/dyed by the sunlight. HTH!

  13. I love your curtains but have a few questions. Where did you get the curtain hardware and can you please specify the sizes of everything (rods, wall or ceiling bracket, finials, etc.)? Then how did you attach the curtains to the rods, did you just put the curtains straight on there or use curtain rings or hooks?
    Also, how do you feel about the Ritva white curtains now that you have had them for a while?
    Lastly, would the curtains be good on a set of french doors or would they not provide enough privacy?
    Thanks and LOVE your blog. Wonderful style! Your home looks so comfy and classy.

    1. The curtain rod is also Ikea (Racka) with the betydlig brackets. The rods are adjustable to fit your windows and there’s a couple different sizes. The curtains have little pockets on the back that I slid the rod through. Still love Ritva and will use them forever! As for french doors — depends on how much privacy you need. They let some light through but aren’t too sheer. I’d check them out in person to see if they’ll work for you. Hope this helps!

  14. Hello! I was hoping to see a response to the jute rug questions above and the paint color request, for the DIY Shabby 2 Chic console as well. So to follow up in hopes for the same info myself, I wanted to comment! Do you mind providing this information? They’re just beautiful! Thanks so much for your help and great inspiration!

    ~Take care!

  15. Wow I really need you to do our house! We are in process of painting our entire house inside and I’m so stuck on what colors pallets to use etc…ever come to Alabama lol???

  16. Your DIY blanket ladder is the stuff dreams are made of! Do you sell these or have tutorials posted anywhere?

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