Christmas Home Tour Part 1

Welcome, friends old and new! I’m so excited that the Christmas season is upon us and I have the opportunity to let you into our home to see how we celebrate the holiday.
It’s the busiest time of year for me—hence the lack of posting since before Thanksgiving! It has honestly been the most hectic couple weeks of my life and it feels amazing to finally be done with the house and able to enjoy it.
This past weekend I managed to shop for supplies/decor, DIY and decorate the entire house in two nights. All while making and shipping out a record number of art prints! It’s truly a Christmas miracle that I pulled it off in time.
If you’re visiting for the first time, hello! My name is Jenna and I live in a quiet little town in the foothills of Northern California with my husband and our two cats. We just moved here in February and have been renovating our 1970’s home non-stop—you can see the progress so far on my home tour page.
Without further ado, let’s get this tour started!
I have 75 photos (!) to share so this tour will be split up into two posts. Today I’m sharing our living room and master bedroom, and tomorrow will be our front porch, foyer and kitchen/dining area.
Let’s head down into the living room, shall we?
When choosing a style this year, I had a blank slate to work with. No stash of old Christmas decorations (well, just a few from our Florida home but they were turquoise and I’m on hiatus from that color).
Since relocating from the beach to the rural mountains last year, my decor style has evolved and I’m all about cozy cabin decor with a dose of cottage and farmhouse mixed in.
With vaulted ceilings and large picture windows overlooking the countryside, our home lends itself to that style so this year I was craving a traditional red, white and green storybook type setting.
I’ve actually never decorated with red in my life. I never even purchased any red decor until this season.
It has absolutely won me over.
In my home you’ll find mostly flea market scores, DIY projects and budget buys.
If there’s a way to do it myself, I’m there. Like this cabinet I built a few months ago (my favorite build ever)…
And also the DIY matted photo frames. Everything on the shelf was a flea market/thrift find.
I didn’t have any large plant pots so I wrapped all my potted trees in old collected scarves this year. I love how easy (and free) it is!

The one thing we did splurge on though was this quartz stone fireplace….

Worth every penny.
I relocated my Roman Numerals print from the mantel to this side table. I can’t get enough of classic black and white in any season.
The black and gray sweater pillows are Pottery Barn finds I picked up new on Ebay for a steal.
I love mixing in and repurposing vintage pieces, like this flea market trunk which serves as extra storage + a side table.
I’m a bit obsessed with textiles lately and have been collecting blankets, like this $1 flea market find on Saturday…
And these cable knit stockings (one of which was a no-sew DIY from a sweater, tutorial next week…)

Bows were also heavily incorporated this year. I used a roll of fabric ribbon and tied one onto every banister (the garland was made from evergreen from our front yard, another DIY for next week).
And this “branchler” plaque? Another DIY, of course…
I had a lot of fun decorating my antique cabinet.

This print was another DIY that will be offered as a freebie next week:
Love these cute gift sacks (this one was found at TJ Maxx):
Speaking of gifts, let’s make our way back to the tree…
Every ornament was a DIY in some form. Pinecones, ribbons, and hang tags make for inexpensive and easy decor.
The gift wrapping was all made from kraft paper and leftover scraps of fabric and twine. Almost free!
I found a couple yards of fur fabric in the remnant pile at a huge discount and cut it into the shape of a rug. Perfect present opening area!
Hot cocoa, anyone?
Now that we’re all warmed by the fire, let’s head back upstairs to the coziest spot in the house… our master bedroom:
I recently gave our flat white doors a makeover and I’m just loving the drama of the black. Perfect backdrop for a fresh mini wreath (tutorial on that next week!)
I can’t get enough plaid this year. There’s just something about red plaid, black and white, and pops of green
that make me melt.
All this room needed was some fresh greenery and a few subtle pops of red.
We like to keep it extra cozy in here year round.
I toned down the red for a calmer, softer vibe for the bedroom. 
More scarf-wrapped mini trees. My new favorite thing.
Well, I’d say 51 photos is enough for today! Thank you so much for stopping by and make sure to come back tomorrow for the rest of the tour! And don’t forget to check out the rest of these amazingly talented bloggers in the lineup today:

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And here’s the entire tour in case you’ve missed any so far—huge thanks to Jen Migonis for organizing it!

Christmas Home Tour Graphic

37 thoughts on “Christmas Home Tour Part 1

  1. Jenna Sue, your Christmas decorating is brilliant. I had such a wonderful time taking your photo tour. It put a wide smile on my face. I hope you and your husband enjoy the best holiday yet. Cheers, Ardith

  2. I'm really jealous your cats let you have nice things. and REAL LIVE greenery, too! Our cat was such an ass this year we had to put away our fake tree because he kept chewing on it and puking. womp. I'm so in love with your house.. I've had such a hard time throughout my life identifying my “style” since I feel like I am drawn to so many things and I honestly don't think it was until seeing your home it clicked that THIS is most me. Been using it as a template going forward in how I tweak my own home. 🙂

  3. I just wanted to leave a comment to let you know that I have followed your blog for quite a while and if I ever won the Lottery, I would never buy a new house. I would instead contact YOU and have you work your magic. You have such amazing vision and the results are never cookie-cutter. I'm always happy to see a new post on your blog and see what you have created.
    Thanks so much!

  4. Hah, oh no! Our cats could really care less (Susie just likes to stare at the tree). I'm so glad I could assist you in finding your style though, yay!

  5. Hi Jenna, I found your blog a few weeks ago and I really love your style! I'm also from Nor Cal (Bay Area). Anyhow, your decorations are picture perfect! I'm loving plaid this year too and I think I will attempt to recreate your branchlers 🙂 So clever! Also, your antique cabinet is to die for. What a gorgeous piece!

  6. Hi Jenna, your home is fabulous! Where did you get your antlers mounted on the wood? I've been looking for something like this. All the ones I have seen so far looks fake and not as fabulous as yours!

  7. Stunning! LOVE your style! Seriously, your home is beautiful. I'm originally from N. CA & your photos make me so homesick, as I'm currently living in Arizona.

  8. This may sound like a dumb question, but how did you get your ribbon ends to stay together when hanging wreaths on your curtain rods. I tried hot glue but it just pulled apart. Thanks. Looks wonderful Great job as usual!

  9. The hot glue worked for me! Maybe it has to do with the type of fabric? The wreaths also aren't that heavy. I'd try staples maybe? If not then just tie it into a knot or bow at the bottom!

  10. Love the updated “Norman Rockwell” vibe, and I hope in Post Deux we see some funny Susie photo bombs as well! Enjoy the Holidaze…

  11. Simply stunning. Seriously one of the most beautiful homes I've seen so far. I'm not a lover of red decor but these pics are inspiring me to step outside my comfort zone.

  12. OH. MY. GOOD. NESS. In love. I agree with Julie (above). One of the most stunning homes I've seen so far. Your fireplace is incredible. The DIY fur rug is brilliant and oh my word do I love those scarf wrapped trees!!! SO GLAD TO HAVE YOU AS PART OF THIS TOUR!!!

  13. Your home is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! I love every single thing about it! Your throws and scarves are to die for and I especially love the plaid one in the master bedroom. I'd love to find one like it for my guest room! You can share your home and decorating skills any time and I will savor ever photo! Merry Christmas!!

  14. Every little part of your home is absolutely stunning… can I move in?? It is warm and cozy and so inviting. I love all the plaid and greenery touches, and the stocking hanger with sweater stockings is just darling. So excited to be on this Christmas home tour with you, Jenna!

  15. Your Christmas tour is amazing. Your home is super-amazing. Believe me, I appreciate our home and all the blessings that come with it. But, …..I am ready to move in!! The warmth and cozy ambience is so present, and I hope that you appreciate how much you are blessed and feel abundantly full and not wanting more. I am not being mean-spirited, just appreciate your blessings!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Jenna Sue!!

  16. I love your fireplace! We are remodeling and putting stone over our brick one. Can you tell me what the manufacturer of stone quartz, the product code/color, or any info that will help me find the same thing? Appreciate it!

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